As you all know, Stanley Sludikoff, the owner of Poker Player Newspaper, passed away March 12, 2016.

It is time to pass the newspaper on to a new owner.

If you're someone who understands Poker and the Poker Industry, Publishing and Advertising, and Money Making, then this is your opportunity to become a part of a great business venture.

For inquires and details, please contact Ann Sludikoff at

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Poker Player Newspaper Takes Forward Step

by Wendeen H. EolisWendeen H. Eolis

Last week, Stanley Sludikoff, publisher of Poker Player Newspaper, addressed card room personnel in an open letter saying, “For the past 30 years PPN has faithfully served card rooms across the country with a print edition available every two weeks." He continued, "Costs to provide this service have escalated past a point of feasibility in our current business model."  He announced, "Accordingly, effective immediately, we will be publishing Poker Player Newspaper exclusively on the Internet at"

It was a painful step but also a potential winner for the MENSA man and member of the Seniors Poker Hall of Fame. Make no mistake, about it—at 78 Sludikoff is still going strong, fearlessly and immensely confident about Poker Player Newspaper’s future.

A businessman and one time blackjack enthusiast, Sludikoff published diverse gambling books for decades. Among them are a collection of stories by Doyle Brunson “According to Doyle,” the ultimate “Book of Tells” by Mike Caro, and the pre-eminent work of gaming law professor I. Nelson Rose, “Gambling and the Law.” Sludikoff  also brought blackjack expert Ken Uston’s tale of "Million Dollar Blackjack" to the public. A library of sixty five books have been published as part of his Gambling Times business.

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Padraig Parkinson - Irish Eyes Smile of the Poker World

Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Article by Derrick Oliver-Dewan

There is no one quite like Padraig Parkinson.  A poker pioneer in Ireland, where the Poker Gods keep Irish eyes smiling, Parkinson was an outspoken proponent of the game before it, the game, exploded onto the worldwide stage.  He was there long before Moneymaker.  Witty, sarcastic and likeable to a fault, Parkinson has the rare ability to blend humor with his astonishing natural talents at the poker table, a wicked combination when the cards are running good.  Oh, what a world champion he would have been.

"Thanks for reminding me," he joked during our interview on High Roller Radio after being asked if he ever thinks about what could have been. A man of his stature a world champion? A man with his gifted speaking abilities?  "I didn't know it at the time but it would have been worth millions to be now.  I was just playing for the money back then and third was good."

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Horseshoe Cleveland Gets Lucky—with Karen Kaegin!

By Barbara Rogers

At the helm, running the poker room, Karen proves she is the right woman for the job. In my opinion, Karen has always been the best at every job she has held. A self-made woman, this Kentucky girl proves to be a perfect fit for Horseshoe Cleveland & Thistledown Racing. With a raucous mix of sports fans and gentle souls, avid poker players all, Karen keeps the order. Starting out as a dealer and teaching other dealers, mix in Karen’s bartending experience and you have a person who truly knows the importance of listening to what people have to say and what they want.

Arriving in Cleveland, Ohio straight from Gold Strike Casino Tunica, as soon as her feet hit the ground at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Karen wasted no time implementing her agenda. The ambitious plan would include adding many more tournaments, including “win the pot,” “win the button” and placing bounties. If her vivacious personality wasn’t enough to endear her to the players, Karen’s 12 Days Of Poker paying out $250,000 in December sealed the deal.

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Moneymaker Goes Hollywood: Barbara Rogers Interviews Chris Moneymaker

By Barbara Rogers

From a bantam weight 131-pound high school wrestler to a burly poker powerhouse; this is the stuff Hollywood likes to make into movies. But this Hollywood is better than the one in California. This is the Penn National Gaming’s Hollywood. Hollywood Casinos—lots of them, all across America, bringing the opportunity to win seats and big money in the Hollywood Poker Open II. Round two promises to top last years wildly successful inaugural that culminated at the M Resort Casino & Spa in Vegas, paying out over 1.4 million, easily surpassing their $500,000 guarantee. And this Hollywood stars the man that poker folklore is made of. Chris Moneymaker as the ambassador for the Penn National Gaming brand’s Hollywood Casinos brings his friendly approachable self to the ambitious HPO 2014.

The guy who beat the odds, winning the final table in the 2003 WSOP with a game changing bluff against Sammy Farha, has now partnered with Penn National Gaming. This means that you will most likely have the chance to meet Chris, play poker with him, and ask questions at one of the many Hollywood Casino poker rooms across this great country of ours.

I asked Chris some questions about this association:

Barbara Rogers: “Obviously this is great for you Chris, how did this opportunity come about?”

Chris Moneymaker: “I’ve always liked endorsing rooms and making appearances, and I’ve been looking for a partner for a long time that I can stand behind and trust, and I met a partner back in the day who was in Columbus (Matt W) with Penn National. We started a discussion and thought it would be a fun idea to do a 6 month stint as a trial program to come up every month and entertain the room. I saw good results, made a lot of friends and found it to be an enjoyable experience. From there, we started talking about a company- wide promotion. Last year was the first year of the HPO series. It was a really good year, so on the second year we discussed what I was doing for them and decided to take it companywide.”

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Mike Caro: Today’s word is... DECISIONS

Thursday night. Another in a long history of horrible football decisions made by coaches. It’s time for me to speak about it, because it has much to do with poker.

 Warning: Sometimes my moods fluctuate, causing me to project different personalities. If you’re expecting the Mike Caro who is patient, kind to everyone, diplomatic, and semi-modest, you probably shouldn’t read this one. It could destroy our relationship.

