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Poker News: Ivey Logs Big Win, Doesn’t Collect

By Haley Hintze

Ivey Logs Big Win, Doesn’t Collect  Ivey Stiffed by London Casino for $11.7 Million in Punto Banco Winnings

 An August trip by Phil Ivey to London’s oldest continuously operating casino, Genting Crockfords, London, resulted in a £7.3 million win (about US $11.7 million) that the casino has, to date, refused to pay. Casino officials returned Ivey’s initial £1 million stake but have continued to investigate Ivey’s winning streak at punto banco, a skill-free version of baccarat. Ivey bet between £50,000 and £150,000 a hand during his rush, the final results of which, may end up before a British court.

American Full Tilters Receive First Remissi on Process Emails

 Former American players at Full Tilt Poker received their first communication regarding refunds for FTP balances frozen since April 2011’s, “Black Friday.” The e-mail, sent via PokerStars-operated, domain, officially advised players that they “have the opportunity to file petition with the DOJ through a remission process which will be administrated by the DOJ.” No additional details were provided, except for an acknowledgment that secondary player rewards and bonus points would not be honored for American players, who will be able to access the new Full Tilt, but only for play money.

Elie Receives Five-Month Sentence

 Chad Elie, the fourth of seven defendants to plead guilty to charges stemming from the United States’ Black Friday crackdown, agreed to a plea deal before US District Judge Lewis Kaplan calling for a five-month prison term. Elie will also receive two years’ probation following his release, will forfeit $500,000, and has already given up any claims against $25 million referred to in court documents and believed to have been seized from accounts under his name. Case files describe Elie working as an independent payment processor for all three Black Friday-targeted sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker. He was targeted by authorities for his efforts to mislead banks about the nature of the transactions moving through his accounts.

French Site Winamax Enters US Market with Play-Money Site

 Major French online site Winamax has launched a play-for-free site for US players, with Americans able to win modest cash and merchandise prizes without depositing money or other consideration. Players will be able to win “Wams,” to enter other tournaments and contests. Winamax plans a multi-platform approach to US social gaming, including a Facebook app with both Windows and Linux capabilities, plus apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

WPT Winner’s $6 Million Mold Suit Targets Trump Towers

 Vadim Trincher, winner of the 2009 WPT Foxwoods Classic for $731,079, has filed suit against the Trump Towers for $6 million in extensive mold damage to Trincher’s Manhattan condo and furnishings. According to reports, Trincher and his wife, Elena, discovered inches of water that had seeped throughout their 63rd-floor apartment, allegedly from damage caused by improper repairs to an upstairs apartment formerly owned by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The majority of the damage is alleged to have been done to expensive wall hangings valued at $5 million, plus respiratory sickness caused to Elena Trincher.

Lederer’s Live-Poker Return Causes Controversy

 Former Full Tilt board member Howard Lederer’s returned to live-poker play in early October, appearing at high-stakes, private salon games at the Bellagio and Aria on successive nights. Both casinos posted extra security during Lederer’s visit. The former president of Tiltware LLC has been targeted by a Department of Justice civil-forfeiture action for more than $40 million, in connection with the United States’ extensive “Black Friday” crackdown against major US-facing poker sites in 2011.

 Veteran poker-industry writer/editor Haley Hintze is the author of an upcoming book on the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet online cheating scandals, to be released later this year.

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