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Mike Caro: Today's Word is... PROTECTION

Time to go public. My behind the- scenes campaign to protect Internet poker has failed.

 I have developed proprietary methods of detecting online cheating, including partnerships. Unfortunately, while my efforts often have been met with intense encouragement from top management, they have been sabotaged by unknown entities. Something is terribly wrong.
 I’m convinced that there are many online poker site owners and managers who care about the integrity of the game, and today I’m going to address them heart to heart. Quite simply, the recent history of online poker has been susceptible to cheating. All kinds of cheating.
 I believe that cheating is so rampant that many honest players, with superior skills, have no chance whatsoever of winning online. And before you dismiss my comments as being wild speculation, you should know this.
Computer code
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Stakes Are High to Transport Casino Visitors Safely

By Patrick Labriola


As casino operators work to attract guests in a still struggling economy, it is critical for them to ensure that customers will arrive at their casino safely. Stakes are higher than ever when transporting customers, as was brought to national attention early last year when a bus returning from an overnight trip to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut crashed, killing 15 of its 31 passengers.

 The Mohegan Sun accident resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, and outcomes in similar cases are becoming increasingly common.

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Poker Stars is Too Big to Hide Internal News

by Wendeen H. Eolis (Updated 01/20/12 6:58 EST)

The Parade of Unsung Departures - Updated

Special Note: This article updates the author's breaking news and follow up story about PokerStars CEO Gabi Campos ' departure plans, taking into account relevant communications--not marked confidential--between Poker Stars and the reporter.

In a personal email to this reporter one day after publication of the breaking news,  PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg confirmed "Gabi's (Campos) departure. Hours after Poker Player Newspaper broke the story, Poker Stars gave an exclusive statement to Poker News, attributed to "top officials" of the Company :

“Poker Stars announced today that Gabi Campos has decided to step down from his position as Chief Executive Officer, effective February 1, 2012, to pursue other opportunities. The company thanks Gabi for his hard work and commitment and wishes him the best in all his future endeavors. A search for Gabi’s replacement is under way.”

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The Evolution of WSOP Coverage

by Paul “Dr. Pauly” McGuire

The 1981 World Series of Poker main event was the first poker tournament poker I watched on television. Fifteen years ago I sat in my apartment in New York City, flipping through the slim pickings of late-late night television and eventually stopped on ESPN2. I watched the final table of the 1981 main event, which was hosted by legendary sportscaster Curt Gowdy.

 I had never seen a poker tournament before. I sat in awe and wonderment at the action as Stu Ungar held on to win his second main event in a row after he beat out Perry Green, a furrier from Alaska. Ungar faded a field of 75 players—nine tables—to win $375,000.