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by Ashley Adams

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Ashley Adams

Plains Poker, Part 4

by Ashley Adams
Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
In the last three installments of this four-part David J. Valley series I wrote about poker rooms my friend Andrei and I played in during our recent visit to Oklahoma and Kansas. In this, the last article of the series, I’ll tell you about our experiences in Kansas City, Missouri, with a quick story of a poker side trip to Texas thrown in for good measure. Kansas City is worth visiting even without the poker. It has all of the amenities of major American cities including excellent art museums, restaurants, music, architecture, and outdoor activities. The area is best known for great barbeque, fantastic steak houses, and of course the combined Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Museum. My friend Andrei and I spend half a day touring around these famous sites and eating local cuisine. But we saved the evening and night for poker.

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Plains Poker Part 3

by Ashley Adams
Read Part 1 and Part 2
On Wednesday, my friend Andrei and I left the magnificent 65 table Winstar Casino poker room in southern Oklahoma ready to head back toward Kansas City, but wanting to play some more poker before our Friday morning flight. By Wednesday afternoon we had arrived at the major poker room in the Oklahoma City area—the beautiful, 24 table, Riverwind Casino (1544 W State Highway 9, 405.322.6000) just south of Oklahoma City in Norman.

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Plains Poker, PART 2

by Ashley Adams
In my first part of this three part series I covered the journey with my friend Andrei to poker rooms in eastern Kansas. I continue my account in this second part with our Oklahoma poker adventures.

 Oklahoma is full of poker rooms—including some of the largest and best in the United States.

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Plains Poker, PART 1

by Ashley Adams

I have my biases against the Plains States of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. I’ve been conditioned with movies like The Wizard of Oz to think of this part of the United States as flat, gray, and … well, boring. Even so, the large number of poker rooms begged for a visit. So my friend Andrei and I set out for six days of exploration.

I’m happy to report that in just about all respects my biases were ill-founded and flat out wrong. Eastern Kansas, western Missouri, and northeastern Oklahoma are filled with rolling hills and scenic beauty. And the poker is at least as exciting in these states as anywhere else I’ve played. There is variety, action, and a lot of money to be won. I’ll spend the next three articles writing about my experiences.

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Poker in Colorado, PART 2 OF 2: Central City and Cripple Creek

by Ashley Adams


Part I of this article covered my trip to the Colorado town of Black Hawk and its five poker rooms. [Read Poker in Colorado, PART 1 OF 2 now] My trip continues with the adventure in Central City and Cripple Creek, Colorado.

 Central City is only about two miles northwest of Black Hawk. It was also a mining town back in the 19th century. But unlike Black Hawk, which now has little in it but large casinos, Central City has preserved much of its mining town character. The casinos are smaller— and they are interspersed with other small store fronts.

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Poker in Colorado, Part I of 2: Black Hawk

by Ashley Adams
When you think of great poker destinations in the United States you probably don’t think of Colorado. But you should. I’ve just gotten back from a trip there. It was filled with poker. Let me share with you what I experienced.

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If You Bust Out of the WSOP

By Ashley Adams

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Midwest Poker Medley

by Ashley Adams
I had a wonderful poker playing odyssey, combining a visit to my poker-playing brother in Minnesota, with some stops in poker rooms to and fro. I was pleased to learn that poker is thriving in our nation’s midsection. In my last column I expounded on my delicious trip to Pittsburgh where I played at the relatively new rooms in the Pittsburgh area, the Meadows and the Rivers. In this article I’ll give you a taste of four other rooms I played in during the rest of my trip: Running Aces in Columbus, Minnesota; The Horseshoe in Hammond, Indiana, The Four Winds Casino, right over the Michigan border in New Buffalo, and Firekeepers Casino, 100 miles east in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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Card Sense: Stealing in the Steel City

I recently went on a poker road trip that took me through Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I was pleased to visit two excellent poker rooms in the Greater Pittsburgh area: The Meadows, about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh in Washington, Pennsylvania, and The Rivers, located right in downtown Pittsburgh.
These rooms each have a lot going for them. They are in full service casinos with all the amenities, including excellent restaurants and other gaming opportunities. The Meadows even has a race track. Moreover, they are relatively new rooms with a high percentage of relatively unskilled players who have not yet lost their money or gotten discouraged and quit. This makes for good games!

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Card Sense: Why Am I Losing--Part 2 of 2

The first part of this article explored four reasons why thoughtful, serious players may be losing. Here are five more reasons.
Reason No. 5: Your opponents may be much better than you think. Just because other players looks like they’re laughing it up and not playing skillfully, doesn’t mean they are bad players. Some of the best players deliberately adopt a happy go lucky attitude in an attempt to loosen up the game. Serious players tend not to get as much action as happy and easygoing players. Some players mix up their sound game with some deliberately bad moves just for the advertising it gets them. You might mistakenly identify someone as a wild and crazy player when he is really crazy like a fox.

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