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2012 December 03

Utilizing Set Plays

by David "The Maven" Chicotsky

Set plays are something that I feel most players don’t use enough. A set play is when you make a move against a target player before all information is made available.

 Take for example, the idea of calling out of the big blind with the intention of betting or check-raising the flop if we miss our hand. This adds value to a hand like QJ-suited, making it more playable, as we’re able to apply our hand strength - as well as a measure of fold equity. Calling out of the big blind and solely evaluating the flop based on hand strength is a bad habit to get into.

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by Barbara Connors

We all have our pet peeves about this game. One of mine happens when I’ve been getting nothing but junk hands for hours, and then I’m dealt something like 10-9 suited, or maybe a baby suited ace— something that’s just good enough to call. Full of eager anticipation at finally seeing a flop, my joy quickly turns to “Oh @#%# I have to fold again” when one of the players in front of me puts in a raise.

 In a case like this, the temptation to cold-call, that is to call for two bets when one has not yet put any money in the pot, can be very strong. I’ll confess that I have succumbed to this temptation from time to time. In this I have a lot of company, because cold-calling with inferior hands preflop is one of the most common mistakes in poker. It’s also one of the most ruinous.

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Implied Odds and Reverse Implied Odds—Go Figure, PART 1 OF 3

by Lou Krieger

Even first-time players knows that poker is a game of odds, and while newbies might not be able to figure them, at least they realize that there’s a relationship between the chances of making a winning hand and how much money is in the pot.

 But they probably don’t know much about the twin concepts of implied odds and reverse implied odds—which sound complex and foreboding, but are really nothing more than opposite sides of a slightly more sophisticated way of thinking about risk and reward at the poker table.

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Sir Francis Bacon and Poker

Money is like MUCK, not good except it be spread.” —Francis Bacon during the Age of Reason (“Of Seditions and Troubles,” Essays, 15; published in 1597)

 Sir Francis Bacon (Jan. 1561 – April 1626) was an English philosopher, statesman, spy, freemason and essayist. He was knighted in 1603. He began his career as a lawyer, but is best known as a philosophical advocate of the scientific revolution. He developed an inductive methodology for scientific inquiry—the Baconian method. His literary works include his Essays, as well as the Colours of Good and Evil, and the Meditationes Sacrae, all published in 1597. Bacon’s life goals were discovery of truth, service to his country, and service to the church. He also is famed for his widely quoted aphorism, “knowledge is power.”

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Best Bets

by A.C. Clark

The poker room at Tulalip Resort and Casino is hosting a November DEEP STACKS tournament on Sunday, November 25th at 11 am with thirty minute rounds and $50 bounties. Your $750 entry fee comes with a $20 food voucher good for the day of the tournament, and 25k in starting chips. Alternates and re-entries are allowed for the first four rounds. This is bound to be a beauty. There will be re-entries and alternates waiting to play. Many players will stay to play even bigger pots in Omaha hold’em.

 Snoqualmie Casino is offering a “Bounty” of Thanksgiving tournament on Friday, November 23rd at 10:30 am. For a $65 entry fee, each player gets 5k in starting chips, and a 15 minute blind structure. Alternates and late entries are allowed for the first four levels, and reentry is permitted. $500 will be added with $10 knockout bounties.

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Mike Caro: Today’s word is... CHOICE

Success in life is about the quality of your choices. The same is true in poker. We’re not going to discuss the broad spectrum of choices involving poker tactics, psychology, or motivation. Not now. Instead, we’ll focus on just one category of choice. What is it? It’s choosing your opponents. In fact, that turns out to be among the most important paths to profit. So, let’s talk about it in today’s selfinterview.

 Question 1: What do you mean by choose your opponents? How do you do that?

 Sometimes you can’t choose the opponents who will be competing at your table. If you’re assigned a seat in a poker tournament, for instance, you have to accept the group you’re given. In a home game, you usually have one table filled with predetermined foes.

 And if there’s just one game close to the limits you want to wager and of the type you want to play (hold ’em, stud, draw, high-low, etc.), then you don’t have much of a choice.

 Question 2: You said that “you don’t have much choice,” but you mean you don’t have any choice, right?

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Delaware Park’s Kevin Castora: A Man With A Plan— Of ACTION!

By Barbara Rogers

Kevin Castora took a big chance—while up-rooting his young family, when he and a group of experienced casino workers made the long trek from Las Vegas to the East Coast. Delaware Park was their destination, and I don’t believe they looked back. Delaware Park was fortunate to open with a highly qualified and well trained staff. They hit the ground running and before long, made their mark in the fiercely competitive poker world.

 The cash poker room bustles with activity, and when the tournaments are playing, they enjoy big fields as well. With plenty of innovative ideas, genuine concern for the players, and a passion for the game, Kevin Castora is well entrenched in making his own mark on the poker front. From January 2nd to the 15th, he will host the first Delaware Park Winter Classic. With a main event pay-out of $150,000, plus plenty of other events paying out 20,000, 50,000 75,000, and 100,000, it will be a dream for any poker player.

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Poker East and a Little West of the Mississippi

by Barbara Rogers

 Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. With plenty of room for comfort and space to stretch out, their brand new poker room is quite a beauty. The Hollywood Poker Open events were held in the big ballroom, located in the lower level of the riverboat. The event’s turn-out was excellent, and attendance is still going strong, as of this writing. Poker room manager, Brad Hinson must set a great example, because his dealers seem to think highly of him, and are always good sports about dealing so much.

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Debbie Does Poker

by Debbie Burkhead

Correction: My article in Issue 10 stated that you could purchase a minimum of five decks of playing cards from Quality Playing Cards but I’ve just been informed the minimum is now 15 decks. For more information on Quality Playing Cards visit Mention Poker Player Newspaper and receive a 10% discount. Don’t forget “Best Pricing -- Guaranteed!"

 Need Extra Cash for the Holiday? Get over to the nearest Station Casino on December 12, 2012 from 12:01 am-11:59 pm, jump in a Jumbo hold’em game, flop four queens, and take home $12,012. Catch four queens on the turn or river and pocket $1,212. Players must have two queens in their hand. Don’t forget to log in your live poker playing hours to qualify for the $300,000 Poker Plus Tournament. Players must play 50 hours of live poker between now and December 15 to qualify. The first place winner will take home $40,000. There are seven cardrooms to choose from: Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock, Texas, Santa Fe, Palace, Sunset, and Boulder. For more information on Station’s poker happenings see their ad in this issue of Poker Player Newspaper.

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Noah Schwartz wins bestbet Jacksonville BIG and FAST—$402,970 in Just 68 Hands!

By Diana Cox

 Topping a field of 477 players Noah Schwartz earned his first career WPT title and became the latest member of the WPT Champions Club during the early evening hours of November 13 at the WPT Jacksonville bestbet Fall Poker Scramble.

 Schwartz, from Miami Beach, came to the final table with nearly half of the 14 million chips in play. A mere sixty eight hands later, Schwartz and runner-up Byron Kaverman began the heads-up match with nearly even stacks. Hand number 80 would prove the end of Kaverman’s tournament life and ensure Schwartz his long-awaited WPT title and $402,970.

 “Finally,” a smiling Schwartz said as he was presented with the winner’s trophy.

 Schwartz and Kaverman stayed fairly even throughout the short heads up match with no big pots playing out until the final hand of the night.

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