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No-Limit vs. Pot Limit Texas Hold'em Poker

Carol, most of the folks who read my columns know that I try to write a little different than other poker columnists, and try to work a little poker into the mix-but today, I want to make this entire column about poker, so... First, the game of poker is always changing. It is never the same, so you have to grow your poker game or you will have a great deal of difficulty in winning.

I do not like change-I like the old ways, but they are gone like the Dodo bird-You have to grow your game or you will need to find money to buy chips with.

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Props in Poker

Some casinos employ people known as proposition players or props, whose job is to fill short-handed games. The name comes from the practice many years ago of players approaching management and making propositions for compensation in return for their help keeping games going. Today, there's no "proposition" to it. Employees are paid an already established hourly wage to gamble with their own money. How much they earn depends on how much they win. Their paycheck is additional profit or compensation against their loss.

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World of Poker: Ireland

There once was a U.S. based sweepstakes, designed to raise money for Irish hospitals, that was incredibly popular. Illegal, but popular. Tickets were smuggled into the country. How popular was it? About 13 percent of the population bought at least one ticket. The Irish are integral to the introduction of worldclass poker to the United States. Benny Binion, an Irish-American, created the Horseshoe in Vegas in 1951 and helped found the World Series of Poker in 1970.

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Card Room Roundup: Las Vegas Hilton

Mention the Las Vegas Hilton and every one connects the joint with "Elvis the King." The Las Vegas Hilton was home to the King for his 8 years as headliner at "the showroom" of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Hilton. The gig broke all the Vegas entertainment records. Elvis performed 837 consecutive sell-outs entertaining 2.5 million people. The Elvis Presley penthouse suite is a Las Vegas famous place. An original bronze work stands tribute to King. Elvis will never leave this building.

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World of Poker: Hungary

Live poker has reached the furthest corners of Europe - including a place that seems unlikely to be a gambling haven at first - Hungary.

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Online Poker Review Ultimate Bet: Tilt Phil Hellmuth!

The first night I ever logged on to Ultimate Bet, way back in 2003, I popped open a shorthanded $300-$600 triple draw table and watched as two online unknowns drilled into Phil Hellmuth's bankroll to the tune of $20,000.

Outdrawn again and again off his made eights and nines, Hellmuth went on chip-spewing tilt as he tried to re-raise these young comers out of pots to no avail and went bezerk in the chat box. "Do you know who I am?"

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World of Poker: Switzerland

They may be neutral, but they'll still take your money. That's poker in Switzerland, which surprisingly has only had casino gambling with unlimited stakes since 2000 - the first such law since 1921. (Card games were prohibited as far back as the year 1379.) The law defines two types of gambling: games of skill, which rightly includes poker, and games like roulette and slots, which are games of chance. A third type, which encompasses lottery and betting, is handled separately.

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Card Room Round-Up: Riviera Hotel and Casino

The Rivera Resort located on the fabled Las Vegas Strip has been welcoming guest to enjoy the fun and excitement of the world's number 1 entertainment destination. The hotel celebrated fifty years of service last year and was Nevada's first casino/hotel that moved ahead of the current time period standards offering guest top flight accommodations, big name entertainment and world class restaurants.

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Online Poker: Mansion Poker - Shaken not Stirred

Whenever I catch one of Mansion Poker's slick new TV ads, I'm reminded of that bygone era where poker was an elegant pastime straight out of film noir and James Bond capers, where the men dressed in tuxedos and the women used their wit and beauty to deceive . Though Bond's game was baccarat, his fearless spirit and polished style lives on at Mansion Poker, where the action is plentiful, the games aggressive, and the atmosphere imbued with a touch of class all too often missing in online poker.

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Poker Room Boom in the UK

Until a few years ago, the only place one could get a live game of poker in the UK was in a casino (unless you were connected well enough to know of a private game) and most of these didn't even have poker rooms. Just before the poker boom started, one of the big UK casino chains turned its back on poker and closed most of its cardrooms. One of the rooms to be closed was at a casino in Russell Square, London, leaving its regular players disenfranchised and looking for somewhere else to play.

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