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by Ashley Adams

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2012 July 2nd

The Future of Poker

by Ashley Adams

I was playing in a $1 - $2 no limit hold’em game at Foxwoods Resort Casino the other day. I had just gotten beaten out of a $680 pot by the gentleman on my left – when my straight lost to his full house. We were chatting amicably about Poker Player Newspaper. He mentioned that he was interested in reading something different from the regular fare. I asked him to suggest a topic. “Well,” he started “how about writing about the future of poker?” So here’s my take.

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The Continuing Story

by Barbara Connors

The continuation bet is one of the most powerful plays in poker, because defending against it is so difficult. Any player who is failing to defend against a continuation bet is letting his opponents run all over him. But there are two sides to every coin, and defending too often is tantamount to throwing chips out the window. When you consider that a sizable portion of continuation bets that come your way will inevitably be continuation bluffs, the ability to find that middle balance and sniff out at least some of the counterfeit c-bets is critical.

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The Squeeze Play

by Lou Krieger

 A squeeze play is one of the simplest maneuvers to execute at the poker table. It’s easily understood, yet fraught with risk, and your success depends almost entirely on how well you are able to read your opponents. The time to squeeze is when a loose-aggressive player raises from early position, and another player calls the raise before the action gets around to you.

 The squeezer now makes a large reraise, banking on the fact that no players acting after him will call and the initial raiser and the caller will both fold, allowing him to take down the pot.

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Break Habitual Blind Defense

by  David “The Maven” Chicotsky

There’s a pervasive myth among poker players that relentless defense of the blinds is something to be revered. It’s not likely that this practice is profitable, nor is it consistently the right play relative to the action at the table. I’m not advocating letting the table run over your blinds on a non-stop basis, but my experiences have taught me that players who habitually defend their blinds typically put themselves in bad spots.

 Equity in a tournament can be greatly gained or lost based upon one or two hands. This outlook is important when engaging tournament poker, where minor mistakes can have severe repercussions. Getting through a tournament is a marathon, filled with landmines you must avoid along the way. Mistakenly defending the blinds is one such landmine, and it’s quite common.

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WSOP 2012 Event #41 Winner Profile - Greg Ostrander


 Name: Greg Ostrander

 Birthplace: Oakfield, New York

 Childhood: Upstate New York

 Current Residence: Webster, New York

 Profession: Professional Poker Player

 Age: 40

 Marital Status: Married

 Children: Two

 Education: B.A. Criminal Justice

 Previous Occupation: Police Officer in Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (Rochester, NY)

 Other Facts: Once modeled for Calvin Klein menswear


 Question: You made a great comeback against your final opponent. How did that happen?

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WSOP Puts Poker Stars, Full Tilt & Epic Poker League in the Shadows; Phil Ivey Signs on For the Big One

By: Wendeen H. Eolis

Phil Ivey Signs on For the Big One

 Phil Ivey the most worshipped poker star will take a seat in the upcoming million dollar buy-in tournament at the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker that is now well underway at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  No longer battling with his Full Tilt alma mater, far from the embrace of  Isai Scheinberg and PokerStars  when outside the US, and oblivious  to the short–lived Epic Poker League, Ivey is back in his element after a two year sabbatical at the richest and most prestigious poker tournament in the world.

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Poker Promotions: Hustler, Suncoast, The Bike and Chumash

by Debbie Burkhead

Hustler makes it “all about the players.” Weekly guaranteed tournaments are now offered six days a week. Sundays at 3 pm check out the $10,000 guaranteed event with a $150 buy-in. Players start with 7,000 in chips, and one $100 rebuy is offered for an additional 8,000 in chips. Weekday events all have a 7 pm start time and a $5,000 guarantee. Players receive points in all weekly events toward the “Player of the Week” title for a chance at $1,000 -$2,500. Any 1st place win will get you 1,000 points, 2nd will receive 700, 3rd gets 500, 4th receives 400, and 5th -10th will earn 300 points. Presenting Hustler’s Firecracker Freeroll! Qualifying period runs through July 4 and players earn additional chips for additional hours played. Players can earn double hours by playing on July 4. This event has a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool and the winner will receive $10,000. The tournament is scheduled for 12 pm on Saturday, July 7.

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The Beat's from the Northeast!

by Barbara Rogers

Think you can take him? Now is your chance to play heads up poker with former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Jerome “the Bus” Bettis. Give it a try! You can flatten his tires on Saturday, July 28th at Rivers Poker Room in Pittsburgh (next to Heinz field). If “The Bus” beats you, he gets $360 for his charity. If you beat him, you win a $360 entry into the charity event. You must play in a live cash game, with winners chosen at random (in a drawing). This is pending PGCB approval. Mike Chapman, the man in charge, is expecting a large turn out for this event.

 Congratulations to Timothy Worley, of Ridgely, Maryland. Timothy won a seat in the Poker Player of The Year Tournament, to be held at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas on July 4th. The Crown Royal poker room at Dover Downs, managed by Pete McGuire, provided the opportunity. Bring the trophy back East, Tim.

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Poker News: WSOP, NJ Online Poker, NV Online Poker, UIGEA II and more

Nevada Commission approves Bally’s for Online Licensing

 The first corporate entity to clear a questioning hearing before Nevada’s  State Gaming Control Board as it seeks licensure to do online-poker  business in Nevada is established gaming manufacturer, Bally’s. Bally’s,  which acquired online network, ChiliGaming, in April, has already rolled  out a free-play poker site for downtown Vegas’ Golden Nugget casino.  A real-money Golden Nugget online poker site is likely to be one of the  first offerings, provided to Nevada residents, several months down the  road.

Illinois Casino measure passes assembly, Faces Threatened Veto

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Ventian Deep Stacks Events 1 through 20


MAY 24 TH – JULY 15TH, 2012


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