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Gavin Smith wins $500,000 at the MANSIONPOKER.NET WORLD PRO-AM

Gibraltar - Poker professional Gavin "Birdguts" Smith has emerged as the winner in the MANSIONPOKER.NET World Pro-Am Challenge, the most innovative twist on televised Texas Hold'em and the world's best value online free-roll.

After a titanic struggle of 149 hands and four hours of intense MANSIONPOKER.NET Speed Poker™ play, Smith was crowned the MANSIONPOKER.NET World Pro-Am Champion, pocketing a $500,000 purse, and watched by a prime time national audience across the United States on FSN.

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Lee Watkinson wins his first WSOP gold bracelet and $655,746

Las Vegas, NV - In spiritual circles, St. Francis of Assisi is best known as the patron saint of all animals. St. Francis was a 13th century friar who rescued, housed, and protected wounded and needy critters who could not care for themselves. If St. Francis has a modern-day disciple, his name is most certainly "Lee Watkinson." And, if you don't believe it, just ask a chimpanzee.

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Allen Cunningham Wins Fourth Gold Bracelet and $625,830 at the 2006 World Series of Poker

Las Vegas, NV - The loudest poker personalities may get the fame, but the most skilled players get the money. Allen Cunningham is neither loud, nor famous. In fact, he is usually the quietest poker player in the room. But he is most certainly a skilled consummate poker professional, and he sure gets the money. Lots of money.

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Canadian takes top prize in Limit Hold'em championship, earns $258,344 at the World Series of Poker

"Big Red" Takes the Big Money

Bob Chalmers, a.k.a. "Big Red," Wins First-Ever WSOP Gold Bracelet

Canadian businessman takes top prize in Limit Hold'em championship, earns $258,344

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Sammy Farha Wins $398,560 in Omaha High-Low Championship at the World Series of Poker

Las Vegas, NV - There is no one in the poker world quite like Sammy Farha. Dashing and debonair, Farha is part James Bond, part Humphrey Bogart, part Hugh Hefner -- all wrapped up into a five-foot-nine dynamo of a man with an unrelenting passion for fast living and high-stakes gambling.

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Australian poker pro Mark Vos wins $803,274 at WSOP Event #6

Las Vegas, NV - Mark Vos has a plan. And, despite winning over three-quarters of a million dollars tonight, he's sticking to it. You see, Vos - at the tender age of 23 - made a personal decision that he will spend the next five years of his life "working" and the five years immediately after that "relaxing." Vos' plan is to play poker (which he defines as "work") and then take the second-half of a decade off. It's an unconventional career path to say the least.

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Berkley PhD William Chen takes his first WSOP title and $343,618 at Event #7

Las Vegas, NV - "Mathematics" is properly defined as the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols. Since the game of poker is primarily a game of numbers, symbols, and measurements - it naturally follows that a poker player with a PhD in mathematics might enjoy a few competitive advantages. Fact is, William Chen is usually the most intelligent man inside any room he enters. Not that he would ever tell you so, nor he would exhibit any of the exterior qualities associated with true genius.

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Poker finds it way into sports: Pokejunkie and Team Santa Fe Adventure Racing join forces

The online poker guide PokerJunkie.com signed a sponsorship agreement with Team Santa Fe Adventure Racing.

There is a long history of businesses sponsoring athletes but until recently the poker community has been almost devoid of such agreements. By making this deal PokerJunkie hopes to help the acceptance of poker as a mainstream business phenomenon.

About PokerJunkie:

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Russ 'Dutch' Boyd shatters WSOP champ Joe Hachem's bid for bracelet number two

Las Vegas, NV - Standing on the upper row of the aluminum rafters looking down upon the expansive poker combat zone that is the 2006 World Series of Poker is normally not a very good vantage point. But at 7:38 pm on Sunday, July 2, 2006 - it very well might have been the best seat in the house.

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Phil Hellmuth First Player to cash Fifty times at the World Series of Poker

Las Vegas, NV -- June 30, 2006 -- Phil Hellmuth, Jr. is the greatest poker player in the world. And if you don't believe it, just ask him. Hellmuth reached a new milestone today when he became the first player in World Series of Poker history to reach "50" in-the-money finishes. With his 67th-place finish in an colossal field of 2,776 entries in the $1,500 buy-in no-limit hold'em event, Hellmuth eclipsed two longtime poker rivals - Berry Johnston and Men "the Master" Nguyen, each currently with "49" cashes.

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