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It is time to pass the newspaper on to a new owner.

If you're someone who understands Poker and the Poker Industry, Publishing and Advertising, and Money Making, then this is your opportunity to become a part of a great business venture.

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Mike Caro

Mike Caro Today's Word is... Momentum

by Mike Caro - The Mad Genius of Poker
We hear it in sports frequently—an announcer telling us which team has the momentum. Momentum can apply in poker, too. But does the concept really make sense? Let’s use today’s self-interview to investigate.

 Question 1: Is momentum as important in poker as it is in sports? Wait! Stop assuming things with your questions. Sometimes momentum isn’t even important in sports.

 Often it’s an illusion. A sequence of coin flips can seem to show momentum. But there is no momentum whatsoever. There’s only the observation that, recently, either heads or tails landed at a pace considerably greater than the expected 50 percent. You can call that momentum, so go ahead. But actually it isn’t. That’s simply because the previous series of outcomes has no bearing whatsoever on whether the next coin flip will be heads or tails. Assuming a perfectly balanced coin and a fair toss, it’s exactly 50 percent likely that the next toss will bring tails. Same for heads.

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... DESPERATION

by Mike "The Mad Genius of Poker" Caro
 Today, we’ll talk about how panic and desperation can destroy a poker bankroll. And we’ll examine ways to stay on the path to profit, even when luck has turned against us. So, if you’re ready, here’s the self-interview…
Question 1: Okay, so what are you talking about?

 I’m talking about the fact that most poker players instinctively panic. They become desperate and take unprofitable risks.

Mike Caro Today’s word is... RESOLVE

by Mike Caro The MAD GENIUS of Poker

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... REVERSE

"Tells only work against weak poker opponents. You can’t use tells against winning players, because they reverse them on you." How many times have you heard something said similar to that?

 Well, I’m here to set the record straight in today’s self-interview.

Question 1: What do people mean when they talk about reversing tells?

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... HERO

 Before I get started with today’s self-interview, I need to rewrite history. Last time, for my 190th column in the modern era of Poker Player Newspaper, “Today’s word” was “Everyday.” What’s wrong with that?

 Well, the same word was also used for my 73rd column, which was entirely different in content. Each column is supposed to have a different word. So, the sensible thing to do is to declare retroactively that the word for column 190 was actually “Daily.” And I shall revise it thusly in a few months when it makes it way to my archives at my website I will also need to modify the text somewhat to conform to that change.

 Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s turn to today’s word, “Hero.” It’s become vogue to use the term “hero call,” and I’m a little bit bummed out by the trend. Here’s why.

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... Everyday

by Mike 'The Mad Genius of Poker' Caro

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... Brick

“Oh my god, I caught a brick!” Dan blurted playfully. He was playing 7-card lowball, also known as “razz.” On the sixth card, he added Kd to his previous 6s-4h-Ah. Hint: He already had an unbeatable 6-4 made with 2s-3s hidden. No matter which form of poker you’re playing, the colorful term “brick” means the card you just added didn’t coordinate with your hand whatsoever. We’ll talk about that in today’s self-interview.


Question 1: So catching a brick is a bad thing, right?

 As with Dan, it’s not bad if you already have your hand made. It’s bad if you had hopes of connecting, though.


Question 2: How does a brick factor into your decisions?

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... Loose

In poker, the term “loose” defines a player who enters too many pots and calls too many bets. By contrast, a conservative player who seldom enters a pot without a quality hand is often called “tight.”

 Fine. So in today’s selfinterview, we’ll talk about playing loose poker.

 Question 1: Everyone says you play loose. Why have you chosen that style?

 I’m sure not “everyone” says I play loose. But many players probably say it. And they’re wrong. My basic mode of play is tight.

 Question 2: Then why do they say it?

 Two reasons.

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... CALL

Now comes the era of extraaggressive poker, when everyday players act recklessly in front of imaginary TV cameras. Games are lively. And one of the most profitable and misunderstood facets of poker is disrespected, unglamorous, underestimated, and infrequently analyzed. I’m talking about the art of the call. That’s today’s selfinterview topic.

Question 1: You termed it “the art of the call.” What kind of art or skill does it take to just agree to someone else’s wager?

Mike Caro: Today's Word is... BET

by Mike Caro - The Mad Genius of Poker

Hi there, again! I noticed that you’re ready to take a seat in your next poker game. Before you do, there’s one thing I’d like you keep in mind as you compete - and as you follow the play-by- play action it’s simply this:

Whenever players wager in poker, they’re taking a chance. Clearly, you want to reduce risk by not betting, if checking will save you money. And you should increase risk by betting if the danger is worthwhile. Try to count how many violations you witness. By the way, that truth about making a bet is fundamental to living life successfully, also.

Making a bet should never be done at whim. You must have solid reasons to bet and solid reasons not to bet. That’s the topic of today’s self-interview.



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