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What and Who Wins an Average Game

Today we will look at the results of 10,000,000 hands dealt at an average table. Will the numbers be an average of the result attained from the loose table and the tight table?

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Poker Is Not Gambling Part I

The entire history of the United States, particularly the Western lore, were all about gambling, and in particular all about poker. Even though for many years playing poker was not considered something that nice people would want to do, the fact remains that many presidents of the United States going back to the Revolutionary war, and soon thereafter, and for all the years since, all played poker.

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Luck & Nonsense

Poker players have an intimate relationship with Lady Luck. They seek her blessing and curse her when she favors another lover. She has no sense of justice. All evening long she will lavish her charms on the most undeserving suitor, leaving others frustrated and spent.

Some believe the secret to controlling the Temptress of Timing is a special hat. When the lucky hat is working, these players often try to stimulate it by lifting it up, turning it around, or fidgeting with it in order to try to get it to respond.

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Poker is a VERY mathematical game.

The Good News: The math is pretty simple and if you can do 5th grade math you will be able to compute the odd's well enough to win.

Fact 1: There are 52 cards in the deck.

Fact 2: There are 4 suits in the deck, 13 cards in each suit. Unlike bridge, suits do not count. In other words all four aces are of equal value. Given the above facts you can begin to calculate a little about odds and to begin to understand a little about probability.

1. What is the probability of randomly drawing the Ace of spades?

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Entertainment Report: Dionne Warwick

There are not many performers who can remain at the peak of their game over the span of more than 40 years, but that's just what Dionne Warwick, who appears March 30 at Harrahs Rincon, has done. Since recording her first single in 1962, Warwick has always enjoyed a huge audience, although it's a little difficult to define her style. In some ways, it is easier to define her by what she isn't, rather than what she is. Although she grew up singing in church, she is not a gospel singer. And although Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan are clear influences, she is not a jazz singer.

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Who Owns Tokens Left In Slot Machine Trays?

Stella Romanski found a nickel token in a slot machine tray and won a jackpot, thanks to a runaway jury and judges who think casinos have too much money.

Stella, 72, had paid $9.00 for bus rides and a lunch buffet at Detroit's MotorCity casino. After playing nickel slots with no luck, Stella apparently decided to do a little "slot-walking," looking in the trays for spare change. She found one nickel token.

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What and Who Wins a Tight Game of Omaha H/L

In my last article we compared two different loose tables to see what kind of player would dominate and what hands would win. Unquestionably the tighter players outperform the looser players. Before you continue reading, jot down how many hands per hundred dealt, you play. If that number is too high for you to work with, count the number of hands you play in a single round with ten seated players at the table. If all else fails just jot down how many hands you play per hour. If the dealer is good you may get 20 to 25 hands per hour.

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Monkey in the Middle

Most of us have heard the expression Monkey in the Middle or have played the game as children. How I relate this phrase to poker is holding a medium strength hand where you must realize that you are either way ahead or possibly buried by your opponent's holding. The trick, of course, is figuring out which of these two possibilities is reality. The way to help determine where you stand is to analyze the betting coupled with the board cards and knowledge of your opponent's tendencies Admittedly, this is many times easier said than done. It is certainly not an exact science.

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The OK-J Open is Coming

Yes, folks, poker is now being played in my home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Cherokee Nations Enterprises is the name of the Casino in Cartoosa, Oklahoma where a lot of poker is now underway.

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Ron Carbaugh: Cardroom Manager for Chumash Casino

Ron Carbaugh was born in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1941 and raised in Denver, Colorado. He attended Colorado University in 1961 but left after his first year to return to Battle Creek. Once back in his home town he went to work as a grocery store manager.

In 1968 he took a sales position with Kellogg's of Battle Creek Ron was immediately transferred to Los Angeles, California. In 1970 he was transferred to Santa Barbara, California and in 1976 he was promoted and transferred to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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