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2014 WSOP Event #14 $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better

by Joseph Smith Sr.

WSOP Event #14 began with 1,036 entrants paying a $1,500 buy-in to do battle across the felt and hopefully walk away with the $283,275 winner's share of the $1,398,600 prize pool and an elusive WSOP gold bracelet.  The game was Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, a specialized variant of poker that's usually left to the pro players.

Nicholas Kost, originally from Michingan, but now calling Chicago home, outlasted the field and claimed the top prize along with his first WSOP gold bracelet.  His efforts included a come from behind heads-up match with runner up Kal Raichura that lasted into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Crowd favorite and defending champion Calen McNeil, finished in 4th place.  Also present was 2004 WSOP Main Event champion, Greg Raymer, demonstrating his continuing poker skills with a seat at the final table and his 7th place finish to collect $33,510.

The following list the final table nine order of finish and prize money awarded.

  1. Nicholas Kost ---------- $283,275

  2. Kal Raichura ----------- $175,300

  3. Jim Bucci --------------- $109,678

  4. Calen McNeil ---------- $79,608

  5. Alexander Luneau ----- $58,769

  6. Steve Chanthabouasy - $44,055

  7. Greg Raymer ----------- $33,510

  8. Adam Coats ------------ $25,832

  9. Konstantin Puchkov --- $20,181


Congratulations to Nick Kost for his first WSOP bracelet and event win at the 2014 WSOP. 

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2014 WSOP Event #13 $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball Championship

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Paul VolpeAnother World Series of Poker $10K championship played to a conclusion at the Rio in Las Vegas.  With a who's who of poker final table the event proved to be a crowd pleaser.  When winner, Paul Volpe, faced the ever popular KidPoker, Daniel Negreanu, the fans settled in for what would prove to be a play lesson in tournament poker.

The chip leader coming into the final table, Paul Volpe, was the only player of the seven at the table that had not won a WSOP bracelet.  With the likes of Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Brian Rast, Abe Mosseri, John Monnette and Larry Wright taking a final table seat the man without a bracelet appeared to be facing some serious uphill odds even with the chip lead.

When the final heads-up hand played out the Paul Volpe's J-10 drew a 3 while Negreanu's J - nothing caught paint with a Q and the match was over.  Paul Volpe joined his fellow final table players as a WSOP bracelet holder.  He also collected $253,524 for the win and bragging rights for a WSOP Championship.

Event #13 with a $10,000 buy-in attracted 87 entrants vying for a prize pool of $817,800.

The following lists the final table player's order of finish and prize money collected.

  1. Paul Volpe -------- $253,524

  2. Daniel Negreanu - $156,675

  3. Jason Mercier ----- $99,313

  4. Brian Rast --------- $67,264

  5. Larry Wright ------ $47,792

  6. John Monnette ---- $35,549

  7. Abe Mosseri  ------ $27,633

Congratulations to Paul Volpe for his Championship win and first WSOP bracelet.

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2014 WSOP Event #12 $1,500 Pot Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Gregory KoloGregory Kolo needed only six hands during the heads-up play with second place finisher Kazu Oshima before he owned all the chips and had staked a claim on the WSOP gold bracelet.  When Oshima's spade flush and straight draw didn't materialize on the river he tried to run a bluff that didn't fool Kolo sitting with two pair.

Kolo collected  $169,225 from the $751,950 prize pool after outlasting the other 556 players.  Gregory Kolo calls Rock River, Ohio as his hometown.  

The following list the final table nine order of finish and money collected.

  1. Gregory Kolo ------- $169,225

  2. Kazu Oshima -------- $104,513

  3. Dean Bui ------------- $74,134

  4. David Martirosyan – $53,328

  5. Tom McCormick ---- $38,898

  6. Daniel Goldman ----- $28,769

  7. Ahmed Amin --------- $21,565

  8. Ryan Schoonbaert --- $16,384

  9. Phil Collins ----------- $12,610

Congratulations to Gregory Kolo for his first WSOP bracelet and event #12 win.

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2014 WSOP Event #11 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed


by Joseph Smith Sr.

Justin Bonomo collected almost half a million dollars and his first WSOP bracelet that certainly helps him forget that 2nd place finish in the Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Championship event a few days ago.  

