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Mike Caro

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... REVIEW

by Mike Caro "The MAD GENIUS" of Poker

 Let’s continue our review of tips and concepts presented in my first 199 columns. As we walk this poker path, we’ll reflect what we’ve learned, expand some advice, and add new insights. We began last time (column 200 in the modern Poker Player Newspaper era) with the word “Modern.”

 Now we continue the review (today’s word) in this series of self-interviews...

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... MODERN

This is my 200th column in this modern Poker Player Newspaper series.

 I say “modern,” because I was editor-in-chief of the same-named publication founded by Stanley Sludikoff—also the current publisher and founder— during the 1980s. I wrote many early columns for that pioneering newspaper, before this series began. In fact, the newspaper you’re holding is a revival of the original Poker Player that helped put poker on the map.

 Enough history. In today’s self-interview, the interviewer has decided to ask for clarifications about poker tips that I’ve provided in my previous 199 columns. And I’m fine with that.

 Question 1: In your first modern column, today’s word was “Idiots.” And you called people idiots who devalued psychology in poker. Could you elaborate?

Mike Caro: Today's word is... BLUFF

In poker, bluffing can be glamorous. It can build bankrolls. Or it can be a costly mistake. Today’s word just happens to be “bluff,” and here’s my self interview about it.

 Question 1: Do you need to bluff in order to beat poker games?

Mike Caro Today's Word is... PREDICT

We’re focusing on the word “predict.”

 Fine. But I’m not going to speculate about stuff. In fact, there will be no predictions whatsoever. Instead, this is a column about succeeding at playing poker, at practicing medicine, at influencing people, at running a business, at being the best possible you.

 It’s about victory in just about everything. And it all filters down to throwing away your crystal ball and learning how to really predict. Let’s jump into today’s self-interview and you’ll see what I mean.

 Question 1: If you aren’t going to predict anything, what’s the point of today’s word?

Mike Caro: Today's word is ... YOU

by Mike 'The Mad Genius of Poker' Caro

Mike Caro Today's Word is... SUITED

“I wouldn’t have played ace-seven if it hadn’t been suited,” Bill explained to me. He had just raked in a huge pot with the nut flush. “I see,” said I. But I really didn’t see, not at all. He had jumped into my hold’em pot, calling a huge raise before the flop. Measured in the long term, his ace-seven was unprofitable, whether the cards shared the same suit or not. For readers who don’t understand the terminology, when two-card starting hold’em hands contain different suits, we typically refer to them as “unsuited” or having “mixed suits.” When the suits match, we call them “suited.” The concept of suited starting cards in hold’em is misunderstood. So we’ll investigate it in today’s self-interview.

 Question 1: Isn’t being suited in hold’em a big advantage?

 It can be when you need a flush to win. But the mathematics of being suited isn’t what most players think.

Mike Caro Today's Word is... Momentum

by Mike Caro - The Mad Genius of Poker
We hear it in sports frequently—an announcer telling us which team has the momentum. Momentum can apply in poker, too. But does the concept really make sense? Let’s use today’s self-interview to investigate.

 Question 1: Is momentum as important in poker as it is in sports? Wait! Stop assuming things with your questions. Sometimes momentum isn’t even important in sports.

 Often it’s an illusion. A sequence of coin flips can seem to show momentum. But there is no momentum whatsoever. There’s only the observation that, recently, either heads or tails landed at a pace considerably greater than the expected 50 percent. You can call that momentum, so go ahead. But actually it isn’t. That’s simply because the previous series of outcomes has no bearing whatsoever on whether the next coin flip will be heads or tails. Assuming a perfectly balanced coin and a fair toss, it’s exactly 50 percent likely that the next toss will bring tails. Same for heads.

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... DESPERATION

by Mike "The Mad Genius of Poker" Caro
 Today, we’ll talk about how panic and desperation can destroy a poker bankroll. And we’ll examine ways to stay on the path to profit, even when luck has turned against us. So, if you’re ready, here’s the self-interview…
Question 1: Okay, so what are you talking about?

 I’m talking about the fact that most poker players instinctively panic. They become desperate and take unprofitable risks.

Mike Caro Today’s word is... RESOLVE

by Mike Caro The MAD GENIUS of Poker

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... REVERSE

"Tells only work against weak poker opponents. You can’t use tells against winning players, because they reverse them on you." How many times have you heard something said similar to that?

 Well, I’m here to set the record straight in today’s self-interview.

Question 1: What do people mean when they talk about reversing tells?

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