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Joe Knows!

By Barbara Rogers

Could it be that a previously unknown Canadian could be poised to turn the tables upside down on the poker world? So says Joe, and plenty of players believe him. Exposing his secrets and poker method, Joe Palumbo brings something fresh to the Texas Hold’em poker scene. Joe’s unique method has been proven both in theory and practice, and promises to cater to your own unique style- assuming you have one! Concluding, he has a formula that could have global impact. Joe exposes his secret weapon for amateur, casual and even professional players. Formulated for the average Joe by the average Joe, as the story goes, Mr. Palumbo made his method discovery during a charity tournament that fellow Canadian, Daniel Negreanu was promoting. Joe spied a sequence to this game like none other. He applied his theory, and went on to take first place against 300 other players! Forging forward, here is Joe’s Christmas gift to you: Texas Hold’em— Unique New Method, order on Amazon.com. With an invitation to a radio slot on Fox Sports and NBC from Boston, Joe will explain his theory; it’s not based on card counting, it’s based on arithmetic probability sequence and is only an hour read. Either way it could be a great Christmas gift to yourself.

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