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by Ashley Adams

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2013 December 16

Here’s Your Razor-Sharp Edge!

By Barbara Rogers

You need it, you know you do. If you’re sharp enough to recognize this, well, that’s a great start. Plenty of arrogant players may think they are better then they really are. But smart players know they need an edge. Being a good player is not enough anymore. Realizing this, Joe Palumbo began to seek the answer. I personally suspect players are constantly going through an internal struggle that plays out something like this in their brain...Damn, I need an edge, I gotta get chips, my cards are bad, I NEED AN EDGE! Source: my brain. Joe Palumbo and I will share. Matter of fact, Joe dedicated his book, Texas Hold’Em—Unique New Method to all the poker players who have the love of the game in their hearts and believe anyone can win. Until recently, Joe was your average Joe. Written by the average Joe for the average Joe, and even for you too, if you’re not average, you will soar way above average after reading it. This book, with it’s unique sequences utilizes both logic and proven mathematics, giving you the edge you’ve been looking for. Actually Joe deletes some math so he’s not overdoing the mathematics and directs you right to the source of his method.

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Things to Avoid in Tournament Poker

David “The Maven” Chicotsky

• Leading out with only one other player in the hand, for more than half the pot. How often do you see players lead out for the entire pot with top pair, only to garner a fold? Even check-raising with strong hands induces too many folds (in my opinion) to be an every-time type action. Sometimes taking a weaker line like check-calling, with more inherent risk and patience will garner you more chips throughout the entire hand. When you have a strong hand, don’t let your opponent fold on the flop. Be sure to gain chips through the turn and river as well.

• Re-raising too big pre-flop or on the flop. If you have a strong hand, don’t thin the field so fast by re-raising too big. Don’t be so scared of letting another card peel off that you forgo long-run value. How often do you see a player essentially over-bet the flop (or ship all in) only to show aces and proclaim, “I’m glad to take down the pot. Don’t want to get sucked out on.” This is the closest thing to ripping up money that poker offers. When you have a strong holding or are in a favorable position, make the most out of it. Value, value, value. That’s our main focus when sitting at the poker table. Don’t be a “risk based” player, be a “value oriented” player - it might be scarier at times, but it pays better.

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Viva Maryland Live Poker

by Ashley Adams

I often fantasize about having superpowers at the poker table. I like to think about whether it would be better to know with certainty what cards were going to come on the flop, turn, and river; or whether it would be better to know my opponents’ down cards. I’ve concluded that it’s better to know my opponents’ down cards, and that either special power would render me unbeatable.

 It’s an absurd mind game because, of course, it can never happen. But still, it’s a nice fantasy.

 There’s another fantasy, however, that can and does happen— though not very often. Imagine, if you well, that there’s an area that has long had lots of interest in poker, but has never had a poker room. Then, one day, a large, well managed poker room opens. All of the home game players from the area, and everyone nearby who ever thought he might want to play poker in a casino comes to the new room. Since it’s new, everyone comes with a lot of money, not having lost it yet in the casino’s poker games. Since it’s new, everyone thinks he might be a winner if he gets lucky. Since it’s new, the games are great, as the bad players haven’t yet been picked clean by the good players; and the mediocre players haven’t yet learned the skills at the table that they might eventually learn through trial and error. This is a fantasy that does happen—though only rarely. And it’s happening now just south of Baltimore, Maryland at the great, new, huge, busy, rocking and rolling Maryland Live Casino poker room! I had the opportunity of experiencing this rare poker fantasy. I flew down from Boston to Baltimore on a trip to see my daughter who lives in Washington, DC. As it happens, the best deal I could get on a motel was $39 a night at the lovely Red Roof Inn about one mile from Maryland Live in the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland. During the day and evening I got to visit with my daughter, her boyfriend, and my cousins in the DC area. But by night, I was left to play poker at Maryland Live. This I did with alacrity.

Moneymaker Goes Hollywood: Barbara Rogers Interviews Chris Moneymaker

By Barbara Rogers

From a bantam weight 131-pound high school wrestler to a burly poker powerhouse; this is the stuff Hollywood likes to make into movies. But this Hollywood is better than the one in California. This is the Penn National Gaming’s Hollywood. Hollywood Casinos—lots of them, all across America, bringing the opportunity to win seats and big money in the Hollywood Poker Open II. Round two promises to top last years wildly successful inaugural that culminated at the M Resort Casino & Spa in Vegas, paying out over 1.4 million, easily surpassing their $500,000 guarantee. And this Hollywood stars the man that poker folklore is made of. Chris Moneymaker as the ambassador for the Penn National Gaming brand’s Hollywood Casinos brings his friendly approachable self to the ambitious HPO 2014.

The guy who beat the odds, winning the final table in the 2003 WSOP with a game changing bluff against Sammy Farha, has now partnered with Penn National Gaming. This means that you will most likely have the chance to meet Chris, play poker with him, and ask questions at one of the many Hollywood Casino poker rooms across this great country of ours.

I asked Chris some questions about this association:

Barbara Rogers: “Obviously this is great for you Chris, how did this opportunity come about?”

Chris Moneymaker: “I’ve always liked endorsing rooms and making appearances, and I’ve been looking for a partner for a long time that I can stand behind and trust, and I met a partner back in the day who was in Columbus (Matt W) with Penn National. We started a discussion and thought it would be a fun idea to do a 6 month stint as a trial program to come up every month and entertain the room. I saw good results, made a lot of friends and found it to be an enjoyable experience. From there, we started talking about a company- wide promotion. Last year was the first year of the HPO series. It was a really good year, so on the second year we discussed what I was doing for them and decided to take it companywide.”

