Joseph LaPinta Wins WSOP-C Main Event at Harrah’s AC

The 2013-14 World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City Main Event has officially come to a close! In the end, Joseph LaPinta was able to defeat his own roommate, Joseph Wertz, during heads up play to win the $182,070 in first-place prize money as well as the gold ring and the seat to the National Championship.

Despite coming into the final table in the eighth overall chip position, LaPinta was able to overcome the field to seize a victory. LaPinta spent a majority of play during the day remaining patient and picking his spots well. As the table lost players, LaPinta ramped up the aggression and found himself in a dominating position for heads up play.

The first elimination of the day came after roughly an hour of play. Kevin Kernan fell at the hands of Joseph Jones when his aceking was cracked by Jones’ ace-queen. Jones then eliminated WSOP Circuit Hammond Main Event winner James Dorrance in eighth place shortly afterwards.

LaPinta scored a much needed double when he won a race before the flop to cripple Jeremy Wien. After that, Melad Marji and Wien were the next two to fall. Suddenly, the field was five handed and it stayed that way for quite some time.

Start-of-day chip leader Fabrizio Sarra was the next to go. In his final hand, Keith Donovan opened with a raise that was flatted by LaPinta. Sarra shipped all in over the top and Donovan folded. LaPinta snapped with two aces and held against the pocket deuces of Sarra. LaPinta continued his domination of the table as he managed to knock out every single remaining player at the final table.

Donovan fell in fourth place when he called an all in bet with pocket tens before the flop. LaPinta had one overcard with an ace and was able to drill it on the flop. During three handed play, Jones shipped into LaPinta’s made flush on the river to find his exit from the tournament.

 On the final hand of play, LaPinta’s was able to hold against Joseph Wertz’s to secure himself the victory.

EVENT 10 12/7/13
BUY-IN $1,675
PRIZE POOL $867,000

1. Joseph Lapinta . . . $182,070
2. Joseph Wertz . . . . . $112,615
3. John Jones . . . . . . . . $82,384
4. Keith Donovan . . . . $61,106
5. Fabrizio Sarra . . . . $45,977
6. Jeremy Wien . . . . . . $35,070
7. Melad Marji . . . . . . $27,120
8. James Dorrance . . . $21,259
9. Kevin Kernan . . . . . $16,889

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