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A Rare Look Inside Foxwoods

Director of Poker Operations Terry Chiaradio Speaks Candidly with Barbara Rogers

At first glance, Foxwoods Resort Casino resembles a gigantic mirage towering above the treetops—an intimidating sight for some! But in spite of its size, Foxwoods Casino is easy to negotiate; from the parking garage to the poker room, you will feel welcome and at home.

Terry Chiaradio, the Director of Poker Operations has been at Foxwoods since 1992, starting her career as a dealer. Now responsible for 600 employees and 94 live action tables, Terry and her team have just finished up a WSOP Series that included a main event payout of $888,568 with 591 players competing. After this very successful event, I caught up with her.

It’s easy to see why Foxwoods Resort Casino continues to enjoy national acclaim as an elite gaming destination. Right on the heels of the WSOP in Vegas at the Rio, Foxwoods stepped up to the plate and offered the WSOP Circuit Event. This instantly gave poker players the chance to set their sights on another big win.

Barbara Rogers (BR): Leaving Las Vegas for Foxwoods proved to be wildly successful putting the coveted WSOP ring an plenty of money into a field of appreciative poker player’s hands. Players from all over the country showed up at your doorstep. Just how many did participate?

Terry Chiaradio (TC): The Foxwoods Poker Room is the premier poker room in North America with continuous play and a professionally trained staff, ideal for events of the WSOP caliber.

We were thrilled with the turnout and the results this year.

For the August 2013-2014 WSOP Circuit Event we had a total of 4,341 (+3.4%) entries and a total prize pool of $2,233,173 (+2.7%).

BR: And how did this compare to last year’s WSOP?

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Obama Said to Give Thumbs Up to Barton’s Online Poker Bill

An Exclusive Interview With Congressman Joe Barton By Wendeen H. Eolis
During the past month, Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) has been on the move in his quest to bring about federal legislation favorable to online poker with an equally favorable revenue component for government. 
At the end of June, the Congressman hit the road for his 3rd annual visit to the World Series of Poker—this time, to preview his latest federal legislative bill before introducing it into the U.S. House of Representatives. The official introduction of his newly minted bill H.R. 2666, the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013, followed on July 12. 
Days later, Barton held a telephone press conference to discuss the new bill which “establishes a program for the licensing of Internet poker by States and federally recognized Indian tribes, and for other purposes.”  The teleconference was attended by media outlets across the country, including this reporter. However, it wasn’t until last week, when I met with the Congressman in his congressional office in Washington, D.C., that I got the complete picture of where he stands on poker and poker legislation. At the end of this day, Barton remains as unclear as anyone on the likely time table for passage of federal legislation to legalize online poker, by the Congress, but he exudes confidence that day will come. 
Barton Invokes the President's Name 
Barton is methodical. He is an engineer by training. He is a seasoned politician. He has held his Congressional seat since 1984. He rates himself as a good amateur poker player. By all accounts from mutual friends, this is an understatement. With a slight twinkle in his eye and a  poker player's understanding of a well-placed semi-bluff, Barton goes further than mere prediction in stating that he expects President Obama to sign his legislative bill to legalize online poker, if it reaches his desk. 
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Penn National Gaming Is a Major Player

by Barbara Rogers

Penn National Gaming Is a Major Player  Jay Snowden is Senior Vice President of Regional Operations. His credentials include significant gaming industry management experience. A Harvard graduate, with a masters from Washington University, it’s clear to see why he is a part of this powerful team.

Barbara Rogers: Hi Jay, nice to have the opportunity to visit. I have been watching the progression of the first ever Hollywood Poker Open, as it nears its final destination at the M Resort in Las Vegas with great interest. One of the reasons is, I like the $500,000 guarantee, and I, too, want to play the event. And it has been interesting watching the excitement grow all across America, as Penn National Gaming has done every thing possible to bring this opportunity to the poker world. Why was the HPO created?

Jay Snowden: We look for ways to grow the Hollywood brand in all facets of our business and to showcase the many casinos in the Penn Gaming family in an effort to promote cross-market play. When it came to poker, it seemed obvious that the best way to accomplish this goal was to create a national tournament of our own where poker players – both those we know as well as those new to our casinos – could gain multiple opportunities to participate in regional and qualifying events with the action culminating with a championship in Las Vegas.

BR: How important is it for you to introduce players to the M Resort where you are holding the HPO Championship?

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Mike Caro: Today’s word is... SIMPLE

Poker tactics can be complex. But usually, they don’t need to be. I’ll tell you why in today’s self-interview.

 Question 1: You’ve talked a lot about tricking opponents in poker? Can you do that using simple tactics?

 Sure. Whenever you bet strong hands and opponents doubt that you really hold them, they call. The deception is in the doubt.

 If opponents always called, then there would be no reason to trick them. You wouldn’t bluff, and you’d always bet your big hands the maximum amount. Poker would be easy. Sadly, it’s not. But the better you can maneuver your poker opponents into acting in predictable ways, the more money you’ll earn.

Antonio Esfandiari does a Reddit AMA

Poker super-star and winner of the WSOP Big Drop one million dollar buy-in tournament stopped by Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" social interview.

A sampling from the interview:

Q. Do you think online poker will ever be legal in the US?

A. Yes...Just a matter of time. State by state to start..

Q. Is needling Hellmuth one of your favorite activities while playing poker?

A. YES. He is just so easy to pick on...and in his credit he can take the needling like a champ. Perphaps years of experience.

Q. Any advice for those who can't maintain a good pokerface?

A. PRACTICE doing the same thing EVERY time you bet no matter what you have.

Read the full thread and get a glimpse of the real magician of poker on reddit:

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