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Custom, Personalized Playing Cards To Enhance Your Win Streak!

Quality Playing Cards and Games, Inc., (QPC’s) knows that poker players are serious about their game! They’ve been in the playing card manufacturing business for over 14 years. Below are some thoughts on how their custom, personalized playing cards just might give you the edge you need in poker and any other card game you love:

  Your Brand, In Every Hand! Their clients have told them that when they play with their own specialty playing cards with their logo, passion, favorite team, pictures of loved ones etc, they just seem to breed confidence and WIN more! And there certainly is a bit of swagger and confidence needed in poker!

  Gifts to Other Poker Player Friends! Have you thought of how cool it would be to hand your favorite poker player friends a deck of your own custom, personalized playing cards? The one thing you know for sure, they’ll be hanging around forever as no one EVER seems to get rid of playing cards and your unique message will be in front of them in every hand.

  Customized poker size playing cards have a more professional appeal and are: 2.5? x 3.5? in size and can even intimidate your competitors a bit when they sit down at the table. It may sound crazy, but there are hundreds of stories where their clients have played MUCH better because of their confidence in the cards.

  They know you have a choice, and they’ll never take that for granted. Their poker player clients come back year-after- year and have referred thousands of new orders because of their high quality, attention-to-detail, professional customer service, and they are priced very affordably!

For more information visit www.customizedplayingcards.com or email sales@customizedplayingcards.com


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