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Retrieving Mucked Hands; Reprimanding "Liars"

There were many intriguing issues raised by my column entitled, "Legal? Immoral? or Just Tricky?"-including:

• Should cards ever be retrievable from the muck?

• Should a liar be reprimanded or punished?
The usual rule is that once a player's hole cards touch the muck, his hand is dead-out of play, and that player is no longer competing for the pot.

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Wanted: Dead or Live

My recent articles dealt with low limit HORSE. Today we are going to look at a concept that has less importance in hold 'em and the hold 'em hands in HORSE and is often overlooked or misunderstood by today's younger players and other new poker players, who play mostly hold 'em.

In 7-card stud, 7 stud/8, and razz, many players do not recognize the importance of the number of cards they need that are already showing on the board, or already folded by their opponents, and therefore unavailable. They want what they want and it does not matter whether those needed cards are dead or live.

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If you aspire to play poker really well and become a consistent winner then your efforts will be a never ending process. If you think you know it all, you might as well turn in your "I'm an enlightened player" card because you're not.

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Doyle Brunson and Mike Caro Announce Las Vegas Power Poker Seminar Series at Rio

Poker players will be given a chance to learn directly from poker pros when the Rio presents Power Poker Seminars hosted by Doyle Brunson and Mike Caro, and the two have announced that they will waive the $95 entry fee.

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Will Poker Become An Olympic Sport?

Mansion Group's online subsidiary announced an initiative that would bring poker to the Olympic Games as a demonstration sport in 2012, and then as a new event in the 2016 games.

Propelled by an online effort Circus Casino hopes convince Olympic organizers to add poker in 2012. Their argument? Poker is well established and is a game that's played and watched by millions worldwide. It's even recognized as a sport in some nations.

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My Dad Taught Me

Hi, I am Sarah Hale otherwise known in the poker world as Oklahoma Sarah with an "h." I like the letter "h" because the word "help" also starts with an "h" and that's what my dad's been doing with me and my poker game since I was just a little girl.

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A Lucky Year

Hello, poker homies, it has been a great year for me. In the past year or so I have had the most amazing opportunities that a girl could ever hope for, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole USA.

I was born in Oklahoma and have loads of kinfolks back there. My father retired and my life with him and mom has been better than good.

I was not too happy when we would leave Oklahoma for a month or so and live in our Nevada home while dad played a little poker in the WSOP with Benny Binion and the boys.

Dad would take me for long walks and talk about everything in the world.

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What is the Worst Mistake?

Poker is a game of decisions. Make the right decisions and you will be a winner in the long run. But, when there are decisions to be made, mistakes are often made. We're only human. Mistakes may be momentary gaffes-blunders that are avoidable, missteps where you just take a wrong step, slip-ups, or errors in judgment. Perhaps the worst mistake a poker player can make is oversight-a failure to notice something that could be important. It may well be inadvertent, but it's avoidable-and often costly.

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Lucky Seat

Is there such a thing as a lucky seat at the poker table? That's the seat at the table that is fortunate enough to be blessed with winning hands more than its fair share of the time.

Well San Diego Poker Player Newspaper reader Allison "Wonderland" Johnson makes a strong, albeit somewhat emotional, case for the concept of the lucky seat. She has developed her Personal Poker Play Pattern-abbreviated "Quad Ps" or "PPPP."

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More Poker Etiquette

Thanks so much for joining me back here for the second article about poker etiquette. These are the remaining five of the top ten rules that novice players should be mindful of at the poker table.

Rule No. 6-Act in Turn. Poker is a game based on position. Poker should be played clockwise after the blinds. The game's basic premise is that position is paramount.

Acting out-of-turn provides other players at the table with an unfair advantage. Players are more likely to contemplate making a move when they know they have fewer opponents left to act behind them.

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