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2009 April 27th

Prisoner Of Poker: Rolling On The River

And we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. -"Proud Mary," J.C. Fogerty

[This is a work of poker fiction set ten thousand hands in the future. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.]

Martha Jane Canary (a.k.a. "Calamity Jane") spent only her earliest years in Missouri. Yet, when it came time to name their newest Mississippi Riverboat Casino, "Calamity Jane" easily beat out Mark Twain for the honor.

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Walter Worsham Takes Beau Rivage 7-stud/8 Event

Augusta, Georgia's Walter Worsham captured the 7-stud/8 event-the sixteenth event in the 21 event Spring Break Poker Classic, held at the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, MS. This series commenced March 28 and ran through Saturday, April 11, just long enough to prevent us from reporting on all the events in this series because of publishing deadlines.

The results from the first sixteen events are here in this issue. Next issue we'll report on the main event and all the other remaining events in this series.

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Eric Yilmaz Goes Wire-to-Wire in Sierra Poker Classic Championship

The second annual Sierra Poker Classic, an official World Series of Poker Satellite Event with lower buy-ins that appeals to almost all poker players, included 13 tournaments, including the first-ever Crazy Pineapple World Championship, won by Tom Christopher, from Las Vegas.

Several snowstorms in the area produced a modest turnout. But for those who trekked to Tahoe to ski and play poker, the conditions were ideal.

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Long-shots Sometimes Win

It was a loose $3-$6 limit game at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, Calif. I had been at the table for about a half-hour. The poker gods had not yet smiled on me. Then I looked down at my hole cards: A-Q suited! Perhaps my luck was about to change. With a little good luck, perhaps I might be able to build-and win-a big pot. In an early position, I just called the blind. Four opponents stayed to see the flop:

My Hole Cards: Ad-Qd
The Flop: As-6d Qs
The Turn: 6s

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Perception and Reality

One of my favorite sayings is that people act based on their perception of reality, not reality itself. Most poker players who have played the game for any length of time realize the veracity of this statement. After all, it's what makes a bluff possible.

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That, My Friends, Is Poker

I headed to the Gilpin Casino for their $80 buy-in tourney. There would be 50 players and $1,450 for first. We got down to two tables and I am in second chip position on the big blind with 40,000 chips. The chip leader, in first position, calls. I check. The flop is T-8-6 rainbow. I bet 3,000 with top two pair and was called only by the chip leader, who had about 60,000 in chips. The turn was another ten, which gave me the nuts. Noticing that he looked eager to bet, I checked. He bets 7,000, I raised to 14,000. He went all-in with me beating him in the pot.

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Loan Called For Playing Poker

A federal District Court in New York recently ruled in favor of a lender against a borrower, who happens to be a lawyer.

The borrower's offense? He played poker.

Actually, the lawyer did more than just play poker-he used his law firm's loan to finance high-stakes games. And it did not matter that the lawyer claimed he was a fairly consistent winner.

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Runner-Runner Paradox

Fred took me to task last Saturday at our local poker room. "You wrote that you count a backdoor flush draw as one out after the flop," he said, "because the odds are 23-to-1 against making a flush. David Sklansky wrote in an article for Poker Digest, Vol.3/No.9, that you need odds of 27-to-1 or larger to draw to a backdoor flush. What's up with that?"

"Mr. Sklansky is correct when you have a deep stack," I told Fred. "And he also pointed out that if you were to go all-in, then you would need pot odds of 23-to-1 for a runner-runner flush."

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Spring Has Sprung, the Grass Has Riz, I'll Show You Where the Money Is!

"In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love," however this year's spring poker tournament line-up is so tempting that romance can wait. Spring's most anticipated poker tournaments will soon be underway at these premier poker rooms:

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Attack of the Killer Donkeys

Yes, there are herds of them out there in Pokerland, and I'm sure you've all had recent run-ins with players who call all bets with bottom pair and stay with a gut shot because they felt it was coming, or the nut who won't fold pocket deuces when ace-big-big hits the board.

Sadly, there are times when those donkeys and donkettes will catch a deuce runner and kick your behind with those big legs!

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