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by Ashley Adams

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2012 August 13th

Shifting Gears: Donkeys and Deception

by David “The Maven” Chicotsky

While playing poker, it’s vital to prompt the question: What convincing indicators do my opponents give about their playing ability? The answer is deduced from several variables. How they look, act, and speak, are such variable examples, and these attributes are just as relevant as player methodology and playing style.

 Observantly judging and categorizing players should allow you to identify the good and bad players at your table. Deciphering what sort of impression a truly clueless donkey gives off will enable you to employ aggressive tactics against your opponents, and launch unanticipated, pointed attacks. Getting inside the mind of a poker donkey will help you beat the bad players, while providing a smokescreen of sorts when playing against good players.

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by Diane McHaffie

What is a rock? Mike Caro says it’s “a conservative player who is extremely disciplined and enters very few pots.”

 Many players succeed because they’re rocks at the poker table. But that isn’t exciting enough for some. They frequently think it takes the fun and challenge out of the game. Instead of secure rocks, they’re just loosened stones, tumbling down the hillside in search of excitement. You can potentially win extra money by being more aggressive than a so-called rock, but don’t do it just for thrills.

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Poker in the Western Prairie, PART 2

by Ashley Adams

In the first part of this article I recounted the excellent experience of playing poker at the Dakota Magic Casino in southeast North Dakota. I stayed there Saturday night and left for Billings, Montana on Sunday morning.

 My trip took me through the outstandingly scenic Badlands of North Dakota. I took a break from my driving long enough to walk a mile and a half in the Painted Canyon – part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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Of Gaps and Chasms

by Barbara Connors 

The Gap Concept is a term coined by poker author, David Sklansky, to describe the difference in starting-hand standards between the type of hand you need to call a raise, as opposed to the type of hand you need to put in a raise yourself. This concept has become famous as a fundamental part of tournament poker strategy, but the basic idea behind it can apply to ring games as well.

 When you are the first player to raise, there is no evidence yet that anybody else at the table has a particularly strong hand. Moreover, being the first player to show aggression gives you two ways to win the pot: either by making the best hand, or by pushing your opponents out.

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Stack Sizes, PART 2

by Lou Krieger

Last time we left you making a slightly more-than-half-the-pot $12 wager and your opponent raised $200. You have a pair of queens, an overpair to the Js-10c-6d board, but realize that even if you call his $200 wager, you can expect to see bets on the turn and the river that will put your entire $700 stack at risk. What now?

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My Observations from This Year’s WSOP

by Tom McEvoy

 Mental attitude is everything. There’s an old saying: “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” Where poker tournaments are concerned, this is especially true. I will give you an example of a quitter.

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The Beat's from the Northeast!

by Barbara Rogers

Cage fighting without touching. That’s how I felt about most of the tournaments in the recent WSOP. From a few Germans, to an exceptionally nasty elderly lady, attitude abounded. In one of the deep stacks, I flopped a ROYAL FLUSH. Everyone at the table concluded they will never see it again. Maybe on the turn or river, but never on the flop… just too rare. The dealer broke his maidenhood on this one.

 I am proud to say the Northeast placed nine players out of the top 21 in the World Series. Foxwoods regular, Robert Corcione, finished twenty-first, cashing $294,000. Also from the Northeast, John Murray, MA. cashed 280,000. Ace, Robert Corcione had top finishes at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, CT. in 2011 and 2012. Topping this off, in the big one, Michael Esposito from New York will be at the final table, along with Russell Thomas, CT., Greg Merson from Maryland, and MA chip leader Jesse Sylvia with 43 million of them. This means the October Nine boasts four players from the East Coast. The beat IS from the northeast!

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Debbie Does Poker: Pechanga

by Debbie Burkhead

Kindle Fire Giveaway! Pechanga is giving away—not one, but two Kindle Fires, every hour from 1 pm-10:30 pm, every Wednesday until the end of August. Winners are chosen by way of random hot-seat drawings in live games only. Winners will also receive $50 cash. New! High hand competition with bonus cash drawings every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday from 1 pm-10 pm. Hold’em high hand must be jacks or better, and aces full or better in Omaha. Plus, players earn “Bonus Cash” drawing tickets by making any qualifying high hand. The $500 bonus cash drawings are held at 6 pm and 11 pm.

 $10K Giveaway Tuesdays! Get your aces cracked on August 7, 14, and 21 for a chance to win cash. Earn entry tickets by losing with pocket aces from 9 am-10 pm to qualify for $125 cash drawings at 1 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm, and 10 pm. On August 28 from 3 pm-10 pm, there will be 15 drawings of $500 each plus a bonus drawing for $625. All entry tickets earned on Tuesdays will be eligible for the drawings.

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Poker in the Western Prairie, PART 1

by Ashley Adams

 I just completed a six state poker trip. I flew out to Minneapolis and drove west on (what I had planned as) a six day poker road trip to visit poker rooms in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota—four of the nine remaining states in which I had never played poker. I’d gone online to read up on what they spread and where they spread it—and frankly, I wasn’t terribly encouraged. None of those four states had legal public poker rooms that spread no limit hold’em— and there surely was no stud. So I had planned on a relatively bland diet of low limit and low spread limit hold’em. As it turned out, however, the experience was far from bland. It included what I now consider to be the best place in the world to play poker.

 My first port of call was the Dakota Magic Casino in the southeastern corner of North Dakota—about a three hour drive northwest out of Minneapolis.

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Legal Stories Dominate Poker Headlines

By Haley Hintze


Department of Justice attorneys working on business matters connected to the “Black Friday” case (United States v. PokerStars, et. al.) recently filed a motion to strike Kentucky’s claim of ownership against several gambling-related internet domains involved in the case. Kentucky sought to seize 141 gambling domains in a notorious 2008 legal maneuver that brought protests from far beyond the gambling sector, including internet-freedom and business groups. The DOJ’s motion offers evidence that Kentucky never actually seized anything (despite the commonwealth’s claims) and that Kentucky’s motions to attach in connection with the “Black Friday” case be denied, because the commonwealth lacks standing to file, cannot claim certain defendants’ rights, and the claim interferes with national sovereignty matters. The DOJ brief also rejected Kentucky’s claims for costs, interest, and attorney’s fees.

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