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James Richburg Wins Razz World Series of Poker Championship

Fifteen years after making his first WSOP final table appearance, Californian defeats Carlos Mortensen in heads-up play

Las Vegas, NV - Seven-Card Razz has developed a bad reputation. It's the proverbial step-child of poker games. While the rest of the poker world is playing Texas Hold'em, Razz is the quirky card game that pops up every now and then at a few major poker tournaments. The game attracts an admittedly older and more traditional crowd.

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21-year old college student Jeff Madsen sets World Series of Poker record unlikely to ever be broken

Las Vegas, NV - The unthinkable happened on July 22, 2006 when 21-year-old Jeff Madsen won his second gold bracelet within a week. Even more remarkable is the fact that Madsen turned "21" just six weeks ago. This was Madsen's third final table at this year's World Series of Poker, presented by Milwaukee's Best Light. He is one of only two players to hold such a distinction. Madsen now has two firsts and one third-place finish on his WSOP resume.

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Three Europeans dominate WSOP event 27 no-limit hold'em final table

Las Vegas, NV - Many people might be surprised to learn that Scandinavia is one of poker's hottest new markets. Perhaps it's the cold dark winters. Perhaps it's the relatively high income and education levels. Or, perhaps it's the high-tech sophistication of the region. Scandinavians own more personal computers and cell phones, per capita, than any other population group. Not surprisingly, Swedes, Fins, Danes, and Norwegians also play more online poker than any other region.

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Maryland accountant Benjamin Lin thrashes all-star lineup at final table at WSOP event 28

Las Vegas, NV - When play at the final table of the $5,000 buy-in Seven-Card Stud championship became three-handed, a few bystanders glanced at the remaining players up on the main stage at the Rio. They had the following exchange:

Spectator 1: Who's left?
Spectator 2: I see Cyndy Violette up there.
Spectator 1: Who else?
Spectator 2: There's Sean "Sheik" Sheikhan.
Spectator 1: What about the other guy?
Spectator 2: I don't know. He's just some other guy.

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21-year-old poker player turns $6 into half-a-million at the World Series of Poker

Las Vegas, NV - One of poker's classic quips came from "Amarillo Slim" Preston back during the 1970s. Slim was asked what made the World Series of Poker so special. He answered, "It's where a poker player can turn a toothpick into a lumberyard."

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Washington State poker player wins first gold bracelet one month after winning event on WSOP Circuit

Las Vegas, NV - Scott Clements understands Las Vegas. He knows of the various vices and distractions the gambling Mecca presents to visitors. When Clements boarded his flight from his home in Washington State to come and play in the 37th annual World Series of Poker presented by Milwaukee's Best Light, Clements viewed his experience as a business trip.

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Seven Top Poker Players File Antitrust Lawsuit Against The World Poker Tour

Las Vegas, July 19, 2006 -- Today, seven of the world's top poker players filed an antitrust Complaint against WPT Enterprises, Inc. ("WPTE") in federal district court in Los Angeles. By this lawsuit, Plaintiffs Chris Ferguson, Andrew Bloch, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon, Joseph Hachem, Howard Lederer, and Greg Raymer seek to enjoin - and seek treble and punitive damages for - WPTE's continuing violations of federal and state antitrust laws.

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Eric Froehlich Becomes the Youngest Two-Time WSOP Winner in History

Las Vegas, NV - Move over Phil Ivey. Move over Daniel Negreanu. Move over Allen Cunningham. There's a new kid in town. Eric Froehlich, aged 22-years and four months, became the youngest player to ever win two WSOP gold bracelets. Last year, "E-Fro" won his first championship and became the youngest WSOP winner ever. However, earlier this week, an even more youthful Jeff Madsen eclipsed Froehlich as the youngest gold bracelet winner (by two months) - making "E-Fro" the forgotten man, at least for a few days.

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Math theorist wins yet another title and $442,511 more in prize money at the World Series of Poker

Las Vegas, NV - It's a peculiar thing that our culture gives far greater attention to the peripheral things than those which are genuine. We bestow our highest adulation on the rich, the famous, and the beautiful. Everywhere you look - be it magazines, newspapers, television, or the Internet - pop idols are the focus. It's one reason why athletes and movie stars make hundreds of times more money than school teachers.

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For fifth straight year, WSOP produces a two-time bracelet winner

Las Vegas, NV - July 16, 2006 - Bill Chen became the 27th player in World Series of Poker history to win two gold bracelets in a single year. He has won two tournaments so far this year - the $2,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event and the $3,000 buy-in Limit Hold'em event.
The WSOP gold bracelet is the most coveted prize in poker - exclusively awarded to each tournament winner. There have been 619 tournaments played in the 37-year history of the WSOP (as of Event #22 in 2006 -- the time of this release).

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