Bonomo begin heads-up play with second place finisher, Mike Sowers, looking at a 4-1 chip disadvantage, but after one level of play Bonomo had pulled even with Sowers.  Using the momentum swing to his advantage, Justin Bonomo never looked back and within the hour he had all the chips and his first World Series of Poker bracelet.

The $1,500 buy-in event attracted 1,587 players and offered a prize pool of $2,142,450.  Justin Bonomo returns home to Glendale, Colorado with $449,980 for his winning finish.  Mike Sowers of Charlotte, North Carolina takes away $278,518 as first runner-up.     

The following lists the final table six players order of finish and money won.

  1. Justin Bonomo ------ $449,980

  2. Mike Sowers -------- $278,518

  3. Daniel Strelitz ------  $180,587

  4. Lance Harris --------  $119,977

  5. Niel Mittelman -----  $80,341

  6. Taylor Paur ---------- $55,703

Congratulations to Justin Bonomo for his win and his first WSOP bracelet.

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2014 WSOP Event #10 $10,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better


by Joseph Smith Sr.

Brock Parker walks away with the $443,407 in cash and another gold WSOP bracelet for his winning finish in the WSOP Event #10 $10,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship.  Parker has already won two WSOP bracelets, both from Hold'em events, but, this is his first from an event other than Hold'em.  


He has made ten final tables in his ten years of playing in the World Series of Poker and made the final table of a $4,500 Razz event earlier this year's WSOP.  Adding this championship and the prior final table places Brock Parker in t5he lead for the WSOP Player of the Year.

This second of thirteen scheduled $10,000 championship events attracted a blue ribbon list of poker players among the 178 entrants.  A prize pool of $1,673,200 was paid out to the top 18 finishers.  Among the notables were Eli Elezra, Perry Friedman and Jeff Lisandro.

Second Place finisher, Richard Asby, and Brock Parker fought a toe-to-toe slug fest to the delight of the fans with neither of the opponents giving an inch.  Finally, Parker held all the chips and the championship.  Included in the final table nine were two women, Melissa Burr and Shirley Rosario, whose presents made for a rare occurrence at a WSOP final table.   

The following list the final table players and their order of finish and money received:

  1. Brock Parker --------- $443,407

  2. Richard Ashby ------- $274,019

  3. OfirMor --------------- $198,058

  4. Shirley Rosario ------- $146,522

  5. Viatcheslav Ortynskiy-$110,113

  6. Jason McPherson ----- $84,195

  7. Steve Lustig ----------- $65.472

  8. Melissa Burr ----------- $51,768

  9. Dan Kelly -------------- $41,595

Congratulations to Brock Parker for his championship win and third WSOP bracelet.

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2014 WSOP Event #9 $1000 No Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.


Jeffrey Smith won his first World Series of Poker bracelet when his trip nines topped Danny Nguyen's failed heart draw.  Smith won $323,125, more than enough to buy a lifetime supply of gold polish.  Nguyen hauled away $199,829 for second place.

The Encinitas, California poker player's best WSOP finish prior to this win was in the 2013 Millionairer Maker event when he left in 605th place and collected $2,704.  Smith and Nguyen played heads-up for three hours while alternating the chip lead before Smith finally put together the set to win it all.

The $1,000 buy-in event offered a $1,746,000 prize pool to the 1,940 entrants.  The following list the final table nine's order of finish and cash awarded:


  1. Jeffrey Smith -------- $323,125

  2. Nghiahiep Nguyen -- $199,829

  3. Frank Patti -----------  $138.160

  4. John Fontana --------  $99,644

  5. Chris Haugo ---------  $72,843

  6. Chris Hunichen ------ $53,951

  7. Brad Libson ---------- $40,489

  8. David Inselberg ------ $30,781

  9. Jorge Vergara --------- $23,693

Congratulations to Jeffrey Smith for his win and new WSOP gold bracelet. 

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2014 WSOP Event #8 A $1500 No Limit Hold'em Millionaire Maker

by Joseph Smith Sr.

The World Series of Poker event #8 is a $1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold'em affair that guarantees the winner will collect a minimum of one million dollars hence the added moniker Millionaire Maker.  The 2014 version of this event drew 7,977 entries to become the second largest field ever at a WSOP event.  The largest was the 2006 Main Event that seated 8,773 players.

