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Who Owns Tokens Left In Slot Machine Trays?

Stella Romanski found a nickel token in a slot machine tray and won a jackpot, thanks to a runaway jury and judges who think casinos have too much money.

Stella, 72, had paid $9.00 for bus rides and a lunch buffet at Detroit's MotorCity casino. After playing nickel slots with no luck, Stella apparently decided to do a little "slot-walking," looking in the trays for spare change. She found one nickel token.

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What and Who Wins a Tight Game of Omaha H/L

In my last article we compared two different loose tables to see what kind of player would dominate and what hands would win. Unquestionably the tighter players outperform the looser players. Before you continue reading, jot down how many hands per hundred dealt, you play. If that number is too high for you to work with, count the number of hands you play in a single round with ten seated players at the table. If all else fails just jot down how many hands you play per hour. If the dealer is good you may get 20 to 25 hands per hour.

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Monkey in the Middle

Most of us have heard the expression Monkey in the Middle or have played the game as children. How I relate this phrase to poker is holding a medium strength hand where you must realize that you are either way ahead or possibly buried by your opponent's holding. The trick, of course, is figuring out which of these two possibilities is reality. The way to help determine where you stand is to analyze the betting coupled with the board cards and knowledge of your opponent's tendencies Admittedly, this is many times easier said than done. It is certainly not an exact science.

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The OK-J Open is Coming

Yes, folks, poker is now being played in my home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Cherokee Nations Enterprises is the name of the Casino in Cartoosa, Oklahoma where a lot of poker is now underway.

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Ron Carbaugh: Cardroom Manager for Chumash Casino

Ron Carbaugh was born in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1941 and raised in Denver, Colorado. He attended Colorado University in 1961 but left after his first year to return to Battle Creek. Once back in his home town he went to work as a grocery store manager.

In 1968 he took a sales position with Kellogg's of Battle Creek Ron was immediately transferred to Los Angeles, California. In 1970 he was transferred to Santa Barbara, California and in 1976 he was promoted and transferred to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Good Humor Woman

Sitting at the bar, Bill spied me leaving the poker room and waved for me to join him. An attractive blonde still in her twenties, the bartender fixed me with a warm smile as she served me a small draft beer. Watching her bustle about the busy bar, Bill mused that her sole experience at Hold'Em had been unsuccessful. Interested, I asked for the details.

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Viva La Difference

I hear a lot of "poker babble" at the tables. Some players talk about tells and bluffs like they are the same thing. And then it may sound like everything is a trap. You will here that word mentioned like it's a bluff. Not all tells are bluffs and not all bluffs are traps. So, let's do some defining to see how to distinguish tells from bluffs from traps.

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Today's word is... 'Tipping'

Sometimes in poker, things that seem unimportant make a shocking difference to your bankroll. Tipping the dealer is an example. Most of us tip routinely and appropriately. And I'm in favor of that, as you'll soon discover.

But one thing that's seldom discussed is that tipping changes the value of poker hands and often dictates which ones we can profitably play.

I'd feel honored if you listened closely to this obscure lecture I delivered online years ago.

The odd truth about tipping

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Poker Therapy: Deserve

Psychologists and counselors have long researched and studies human motivations and behaviors. While much of what we do as human beings (and why we do it) is still only explained in loose theory and general concepts, we do see and understand definitive patterns in many psychological processes and outcomes. The understanding of these theories combines with experience to afford mental health professionals insights that many in the general public might not easily grasp. An example of this is when we see women who seem mired in abusive and harmful relationships.

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Card Room Round-Up: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino was opened in 1985 by Michael Gaughan, son of Las Vegas legend, Jackie Gaughan. Michael already owned the successful Barbary Coast on the Las Vegas Strip when he correctly read the local market potential for Las Vegas neighborhood resorts even though his critics forecast failure for his off-strip Gold Coast project. Doubters even criticized the overall size of the casino, saying it was all wrong...far too big.

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