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2006 June 26

Longtime Las Vegas gambling veteran Jack 'Action' Zwerner wins his first WSOP event and $341,426

Las Vegas, NV - There aren't many things that Jack "Action" Zwerner hasn't seen and done in the world of gambling. He's the founder of the biggest bingo enterprise in America. He's worked as a high-level casino executive for the (now imploded) Dunes, Caesar's Palace, the Golden Nugget, and the Las Vegas Hilton. He's hung out with everyone from Steve Wynn to Larry Flynt to Stu Ungar. And now, he's won a World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

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Phil Hellmuth denied gold bracelet Number Ten at WSOP event #9

Las Vegas, NV - When Jeff Cabanillas first strolled through the doors of the mammoth Rio poker tournament room three days ago, few people recognized him. Few appreciated his talent. Fewer still gave him any chance whatsoever to win one of the toughest competitions in all of tournament poker -- the $5,000 buy-in no-limit hold'em event at the World Series of Poker.

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Small Blind Against the Big Blind-How to Profit

Today's lesson is reaping big rewards as the small blind against the big blind.

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An Interview with Jerome Stone Poker Room Manager at the Rio

Jerome Stone was born March 16, 1966 in Webster, South Dakota. He graduated from Kadoka High School in 1984 with a football scholarship to Black Hills State University. He left college in 1987 and moved to Watertown, South Dakota to join the family business.

When gaming was legalized in South Dakota in 1992 Jerome went to work for Dakota Sioux Casino as a poker dealer. He was made Assistant Poker Room Manager in 1993 and in 1994 he was appointed Poker Room Manager.

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Some differences in the way the WSOP and WPT run their events

It's getting very difficult to find a time slot during the calendar year when a major poker tournament is not being held. In fact, it's getting so difficult; something that three years ago no one would have ever thought possible is starting to occur, and this is overlap. Sheesh. Who would have thunk?

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Today's Word is..'Time'

When you make bad poker decisions, you lose money. That's obvious. But the concept is so vague in players' minds that it sometimes isn't enough to prompt them to improve. I've found a better way to motivate you to play better. And I'm going to share it with you today.

Sure, it's just a psychological trick. Whenever you condition yourself mentally to play well, that's really what's happening - you're tricking your mind. But you're tricking it in a good way. Today I want you to forget about losing money.

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$1 Million Up For Grabs In MANSION Superstar Challenge

Online players fresh to the land based game of Poker are about to receive a leg up into the exciting world of televised High Stakes Poker in the newest take on Texas Hold'em tournaments, the MANSION Superstar Challenge.

On July 12, three freeroll internet qualifiers will battle it out against a trio of the world's top poker professionals in a single table MANSION Speed Poker(TM) shootout, each fighting for the lion's share of the $1 million purse.

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On a chilly Friday in mid-winter Fred ranted about pocket rockets. "I'll never raise with Aces again," he swore. "I should just muck 'em in the first place, because they always get cracked!"

On the button in a $2-4 Hold'Em game, Fred raised with Aa-Ad. Eight called. The Flop was [Jc]-[Js]-[9c]. After they all checked, Fred bet. Three called. The Turn card was the [3h]. Fred bet; the Big Blind raised; Fred called. The River was a blank; the Big Blind bet; Fred called. Fred mucked his Aces after the Big Blind tabled [Kh]-[Jh].

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Shaquille-A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in the magic kingdom of "Lost Angels" - or L.A.- there lived a great team of basketball stars. As was the custom of this elite basketball powerhouse - each year right on schedule - advancing to the finals of the N.B.A. playoffs - or so it seemed. So charismatic and entertaining were these gladiators of the round ball that they would lure celebrities from all occupations to attend. So upscale and glitzy were the playoff atmosphere proceedings that ticket prices hikes were an acceptable part of the package.

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Prop Goes the Weasel

I recently got an email from a guy asking, What about online propping, JV? Do you think it's a career path or what? This brought to mind my own experience as a proposition player at the now defunct Regency Casino in good ol' Bell Gardens, California. I thought it was just super that they'd pay me eight bucks an hour to play poker, and figured that with that kind of cushion there was no way I could lose. Well, I lost $300 on day one, lost $500 on day two, called in sick on day three, and gave up the pretense on day four.

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