The eventual winner, Jonathan Dimmig collected not only his million dollars but an aditional $319,587 as a result of the very large field and prize pool totaling $10,768,950.  Dimmig hails from Buffalo, New York where he enjoys playing hockey and working on a novel project.  His best prior cash was a $11,000 oayday in a WSOP Circuit event.  He has never cashed in a WSOP event here in Las Vegas although he has played the Main Event the last three years.  Jonathan Dimmig not only became a millionaire but he also collected his first WSOP gold bracelet.

The final table required almost twelve hours to produce a winner.  All of the players at the table collected six figure money.  Dimmig's win was also the 2014 WSOP's first seven figure payout.  Among the huge field was some well known players including Andy Bloch, Layne Flack, Mike Sexton and Humberto Brenes.  The event paid out to the top 819 finishers.

Following is a list of the final table players order of finish and prize money awarded:

  1. Jonathan Dimmig --- $1,319,587

  2. Jeff Coburn ---------- $815,963

  3. James Duke ---------- $614,368

  4. Andrew Teng -------- $465,972

  5. Bradley Anderson --- $355,913

  6. Stephen Graner ------ $273,854

  7. Jason Johnson -------- $211,394

  8. Andrew Dick --------- $164,118

  9. Maurice Hawkins ---- $128,150

Congratulatios to Poker's latest millionaire, Jonathan Dimmig.

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Download and Read the Poker Player Digital Edition for June 16th, 2014 (Vol. 17 Number 26)

June 2nd, 2014 Issue of Poker Player NewspaperDownload the June 16th Digital edition PDF of Poker Player Newspaper.

Feature Story 
WSOP Grand Pooh Bah: Ty Stewart From Las Vegas To Macau With Love Always In Mind by Wendeen H. Eolis

Featured Strategy:
Mike Caro - Today's Word is PUMPKIN by Mike Caro

Tournament Results:
World Series of Poker Events 1 thru 7

Erik Velie Wins Bike’s Deepstacks Poker Tour Main Event

AND MUCH MORE, Download the new Issue PDF now!

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2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Satellite Tournaments

by Joseph Smith Sr.

2014 WSOP satellites are not your daddy's tournaments.  For many first time poker players at the World Series of Poker this will be the largest tournament field they have ever faced. Not just hundreds, but thousands of entrants vying for a cheap seat and an opportunity to make poker history with a coveted WSOP champion's gold bracelet.

Play in one of the WSOP satellites at the Rio beginning May 27, 2014 and running continuously through July 7, 2014.  With a little luck, a dash of skill and a magic river card you may find yourself sitting in a multi-thousand dollar buy-in seat in a poker tournament offering life changing money for those that collect some of the prize pool.

We're talking serious money here and the creation of many new poker millionaires.  If you got the game then join the quest for the bracelet in one of the hundreds of satellites offered at the 2014 WSOP.


Whatever your preference or play budget you can find a satellite that suits your needs.  Single-table satellites, mega-satellites, turbo-mega satellites and more are on the WSOP satellite menu.  The types, times and condition are far too numerous for the limitations of this articles so I am providing a link to the official 2014 WSOP Satellite Info page.

Click here to begin your journey to poker immortality.

Did you know that 1983 Main Event champion Tom McEvoy was the first Main Event winner to earn his $10,000 buy-in from a satellite tournament win?

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2014 WSOP Event #5 $10,000 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball World Championship (Limit)

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Tuan LeTuan Le tops field to win World Series of Poker event #5, $10,000 buy-in 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (Limit) World Championship.  A field of 120 players paid $10,000 for a seat in the first 2014 World Series of Poker Championship event.  After the final cards were dealt there was one, Tuan Le, with bragging rights of being the world's best 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball player.

Tuan Le is a profesional poker player from Los Angeles and his style of ultra aggressive play lends itself well to the characteristics of triple draw lowball.  He used this advantage and a little luck to best the field of 120 mostly experienced, professional players and collect first place money amounting to $355,324.  Le also received a gold WSOP champion's bracelet after his 9–6 ousted second place finisher, Justin Bonomo, holding 9-8.  Third place finisher Eli Elerra won a WSOP bracelet in the 2013 $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball event.

The following lists the final table order of finish and money won from the $1,128,000 purse:

  1. Tuan Le --------- $355,324

  2. Justin Bonomo - $219,565

  3. Eli Elerzra ------ $144,056

  4. Nick Schulman - $99,015

  5. George Danzer – $70,308

  6. Phil Galford ----- $51,538

Congratulations to 2014 World Champion Poker Player, Tuan Le.

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