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Wendeen H. Eolis

Judge Weinstein Says Poker is a Skill Game; Poker Industry Wins a Battle - Now the War!

By Wendeen H. Eolis

Since the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ), announcement revising its position on the 1961 Wire Act, by exempting online poker from federal prosecution thereunder, the gaming industry nationwide has begun to see online poker and other online casino games as the coming of a new cash cow in America.
But, maybe not soon enough, argue some Wall Street analysts that have recently reviewed the financial outlook for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, owner of the fabled World Series of Poker.
Across the country, casino operators, state politicians seeking a remedy to address financial crises within their state budgets, as well as sympathizers to civil libertarian poker players are adding up the potential dollars to be found through licensed and regulated intrastate online poker--frustrated by the delays in reaching the finish line.
Political campaign planks, competing federal and state interests, and variable positions from state to state and within some states are doing as much to bog down progress in legalizing online poker in America as the revised interpretation of the Wire Act seems to do for promoting it.
Additionally, tribal nations regulated under the Indian Gaming Act and local politics across the country contribute to the complexities of legalizing online poker seamlessly throughout the United States.

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PokerStars Rescues Full Tilt’s Overseas Poker Victims Is DOJ On Track To Do Likewise In America?

by Wendeen H. Eolis 

Initially, the media flares of July 31, 2012 put out by PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker (FTP), and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), announcing a deal amongst them that would allow PokerStars to acquire the assets of FTP, ignited only a modest amount of fanfare; the poker community had already learned that the parties were poised to close the deal.

DOJ Stance on Settlement Agreement

 Within hours of the formal announcements, however, an assortment of lawyers, news analysts, protagonists, and pundits, began to weigh in on all that was left silent in the settlement agreement of the DOJ’s civil forfeiture claims against PokerStars and FTP.

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Eolis Full Tilt Poker Report: Digging Deeper

By Wendeen H. Eolis

[Update: Deal is now complete and official. (PokerStars Blog)]

At the end of last week, Poker Player Newspaper ("PPN") released breaking news that thundered across the online poker globe, announcing in very careful language that the die had been cast, effectively, for a completed deal between PokerStars and the United States Department of Justice to acquire the Full Tilt Poker ("FTP") brand.

 One business day later, the poker natives are at peak restlessness, fuming over the delay in a concrete announcement by any of the parties that would confirm or bury the PPN bulletin.

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Eolis Responds To Pokerstars-Full Tilt Poker Weekend Report

By Wendeen H. Eolis

The publication of my bulletin, “Full Tilt Poker Stars Negotiations in the Can,” Friday July 27th has been linked by more than one hundred thirty websites, and PPN (Poker Player Newspaper) has counted more than 10,000 visits in the past forty eight hours. But, to answer one cynical poker forum poster’s question over the weekend, driving traffic to the website did not figure in my decision to submit the item for publication.  

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Full Tilt PokerStars Negotiations in the Can

by Wendeen H. Eolis

 Breaking News: The ups and downs and glitches in negotiations between PokerStars and the United States Department of Justice with respect to Full Tilt Poker have come to an end. 

 Without giving away the identity of a consistently impeccable resource, it is now safe to say announcements for public dissemination are in the works.  At this point I am ready to go out on a limb; FTP customers will see their monies well in time for Christmas shopping.

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WSOP, Pokerstars and Full Tilt: Unfinished Business

By Wendeen H. Eolis

Day seven of the 2012 World Series of Poker (“WSOP”) started with the final 27 players. Among the finalists, the poker gods favored two women but burst their bubble in the 11th and 10th spots. Before the day began, the most adored marquee names had all disappeared. At the close of the WSOP’s summer season, PokerStars’ pros were out of the hunt. And, word was trickling out that PokerStars’  top brass were occupied with more far reaching matters on the WSOP’s last day of summer play.

Is There A Real Deal In The Cards?

There was still no official announcement on the anticipated deal that would turn over to PokerStars the assets of Full Tilt Poker (“FTP”) and no word on the concrete basis on which to believe that  Full Tilt customers were about to see  repayment of their locked up funds.

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Women in Poker: Raymond and Liu are Top Drawer

by Wendeen H. Eolis

  Since the 1970s, enterprising men and women in the poker industry have sought to attract women into the fold (as players and industry professionals), but even the World Series of Poker has shown lackluster success in attracting more than a fractionally increased percentage of women into major competition.

 WSOP Director Ty Stewart says, “We all need to work toward the goal of doing better to move the needle way up on the participation of women at the WSOP.” Stewart is on the prowl for exciting suggestions from industry leaders who share this goal. Additionally, other WSOP personnel say they are mindful of the need to avoid the appearance of endorsement or partnership with organizations or individuals who may have more self-serving purposes.  Beyond the world of women players are women professionals in the poker industry; many have started their management careers in a casino card room, but have seen few opportunities to use their skills in their employers’ broader operations.

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WSOP Puts Poker Stars, Full Tilt & Epic Poker League in the Shadows; Phil Ivey Signs on For the Big One

By: Wendeen H. Eolis

Phil Ivey Signs on For the Big One

 Phil Ivey the most worshipped poker star will take a seat in the upcoming million dollar buy-in tournament at the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker that is now well underway at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  No longer battling with his Full Tilt alma mater, far from the embrace of  Isai Scheinberg and PokerStars  when outside the US, and oblivious  to the short–lived Epic Poker League, Ivey is back in his element after a two year sabbatical at the richest and most prestigious poker tournament in the world.

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Mitch Garber: Man on Top of the WSOP

by Wendeen H. Eolis

All systems are go for the 2012 World Series of Poker. There are no known hitches or glitches, and no press releases from outer space attempting, as of yet, to upstage the poker industry’s richest and most prestigious tournament of the year.

The WSOP remains a singular sensation in its 43rd year. Entrepreneurs, lawyers, government agencies, and players at felt tables, wrap themselves around their connections to the poker world, trying to make big news during the course of this six week-long annual event.  Behind the scenes stands Mitch Garber, the CEO of Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE), a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment Corp (Caesars).

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Full Tilt Creates Drama at PokerStars

by Wendeen H. Eolis

 No sooner than Laurent Tapie hit the send button on an email to employees of Pocket Kings (a Full Tilt Poker company) explaining that discussions to acquire FTP had gone down in flames, word began to spread like wildfire of another suitor for the online poker site—FTP’s longtime arch rival, PokerStars.

Tapie Deal Goes South

 As previously reported, Tapie’s repayment plan to refund non U.S. “Rest Of World” (ROW) customers was a bone of contention in Group Bernard Tapie’s negotiations with the DOJ during the past few months.

Enter PokerStars

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