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Mark Seif Wins Second Bracelet at 2005 WSOP

Mark Seif made history tonight after he won his second World Series of Poker bracelet inside of one week. Last Friday he won Event #15, the $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout, to collect his first bracelet. This Friday he emerged victorious in the $1,500 NL Hold'em event. His feat was astonishing because he had to endure two tough fields including 2013 players who signed up for Event #22, which ended up being the third largest field in the history of the WSOP. With the ridiculous amount of entrants playing in all of this year's WSOP, making multiple final tables is impressive. But winning two bracelets is a major accomplishment. More astonishing is the fact that Mark Seif won back-to-back WSOP tournaments. This was the first event he played in since he won his first bracelet last week.

The final table started a little late, which usually happens during taped events. Here is the breakdown of the final table including chip counts.

1 Minh Nguyen (Lake Elsinore) $378K
2 Devilfish Ulliot (Hull, England) $338K
3 Steve Rassi (Morton, IL) $325K
4 Webber Kang (Dallas, TX) $166K
5 James Carter (Frisco, TX) $263K
6 Bill Gazes (181K) $181K
7 Peter Lee (Queens, NY) $461K
8 Greg Raymer (Stonington, CT) $613K
9 Mark Seif (Incline Village, NV) $305K

Here are some random facts about the final table players...

  • Bill Gazes is a professional poker player and has been playing since 1993. His favorite game is Omaha and learned to play when he was living in Los Angeles.
  • Steve Carter owns a retail poker store in Texas. This is his first major tournament.
  • Steve Rassi is a coin dealer in Illinois. He also enjoys golf and craps and his greatest poker moment was knocking out the ever irascible Phil Hellmuth at a 2004 WPT event at the Bellagio.
  • Minh Nguyen is nicknamed the "Poker Host." He's originally from Vietnam and won two bracelets. He also has eight final tables in his WSOP career. This is his third final table this year.
  • Mark Seif is a former attorney who quit his job to play poker full time. He won a bracelet just last week in the Limit Hold'em Shootout.
  • Greg Raymer is the current World Champion and a former patent attorney. He used to be a card counter in blackjack before he started playing poker.
  • Peter Lee is a student who attended SUNY Binghamton and that's where he started playing poker. He credits the internet for one of the places where he honed his skills.
  • Webber Kang was born in Taiwan and he currently works in marketing and public relations in Texas. He started playing poker four years ago.
  • Devilfish Ulliot is a former jeweler from Hull, England. He has earned almost $3 million in winnings for his tournament career. Devilfish has won a WPT championship and one WSOP bracelet.
  • Play at the final table started out tentative. Whoever raised preflop picked up the pot right away. It wasn't until twenty-five minutes into the final table before any of the players saw a flop. The crowd let out a sarcastic round of applause when the dealer laid out the first flop of the day.

    Devilfish was the first player to be knocked out courtesy of Webber Kang. Devilfish pushed all in on the button with A7 and Kang called with AQ. On the turn, Kang caught a Broadway straight. Devilfish won $47,225. The Devilfish was no more.

    Peter Lee flopped quads with 55. He won some of his chips back from Mark Seif who took them in a big pot a few minutes earlier. Steve Rassi was eliminated in 8th place by Webber Kang. Rassi moved all in preflop with 88. Kang called with AK. Rassi was ahead on the flop and Kang caught a King on the turn to send Rassi him on 8th. He won $63,895.

    Peter Lee's stack took a hit from Minh Nguyen. Lee's pocket nines lost to Nguyen's Ac-7c when Nguyen rivered a flush on him. Steve Carter was eliminated in 7th place by Bill Gazes. Both had short stacked and moved all in on the flop: K-6-7. With 10-6, Bill Gazes hit some of the flop with a pair of sixes to take the lead. Steve showed 8-3o and caught a three on the turn, but the river was no help. Steve Carter finished in 7th and won $91,670 for his efforts.

    Bill Gazes and his Big Slick doubled up against Greg Raymer's 77. Gazes caught an Ace on the turn and a King on the river to prevail. With a shortstack, Greg Raymer moved all in with 33. Webber Kang called with AJ and flopped a Jack to take the lead. Raymer's hand didn't improve and the Fossilman was knocked out in 6th place. He won $119,450.

    Peter Lee moved all in with 99 and Bill Gazes called with AJ. The flop was 3-5-7. Another seven fell on the turn and Gazes was down to six outs. The river was no help for Gazes, and Peter Lee doubled up. Peter Lee was eventually eliminated in 5th place by Mark Seif. He flopped top pair and top kicker with A7. Seif had an open ended straight draw with two overcards. Seif caught one of the overcards on the turn and he knocked out Peter Lee, who won $147,230 for 5th place. Mark Seif had almost $1.5 million in chips after he busted Lee.

    Webber Kang didn't look good when he was all in preflop with A-6o against Minh Nguyen's A-10s. Fortunate for him he chopped the pot with a board of A-Q-4-4-9.

    Insanity broke out at the Rio when three out of the four remaining players moved all in preflop. Bill Gazes had AK. Webber Kang pushed with pocket tens. And Minh Nguyen moved all in with pocket Jacks. Railbirds flocked from all over the room to catch a glimpse of the biggest hand of the tournament. Players in other events left their seats to take in the action at the TV table. With the audience buzzing with anticipation, tournament director Johnny Grooms announced the flop of J-10-6 and the room exploded with a rowdy reaction from the audience. Although Kang and Nguyen both flopped sets, Minh was ahead and Bill Gazes picked up a gutshot draw. The turn and river didn't help anyone and Minh Nguyen won a monster pot in one of the most exciting hands I have seen so far at this year's WSOP.

    Webber Kang was eliminated in 4th place. He won $175,010. Bill Gazes was left with only $55K in chips. Although Minh Nguyen accumulated over $1 million in chips on that hand, Mark Seif retained the chip lead. Bill Gazes and his short stack was knocked out on the next hand by Minh Nguyen. Bill won $202,790 for third place.

    In the first big hand heads up, Mark Seif raised to $100K and Minh Nguyen re-raised to $400K. Seif went over the top and Minh Nguyen folded. Mark Seif's big pot gave him over $2 million in chips. Minh Nguyen won most of his chips back when he caught quad nines. That was the second time at the final table where Mark Seif lost a pot to quads.

    After an hour of heads up play, Minh Nguyen finally moved into a slight chip lead. That lead didn't last too long and Mark moved back into a 2 to 1 margin. On the final hand, Mark Seif raised preflop and Minh reraised. Seif moved all in with KK and Minh called with A-10. Seif's pocket Kings held up and he won his second bracelet. Minh Nguyen won $329,975 for second place and Seif collected $611,145.

    Shirley Rosario, one of Mark's railbirds admitted that, "When Mark says he's going to win... he always wins." Seif played like he was filled with confidence for the duration of the tournament and that's part of the reason he picked up the victory and his second bracelet. When he was asked about the future, Mark Seif said, "I'm gonna play in the next event and try to win my third."

    In the last week, he's won two bracelets and $799,950. Congrats again to Mark Seif.

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