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Found Money

It happens to poker players all of the time in live casinos. After playing solid poker in a cash game for half of the night, the player has managed to grind out a respectable profit. After cashing out at the poker room, the player strides through the casino with his newfound money firmly in the pocket.

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I have often said that I am a poker player who's trapped in a writer's body. That means that I understand the game a lot better than I play the game. It's another reason why so many players are glad when I arrive at the game. One day when I was not doing so well in poker and frankly was not enjoying anything about the table, I left and said, I think I'll go and play some Blackjack, where I only have to beat one player-the dealer." Usually, when I would do this I noticed a pattern. I would not only make up what I lost in poker; but, I would end up getting ahead.

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Egos can threaten your bankrolls

Mike says that although egos are important to success, you shouldn't allow them to interfere with your game. Too many top professionals permit their egos to get in the way of good judgment, especially when competing against other skilled pros. Instead, they forget about playing their best and often let their monstrous egos compete with the other egos across from them. Mike reminds us that when egos are allowed to rule instead of good judgment, the cards can be quite cruel.

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Stud at the El Cortez, Part 2

The other four guys who played at one time or another during my two hours of play were each over 90 years old or so. One gentleman seemed to be literally attached to the cushion around the table - so inert was he. He didn't move, didn't speak, and didn't move his head. He just moved his arm slowly as he pushed in chips or tipped his hand so he could review it. The rest of him was motionless.

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What is poker?

"What is poker?" my young daughter asked. A classically innocent, seemingly uncomplicated question. But, after providing her with the barest answer: It's a card game played for money," I continued to consider it further. For those of us who have an intense relationship with the game; for whom it is a vital part of our life and identity, poker is a lot of things. It is agony and ecstasy, frustration and fulfillment, delight and despair. It'll make you cry, or wonder why; make you pray or make your day.

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Fred spotted me signing up for $4-$8 Hold'Em at my local poker room on a windy Thursday afternoon in late fall and headed my way. I just cracked Georges' Pocket Rockets," he beamed, with 'The Hammer'."

Holding Seven-Deuce offsuit in the small blind, Fred completed his blind for $2 after everyone upstream limped. Holding Aa-Ad in the big blind, George raised and everyone called. The Flop came [Tc]-[9d]-[2s]. Fred checked; George bet his Aces; five called including Fred. The Turn was the [3h].

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Poker is NOT Gambling, Part 2

A successful and steadily profitable poker player should avoid emotional extremes, whether high or low. Making steady profits in poker, regardless of whether you are playing professionally, semi-professionally, or only casually, requires you to have discipline of mind, body, and soul, and in particular the ability to avoid becoming angry over bad bets or becoming overly exuberant in times of good luck. You will need to develop patience as well as measured temperament, because without these the volatility inherent in this game can bury you in the graveyard of emotion.

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Book Review: Beyond Tells: Power Poker Psychology by James A. McKenna

Lyle Stuart, 2005, 253pp ISBN: 0-8184-0648-8, $15.95 Poker may be a game of strategy and tactics, but it's also a game of people.

As with any contest, one gains an advantage by understanding oneself as well as one's opponents. Consequently an understanding of poker psychology is necessary before one can achieve mastery of the game. Some books have been written that cover this topic, but many questions that serious poker students might have on this subject remain unanswered. In "Beyond Tells", psychology PhD Jim McKenna attempts to address this gap in the literature.

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An interview with Jimmie Sims, Poker Room Manager for Cherokee Casino

Jimmie Sims was born in Aurora, Colorado in 1964 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of four with his mother. After graduating high school in 1982 he took up mountain climbing and Scuba diving to get out of Oklahoma.

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Bellagio Five-Star Poker Classic Starts

The Fontana Room has once again morphed into the Bellagio's Five-Star Poker Tournament's five-star poker room that is supplemented by additional tables in the Bellagio's European-plush main poker room. An outdoor veranda with super views of the famous dancing fountains water and sound shows adds to the excitement of the events, also the only place most laptop aircards can get a signal so a favorite roost for the poker journalist.

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