2014 WSOP Event #30 $1,500 buy-in Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Walking by the WSOP tables and seeing those playing in this event you would never guess it's a relatively low $1,500 buy-in match.  With the likes of Ted Forrest, David Levi and Hoyt Corkins one would be more likely to believe it was one of the $10K buy-in championship events.

Almost six hundred players, 588 to be exact, signed up and paid the $1,500 fee to try and outlast everyone else in their quest for the WSOP gold and poker immortality.  Just like days of old when thousands of hopefuls climbed White Horse Pass on their way to bagging their share of Alaska's gold the WSOP gold has the same magnetic force on those players seeking fame and fortune.

This event ended with Calvin Anderson besting second place finisher Joe Tehan and walking away with his first WSOP gold bracelet and $190,538 in his pocket.  

The following lists the eight final table players' order of finish and prize money won.

  1. Calvin Anderson--- $190,538

  2. Joe Tehan ----------- $118,014

  3. Eric Kurtzman------ $79,800

  4. Levon Torosyan ---- $55,319

  5. Melissa Burr -------- $39,181

  6. Sanjay Pandya -----  $28,346

  7. Jimmy Fricke ------  $20,932

  8. John Myung -------- $15,772

Congratulations to Calvin Anderson for taking his first WSOP gold bracelet and winning the 2014 WSOP's Event #30 $1,500 buy-in Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better.

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