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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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December 5th, 2011

Vol 15 Number 12

You Never Know: A Joe & Hobby Poker Fiction

I just finished a jog around my neighborhood when my cell phone rang. Hobby’s number showed on the screen. He had been traveling with Sue. “Hey, Hobby, are you still in Vegas?”

 “Oh, yeah. We’ve seen all the top shows in town and Sue is flying to L.A. as we speak. How about coming over for a few days? I’ve got this huge two bedroom suite at Caesar’s comped for another week and there’s a special tournament this weekend. It’ll be fun.”

 “I don’t know. I’ve got some work I should do.”

 “C’mon, Joe; you can get away. I’ll even treat you to dinner anywhere you want.”

 Funny how I could just smell a sizzling steak, it’s the power of suggestion.

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Improving Preformance: A Change of Pace - Six Weaknesses in Seven Card Stud

by Tom 'Time' Leonard

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Poker in Colorado, Part I of 2: Black Hawk

by Ashley Adams
When you think of great poker destinations in the United States you probably don’t think of Colorado. But you should. I’ve just gotten back from a trip there. It was filled with poker. Let me share with you what I experienced.

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The Post-Oak Always Rings Twice

by Barbara  Connors
 For aggressive poker players who love to steamroll over the competition, nothing is quite so satisfying as a big bluff. Pushing a mountain of chips into the middle of the table, then watching with quiet satisfaction as your opponent agonizes over the decision, hems and haws, tries to work up the nerve to make the call—only to fold the best hand in the end. It’s a classic form of poker warfare that never gets old.

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About the Claude Pepper Seniors Poker Group... Part 1

by George 'the Engineer' Epstein
People frequently ask me about the Claude Pepper Seniors Poker Group. Perhaps this will inspire other seniors groups to follow in our footsteps.

 First, understand that recreational poker is great for retirees. It’s important that we seniors get out, away from the TV, and interact with other people. “Couch potatoes” rarely enjoy happy golden years. Also, playing poker exercises our brains by stimulating the growth of the synapses that connect our brain cells, thereby helping overcome memory loss and preventing dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease, often associated with the aging process. And a healthy mind leads to a healthier body.

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Tapie, DOJ, and FTP Likely Winners. Will Players Pay for the Deal?

by Wendeen H. Eolis

When CNN ran the headline “French investment firm to buy Full Tilt Poker,” last Thursday afternoon, it was music to the ears of Full Tilt Poker customers—until the story revealed itself as an un-orchestrated curtain raiser, shut down minutes later—for good cause. The CNN headline signaled a crucial turning point that had not been reached.

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Need Christmas $$$? Check Out These Promos!

by Debbie Burkhead

 Play 25 hours of live poker at the Palms to qualify for their $20,000 freeroll. Pro Football Cash Bash & Squares: Play poker, watch football on Sunday and Monday for a chance to win up to $200 each time a team scores. Flirting with flushes: Make a flush in all four suits and win $400. For more information on poker at the Palms see their ad in this issue of Poker Player Newspaper.

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Why Full Tilt Lost Its License

Greed is dangerous. But combine it with stupidity and arrogance, and it can be lethal.

Some of the insiders of Full Tilt Poker appear to have taken one of the most profitable businesses ever created and needlessly run it into the ground. Along the way, they got themselves indicted and sued in gigantic civil lawsuits. And they deprived hundreds of thousands of online poker players of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Poker News: Santoro Best at WPT World Poker Finals

by Haley Hintze

Santoro Best at Foxwoods

 New Yorker Daniel Santoro secured the largest cash of his career in wrapping up the World Poker Finals title as November began. Santoro’s triumph at Foxwoods was worth $449,910 and came at the expense of Marylander Christian Harder, who fell after an hours-long duel with Santoro. Third place in the 189-player tourney went to Robert Carbone, who collected $166,271, while fourth-place Steven Brackesy took home $129,816

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Hillside Poker Challenge Returns to Seneca Poker in Salamanca, NY

If you enjoy a friendly, comfortable poker room, western New York has plenty to offer in December. If you are looking for an Omaha/8 tournament with a guaranteed $1,000, it starts at 7 p.m. December 12 at Seneca Salamanca.

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