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2011 April 11

April 11, 2011 Vol 14 Issue 21

Straight Skinny: Royal Expectations

The Station Casinos with poker rooms in metropolitan Las Vegas offer a bonus of $250 for any hold’em player who makes a royal flush with both hole cards playing. We thought you might like to see the details, so we didn’t hurry through any steps in the following computations.


We have only four royal flushes possible; three of the five royal cards must lie among the five community cards; the other two come from the 47 remaining cards. The probability obtains from 4*C(5,3)*C(47,2)/C(52,5) which after factoring common terms reduces to


4 * 5*4/2  *  47*46/2  *  5*4*3*2*1/52*51*50*49*48


which equals 0.016637 rounded to six places, about 59-to-1 against. So, about one deal in sixty, the dealer places three royal cards on the table.


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Trapped At Turning Stone in 2 Feet of Snow, Yesssssssss!

Turning Stone’s March MadnessTournament had plenty to offer, including a full field of 335 players, paying out $167,500. The man in charge, Jason DiBenedetto, said, “March Madness turned out to be a great event for us with 300 players in Friday’s $300 event and 335 players in Saturday’s $500 event. We appreciate all of the players who made their way out to Turning Stone for the March series and we look forward to seeing everyone again in May for our East Coast Poker Championships.”


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Online Poker Perspective: New Light Shed on UB Scandal


Did you miss it? Did you find yourself reading this column and wondering when the UB scandal would resurface? No matter your answer, the UB scandal is back in the news, and it appears far from settled.


Travis Makar was investigated by Wicked Chops Poker, and a 2010 exposé revealed Makar to be linked to the UB scandal. His mother was married to Charles “Woody” Moore, a friend of Russ Hamilton. She, along with Makar and his wife, were linked to super-user accounts. Makar was said to have sold the Hamiltons their Las Vegas home in 2006, and owned a computer company that could have been a front for funneling money. Hamilton was said to have called Makar the mastermind of the scandal, and Barry Greenstein claimed Makar was Hamilton’s “assistant” and “right-hand man.” Again, much of this revolves around allegations.


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Online Poker-- Erik Seidel: The Highest High Roller

Like many newcomers to the world of professional poker, I was introduced to Erik Seidel during the summer of 1998 through a Hollywood film. I was living in Seattle, WA back then. I played in a regular home game every Monday night at the Trout House, where members from an acid-jazz band named Kilgore Trout lived and had transformed their basement into a rehearsal space and recording studio. They allowed my friends to play cards in the kitchen as long as we brought our own beer and smokes. We played low-stakes wild card games and could hear the band jamming down below us. When practice ended, a few band members would join the game that ran ordinarily ran until sunrise.


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Improving Performance—Part 170: Internet Chat

I’ve been playing poker for a looooooong time. Years ago, not living close to legal, public poker venues, I was a member of a dedicated group that played in a Friday night home game which lasted for decades. I also was one of the adventurous few that made the initial leap into on-line poker at a time when some of my friends thought I was crazy to put money up on an internet site. I recall playing on Planet Poker when the games were very, very different than today. One major difference, aside from sheer number and ability of the players, was the chat feature.


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Mike Caro--The MAD GENIUS of Poker: Today’s word is... “TIPS”

I couldn’t quite figure out what the topic for today’s self-interview should be. I thought about comparing the features of photo editing software and about my worst restaurant experiences. Those would probably be difficult to tie into poker in meaningful ways.


So, I thought and I thought. And then something brilliant blasted my brain. How about tips! Sometimes I explain poker concepts in great detail. And sometimes I just provide the essence of profitable poker advice, otherwise known as tips. Let’s do that. First question, please…

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Tournament Poker for Newbies

I’ve been writing about poker for three years now and fascinated with the game for too many years to mention. But aside from family home games in the breakfast nook, and the occasional microscopically low limit games at casinos, I’ve been hesitant to try my hand in the big leagues.

I’d leave the tournaments to my husband and sit off in a corner, working on the New York Times puzzle and cheering him from afar. Perhaps, I was taking the role women often take around poker—curious, interested, but reluctant to actually sit down with the boys.

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Gov. Christie Is Shocked, Shocked At Internet Gambling Bill

Gov. Christie Is Shocked, Shocked At Internet Gambling Bill

New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie wants to be President of the United States.

You can tell, because he is constantly traveling all over the U.S., holding press conferences to say that he does not want to run.

That’s how it is done in the U.S.

But Christie’s problem is that he is a Republican, which today means the only way he can be nominated is to win over the extreme conservatives of the “tea party.”

Conservatives say their first priority is small government.

But Christie is smart enough to know that voters who will pick the next GOP presidential nominee have higher priorities. While there are some fiscal conservatives, most Republicans are still social conservatives. The right is still the religious right, even if that means big government, such as intruding on decisions about abortion, gay marriage, etc.

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New Legal U.S. Poker Site Debuts officially launched its US based, UIEGA-compliant poker site located in Sparks, NV and is ready for players. Grrrinders offers more than 750 monthly freerolls with cash prizes, weekend getaways, and entries into live poker events throughout the US All tournaments are free to premium members with a monthly membership as low as $19.95.

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