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New Years At The Stone!

by Barbara Rogers

Turning Stone that is. The award winning Turning Stone Resort Casino in upstate New York. Ring it in, among all the things you love. Poker, fine restaurants, plenty of entertainment, clubs, a spa, and if you can, book into The Lodge. The Lodge suites have fireplaces, big flat screen televisions in both the living room and bedroom, and decks complete with hot tubs. The Lodge has available a Skana Couples Massage. The AHSI Day Spa & Salon is something worth checking out too. You will not want to leave the casino, everything you need is right there. With 32 tables in the classy poker room, you can always find action at the cash tables, anytime day or night.

The New Years Eve Texas Hold’em Tournament at 7 pm has added an additional $1,000 to the pay-out. The entry is $125. On New Years Day, the high hand every 20 minutes from 12am to 4am will give you a $250 cash prize, real good odds for you. And the staff in the poker room are a fine group to share and celebrate your New Years with.

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Rock Bottom

by Barbara Connors

Why do you play poker?

 The most obvious answer would be money. Most of us consider ourselves to be winning players, or we aspire to be. But if money is the only thing that keeps you coming back to the tables, that can be problematic, because until the day you finally quit poker for good, your poker winnings are always going to be at risk.

 This is related to something called the “Sisyphic condition”—a term coined by psychologist Dan Ariely. The term comes from ancient Greek myths, specifically the character Sisyphus, a proud king who was punished by the gods by being forced to push the same giant boulder up the same hill over and over again. Each time Sisyphus got near the top of the hill, the boulder would roll back down to the bottom and he would have to start all over, again and again for all eternity.

Mike Caro: Today’s word is... CARING

Let me teach you a poker trick that makes winning much easier. It’s about caring—and it isn’t what you’re thinking.

 Yes, you must care about money when you play poker. But that isn’t the big secret. If you want to win mountains of extra chips, you need to convince opponents that you don’t care. Now I’ll explain why and tell you how.


People like to spread rumors. They’ll tell you that Rosemary was out all night with Jasper, repeating what someone else said. They’ll claim that John was arrested for soliciting prostitutes. They heard it. Everyone knows it by now. So, why not repeat it? Well, maybe because it might not be true.

 But this isn’t a lecture on morals or ethics. It’s about how rumors circulate and get enhanced. Maybe you heard that I like to burn $100 bills at the poker table. That “rumor” circulated for decades. People wanted it to be true, and they heard it from many others. So, what’s the harm in broadcasting it?

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Spears Wins Seneca Fall Poker Classic

Seneca Poker’s fourteen event Fall Poker Classic took place in beautiful Niagara Falls, New York from November 18th to November 25th.

 The series culminated with the $1,500 Main Event that began on Saturday November 23rd and drew 149 entries. After almost twenty five hours of play, including four hours of back and forth heads up action, Andrew Spears of Buffalo, NY outlasted Brian McCormick and took home $52,410 in first place prize money.

 McCormick took home $32,610 for his efforts after getting into the Main Event by winning a drawing for a free seat in a Step 1 satellite. He won that satellite and then won a Step 2 satellite to earn his $1,500 buy in.

 Alex Barker ($19,799)and Johannes Mueller ($14,558) rounded out the top four finishers.

 Thanks to the loyalty of its players, Seneca’s Fall Poker Classic was a tremendous success. Check senecapoker.com for upcoming events.

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Charles Sylvestre Wins Lac-Leamy Main Event

Bracelet winner earns follow-up gold trophy and pockets $122K in Quebec

The final day of the Casino Lac-Leamy Main Event started with Charles Sylvestre on top and ended with Charles Sylvestre on top. The Quebecois WSOP bracelet winner ruled the tournament and never slowed down as he battled his way through the final 18. Sylvestre earned the $122,435 first place prize, a WSOP Circuit gold ring and on top of that, a berth into the WSOP National Championship.

 “After my unexpected WSOP bracelet this summer, to come back here to Lac- Leamy, my hometown, and ship the ring… I can’t ask for better. It’s an amazing feeling,” Sylvestre said.

 The 2013/2014 WSOP Circuit at Casino Lac- Leamy marked the first time for a WSOP event to take place in the Canadian province of Quebec. The series was a success, not only drawing 371 players for the $1,675 finale, but drawing rave reviews from players.

 “[The tournament] was very nice and well organized,” Sylvestre said. “For the first event in the province of Quebec it was amazing. Overall it was a success and very well organized.” The final day of the Main Event started with 18 hopefuls and Sylvestre with a two-to-one chip lead over his nearest challenger, Canadian pro Mike Leah.

 In the second level of play on Day 3 we witnessed an epic clash between Daniel Charette, who held the chip lead for quite a while on Day 2, and Leah. Leah crippled Charette who bluffed all-in on the turn against Leah’s set. Charette was knocked out not too long after this while Leah was now very close to Sylvestre.

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Poker News: Thirteen Sites Approved as New Jersey Online Poker Debuts and more

by Haley Hintze


 A late rush in approvals by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement saw seven of the state’s 12 casinos and a total of 13 online sites approved for the state’s soft launch of real-money online gaming, which began as scheduled on November 21st. The sites approved included www.Borgatacasino.com, www.Borgatapoker.com, www.NJ.Partypoker.com, www.HarrahsCasino.com, www.WSOP.com, us.888.com, us.888poker.com, us.888casino.com, www.CaesarsCasino.com, www.tropicanacasino.com, www.virgincasino.com, www.betfaircasino.com and www.ucasino.com. The late additions included six Caesars affiliated sites, with Caesars owning four of the state’s 12 land-based casinos.


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