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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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Strangest Stud Session Ever

In the long run, the difference between wining and losing is almost entirely due to a difference in skill. We all know that. We write and read about it all the time. But sometimes, winning is just a question of having an amazing string of good cards. I had the hottest 90 minutes of poker in my life the other night. I'd like to share what happened, not to demonstrate good play on my part, but rather to let you know what types of positive experiences may be out there for you - if you have the patience to wait for them.

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Entertainment Report: Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget

I recently went to see impressionist/singer Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget, where he performs every night except Wednesday and Thursday. Here's a guy with great talent and who puts 110 percent into every show. The night I was there, which was a weeknight, the joint was packed and he got a well-deserved five-minute standing ovation at the end of his performance. I had a chance to catch up with him after the show to find out a little bit more about him. Brown hails from Montreal and began his working career as a political cartoonist for an Ottawa newspaper.

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Why Didn't He Call?

So he didn't call. Ouch! What a blow to the ego. Boom! Could it be he didn't like me? Could it be I wasn't attractive? Could it be my personality? Could it be I'm too fat? Could it be I'm "high maintenance?" Could it be I talked too much? Could it be because I beat him at poker, pool and air hockey? It just baffles me, why did he not call?

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Entertainment Report

Don't know about you, but I love Latin music and I particularly like the music of Marc Anthony, who will be performing Sept. 5 at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I've only seen him once live, but I gotta tell ya, he puts on a great show. I also have to admit that several of his CDs, including his first salsa album, Otra Nota, get played a lot while I drive around town.

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Oklahoma to Vegas and back to Oklahoma

Whatever happens in Vegas-Stays in Vegas. But here is a different line-What happened in Vegas-started in Oklahoma then it came to Las Vegas. And then the bottom line is: What happened in Vegas- Started in Oklahoma, Came to Vegas and now is returning back home to Oklahoma.

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Entertainment Report

Lots to talk about this week, so let's get to it. Went to see Danny Gans a few weeks ago at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Haven't seen him since he opened at the resort some five years ago. Place was packed, as it always is, and within five minutes he had the joint jumpin'. I love live entertainment of almost any kind, but I especially love it when an entertainer gives his all and has a great rapport with the audience.

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A Personal Tribute

This issue I fully intended on completing my review of Mississippi cardroom until I stumbled onto a journal entry I wrote in 1990. I'd like to share this very personal piece with you. "It was 1961-1962. Time for the 6th grade. Time for 12-year-old Donna to go from the two-room school house in the coal mining camp to the gigantic, six-story brick school in the adjoining town. She was scared . . . really scared.

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Arrested Development

I certainly concede that I do not know everything. In fact, that is a relief as I would be too busy in a twenty-four hour day to do anything else. However-I am sure you knew there would be a however-I am fairly certain some people must have been put here on earth to aggravate us people really in the know. I'm driving my vehicle down the street minding my own business when a radio jock decided to make an asinine statement via the radio. I had to pull the car over to collect my breath.

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Losing With the Nut Flush

Was it a mere coincidence - or what? Was it a self-fullfilling or pre-ordained prophesy? Whatever. . . It was almost eerie! Could the fact that it was Friday the thirteenth have anything to do with it?

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Entertainment Report

You'd think after living in the desert for 29 years that I would get used to our summers, but I guess it's no different than people living in places like Buffalo or Fargo, ND who never get used to the winters. It is HOT here, my friends, 110-plus every day, but, as we love to brag, "No humidity."

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