Roland Reparejo Wins First Event and First 2014 WSOP Bracelet

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Roland Reparejo event 1A semi-retired former chef from California has won the first tournament, $500 Casino Employees event, of the 2014 World Series of Poker.  He not only received the first 2014 WSOP gold champion's bracelet; but, he also pocketed $82,835.  Although the event was originally scheduled for two days the final table players lasted much longer than anticipated before only two remained and time was called for a third day.

Roland Reparejo is now a 55 year-old poker dealers that has played in the employee event and the senior event in past years.  He was ecstatic with his win and said it was like living a dream.  Reparejo is a Philippine native that has lived in the US for the last 36 years.

Second place finisher, Corey Emery, had been the tournament chip leader throughout most of the play and fought hard to win , but it just wasn't to be.  He went home to California with $51,037 for second place.  In the 2010 WSOP Main Event Emery finished in 33rd place and received a quarter million dollars for his impressive showing.

The following list shows the order of finish and prize money for the nine players making up the final table of Event #1:

  1. Roland Reparejo – $82,835

  2. Corey Emery ------ $51,037

  3. Chareles Nguyen – $33,073

  4. Olivier Doremus – $24,203

  5. John Taylor -------- $17,975

  6. Brian Wong -------- $13,528

  7. Marcin Sobczak --- $10,308

  8. David Luttbeg ----- $7,947

  9. Kevin Chiem ------  $6,192

Congratulations to Roland Reparejo for his impressive victory and first WSOP bracelet.



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