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$925 million Red Rock Casino Resort Open on April 18th

Las Vegas welcomes its newest casino this month as the $925 million Red Rock Casino Resort (Station Casino) readies to open it's doors on April 18. Red Rock is nestled at the gateway of the majestic Red Rock National Conservation area in the Northwest Las Vegas Valley just 14 miles from the Las Vegas strip and McCarran International Airport. Its 414 rooms and suites have views of either the Red Rocks to the west, or a sweeping panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip to the east.

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Poker and Taxes

Most of my readers, especially those I meet at the tables, know that I am an accountant and tax return preparer.

A number of fellow players routinely ask me for advice. Their questions seem to center around the same areas. They all relate to issues of what must I report and what may I deduct. Some have asked if I would do an article on what may or may not be deductible and who is allowed to deduct what.

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Poker: Learn the Rules; Learn from Your Mistakes

Years ago, I developed a special Lessons Learned program for the Air Force Space & Missile Systems Center. The idea was to help Air Force contractors and major subcontractors avoid errors that had previously occurred on other programs, to prevent costly program/mission losses, plus subsequent corrective actions. The Air Force Manufacturing Problem Prevention Program (MP3) has saved literally billions of tax-payer dollars. (I received an award from a professional engineering society for this contribution.)

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Heaven on Earth is feeling better

Hiding your feelings and playing your cards close to the vest are necessary to succeed at poker.

Living your life, hopefully, should be very different.

Expressing your true feelings and being honest and open with your friends and those in your life you love are the traits that make your life rich and worth living. I have made the conscious decision, at my ripe young age of 68, to step out of my poker mode and share from my heart my life, my hopes, my dreams and my ideas in this article. I do ask for an exception to this when you meet me at the poker table.

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Distractions Hurt Your Poker Game

In my continuing efforts to clear my mind at the poker table I am always on the lookout for thoughts that float through my mind and cloud my ability to make my best decisions. What is going on in my mind either allows me to consider all of my choices and their consequences and make my best choice, or diverts me to being a victim of stressful feelings that cause me to act prematurely without taking into account all of the information available.

These stressful feelings that are caused by thoughts that don't serve me are my biggest enemy at the poker table and in all other areas of my life.

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Today's Word is... Size

No-limit poker is much more complicated than limit poker. If analyzing when to bet, raise, call, or fold with precisely which hands in exactly what situations isn't enough to keep you busy, try adding the option to choose the size of your bets and raises. That's no-limit.

And I can tell you with absolute certainty that this makes finding the right decision significantly harder. I know, because I've programmed both limit and no-limit. What's the perfect bet? Is it moving all-in, $300, $5,000, what? And let's say it's about $300. Is $325 a little better or a little worse?

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Poker Room Roundup, Boulder Station Hotel-Casino

Boulder Station Hotel-Casino is one of the Station Casino's families of off-strip Las Vegas casinos. Located on the Boulder Strip at the junction of US-95 and Boulder Highway, Boulder Station was aimed at the Las Vegas local's market but quickly became a favorite with Las Vegas visitors. The modern open design featuring high, vaulted ceilings painted to resemble a blue sky with puffy white clouds adds to the casino's appeal and luxurious up-scale atmosphere.

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The Poker Player of the Year in 2005?

Several different prominent members of the media and poker community compile Player of the Year rankings, usually based on the players' tournament performances during a particular calendar year. ESPN does in association with Bluff magazine, as do Card Player and TopPair magazines, and the International Poker Federation, or IPF.

Even Phil Hellmuth computes his Poker Champion of the Year rankings that appear in ALL IN magazine, but more on that later. Poker Player is wise enough not to get involved, as doing so can be the basis for some controversy, as you will see below.

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Stud at the El Cortez, Part 1

I just spent a week playing poker in Las Vegas. What a great time. I stayed at the Orleans Casino, off the strip. They provide a beautiful room at a reasonable price - around $50 a night with the poker player's rate.

It used to be that the Orleans spread a $1-5 stud game and had two stud tournaments a week: a Stud8 and a Stud high event. Not anymore. I had to go elsewhere for my stud fix.

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Home Game: A Joe and Hobby Poker Fiction

My cell phone buzzed. It was Hank Roberts, an Army buddy from Nam. "What's up, Hank? You still hustling real estate in the Valley?"

"Hi, Joe. Matter of fact I am-and doing well. How are you?"

"I'm fine and dandy. So what's up? You didn't call just to inquire about my health."

"Ah, you're so perceptive, Joe. You're right; I'm calling on you as a poker expert."

"Not confusing me with Mike Caro, are you?"

"Hell, I don't even know him, but you have more poker savvy than anyone I do know."

"My dubious credentials aside, what's this all about?"

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