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George Epstein

Play Poker; Stay Healthy

This is especially for senior citizens, but even baby boomers and younger people can benefit from our message here. . .

It was George Bernard Shaw who said: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Think about it. . . Have you ever wondered why this is so? And what does this have to do with playing poker?

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As I entered the Hustler Casino the other evening, a player who recognized me from my column in Poker Player stopped me to bemoan his fate. Tom told me that he was playing no-limit hold'em and had made the nut flush on the turn only to lose to a full house on the river. "I was rivered," Tom complained. I commiserated with him. Acting paternally, I put my hand on his shoulder. I looked into his eyes and said, "I understand. Next time you will have better luck." I gave him a good-luck pat on the back, and we went our own ways.

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'Sorry,' She Said.

"I'm sorry," she said, "really sorry," as she racked up the mountain of chips she had just scooped in. I smiled back, understanding her meaning, and replied, "And I am even more sorry."

She was a solid poker player and a pleasant person. It was an exciting $4-$8 hold'em game at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, Calif. The hand she won wasn't a bad beat by any stretch of the imagination; it was just one of those things that is bound to happen if you play much poker.

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Playing Big Slick (Ace-King) in Texas Hold'em

Like most hold'em players -- young and old, I always raised pre-flop whenever I was dealt an A-K, but now I have changed my ways. (Note: This strategy is bound to be controversial.) A-K is one of the best starting hands, especially if suited. But A-K is a drawing hand. Usually you need to improve to have a decent shot at the pot. If you catch an ace on the flop, your pair of aces with the king kicker is the best hand -- unless someone has caught a set. The same applies if a king flops.

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It helps to understand the kind of opponents you are facing when playing winning poker. (That's the only kind of poker we want to play!) We are all familiar with tight and loose players, timid, passive and aggressive players; often there are deceptive players (you may be one yourself); and, of course, we love "calling stations" - opponents we can count on to call our bets when we hold the nuts. Depending on the kind of players in the hand, we can adjust our strategy so that we have the best chance of winning as large a pot as possible - or avoiding calling bets doomed to be losers.

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Playing Poker is Gambling

In a recent column by Fresh Young Face of Poker, Jennifer Matiran (Poker Player; November 29, 2004), the point was made that the outcome in a game of poker is never certain. Gambling, she explained, means to bet on an uncertain outcome. Her cautions struck a chord for me because I have been reprimanded by several people for teaching my now 9-y.o. granddaughter, Esther, to play poker - thereby encouraging her to gamble. I admit to that; but is it wrong for a youngster to learn to gamble?

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Another Perspective: Playing in a Casino or Home Game?

My last column discussed some pros and cons for playing poker in a casino vs. a home game. Semi-pro Chris Cornell offered his perspective; and I promised to give you the thoughts on this subject of another poker player who frequents both home and casino games. Arizona Stu is a senior citizen who was extremely successful as a businessman and entrepreneur - and is a PokerShark.

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Viewing the Cards; Do We Need a Paradigm Shift?

The other night, while seated at a hold'em table at the Bicycle Casino, an attractive older woman tapped me on the shoulder. "Can I talk to you?" she asked, with a big smile. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. (Beautiful women don't tap me on the shoulder very often.) Lynne had a copy of my recent column in Poker Player in her hand, but she really wanted to ask me about the cards used in playing poker. It seems that the design of the cards has been essentially unchanged since invented by the French some 300 years ago.

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Hold'em versus 7-Card Stud

If you see Leo C., tell the big guy that this column is dedicated to him. His comment to me was the inspiration. Seven-card stud once was the top choice of poker players. During the last ten years, Texas hold'em has far surpassed it as the preference of most players. Until three years ago, 7-card stud was my game. My co-author, Dan Abrams, and Chris C. (code name: Shadow), a bright child psychologist/poker semi-pro, convinced me to try hold'em; and it quickly became my choice too. Yes, the games are similar in some respects.

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Position Makes a Difference

Experienced poker players know that seat position at the table can make a big difference - whether you win or lose. Most important is how aggressive are the players to your left, those who bet after you.

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