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George Epstein

How Often Should You Stay to See the Flop?

At the California Poker Players Conference held Oct. 20-21 at Hollywood Park Casino, a young man called Tom engaged me in conversation. He was familiar with my hold'em algorithm that I had discussed during the Conference. "Based on your algorithm," he asked, "how often should a good player in an early position stay to see the flop?" He caught me unprepared. I responded: "I'd guess one out of four or five hands, depending on whether there have been or are likely to be raises, how many are staying in, and the texture of the table."

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Use the 'Esther Bluff' to Steal on the Flop

The California Poker Players Conference held Oct. 20-21 at Hollywood Park Casino, was a fantastic event. We all learned to become better players from it.

During the Panel Discussion, I was asked about the Esther Bluff. In a subsequent discussion with an attendee, I suggested it as a great tactic when trying to steal the pot on the flop. So I experimented that evening. In two attempts, I batted 100 percent.

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Trapping - In Poker and in War

The War in Iraq and the Game of Poker The world news is replete with stories about the terrible state of affairs in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, and the growing danger of terrorism around the world, largely related to the war in Iraq. Thinking about it, I found myself asking the question:

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Promise Me

Three years ago, my poker classes started at the Claude Pepper Sr. Citizen Center in Los Angeles with just six students. Now we have over 40 people enrolled. Whenever a new poker class or poker lab starts, I call for all students to take a vow. "As a requirement for being in this class," I say, "you must promise me that you will never play for the rent money."

That's always greeted with a smile from those who have taken my previous classes. I hold up my right hand and wait for all to join me:

"I will never play with the rent money."

Then they listen patiently as I explain:

Poker IS Science! Algorithm is Proof

Recently I wrote about Mark Twain's fascinating essay in which he described how, back in 1870, a Kentucky court decided that a competition like poker really is a game of science-; not a game of chance or luck. Then it occurred to me: My hold'em algorithm is strong proof of the wisdom of that court's decision: Poker is a game of science! First, understand the meaning of "science."

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You Never Know What the Flop Will Bring

You may recall I once told you about that eminent senior citizen, Arizona Stu, who is a super poker player-as well as a winner in the game of life. It seems there is a new variety of hold'em at an Indian casino near his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's $5-$150 hold'em. The small blind is $3 and big blind is $5. "You can bet up to $150 at any time," he explained. That's a spread limit game. The buy-in is $350.

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Poker and World Politics

Rarely do we speak of poker and world politics in the same breath. They seem so far removed from one another. But there is a strong connection. I'll explain. . .

Poker Poker is Good (Healthy) for Retirees!

With all the terrible things going on in our world, it's wonderful when a person can make a positive impact on the life of fellow human beings. Here's a story that will make you smile. . .

Those of you who have read my first book, The Greatest Book of Poker for WINNERS!, know that it is unique in several ways. For one thing, a full chapter is devoted to why poker is an ideal recreational activity for senior citizens. Basically the chapter explains how and why playing poker can help us (I recently turned 80) to live longer, healthier, and concomitantly happier lives.

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I Was Dealt a Beautiful 'Caitlin'

Playing hold'em, do you have a favorite hand - two hole cards that give you that warm feeling as you peek at the corners? Personally, I have several favorites. Best of all are pocket aces; after all, that's the best hand possible preflop.

I also like ace-queen suited. I've named that combination a "Caitlin" in honor of my beautiful, bright and charismatic 19-year-old grandniece from Boston.

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ePoker is Here!

There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Have you ever heard that expression? I don't know why anyone would ever want to skin a cat, but it is true that there often is more than one way to accomplish an objective. On Friday, October 13 (are you superstitious?), President Bush signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement (UIGE) Act, effectively banning online poker in the U.S.A.

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