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Perks and Picks: LeRoy Neiman, WPT and Flamingo Laughlin

Check out "The Game," LeRoy Neiman's portrait vision of a world-class group of poker players engaged in a high stakes game now on display at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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Entertainment Report: Hairspray

Well, the town seems to be abuzz over the soonto- open Broadway hit, "Hairspray," which will have an invitation-only opening night Feb. 15 at the Luxor. Much of the excitement centers around the fact that the producers are bringing back Broadway stars Harvey Fierstein and Dick Latessa to the roles they originated -- Edna and Wilbur Turnblad -- in the all-new production. The celebrated duo will be part of the production for the first 12 weeks of the show's multi-year engagement.

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The Threat Of Reservation Shopping

The Threat Of Reservation Shopping

Anti-gambling activists use it to scare small children. Multibillion dollar casinos say this is why they need lower taxes. Even some Indian tribes, especially those with competing businesses, claim it's an attack on tribal sovereignty. But are there really going to be Indian casinos popping up in the middle of cities across the nation?

The short answer is, "No." The slightly longer answer is, "Maybe a few, but probably not."

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Air Poker, Inc.: A Joe and Hobby Fiction

"Joe, remember I told you Kenny Williams was starting an airline for poker players?"

"Yeah, Hobby. Has he gotten it off the ground yet?"

"Very funny, Joe. Yes, he has. I've got a seat on the maiden flight. Interested?"

"I don't know. Tell me more."

"The first trip is to Monte Carlo for a week. Ten thou for everything including a seat in a $100,000 tournament on the way over."

"How many people going?"

"I don't know, but it's 100 players max."

Since I have never been to Monte Carlo, it was very tempting.

"Okay, Hobby, count me in."

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'Hard to Do' and 'Trying'

My last article was about the mental part of poker and the traits the best players exhibit at the table. I gladly share with you my own personal roadmap, step by step, of the ideas and concepts that have lifted my game to higher levels. This involves life changing attitudes and perceptions improving my life and my poker game. A shift in perception is my key to a happier life. It is either easy or impossible, and is your choice.

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More on No Limit Texas Hold'em Sit and Goes

Let's continue with the subject of No-Limit Sit & Goes in this column and we'll return to Limit Hold'em in the next installment of Improving Performance. There is a powerful strategy in these Sit & Goes when approaching the money that I see many players ignore. It is simply to target the correct opponent when on the bubble. We all know not to try and tackle the chip leader unless we really have the nuts. However, if we are one of the chip leaders and the field is down to four, (the top 3 finishers make the money on a 50/30/20 percent basis) then who should you attack?

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Card Room Round-Up: Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch Casino and Spa became the benchmark for luxury local resorts when it opened in December, 2001. Located high above the Las Vegas Valley in Henderson, Station Casinos built the premier resort and included a large, European style health spa. Acres of plush grounds offering a variety of pools and lounging areas where guest enjoy all the special amenities of a world class spa, and all of this ambience comes with a million dollar view by day that becomes even more spectacular after dark.

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An Interview with Joe DiGiacomo - Cardroom Supervisor for South Coast Casino

Joe DiGiacomo was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1940. He graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in 1958 and bummed around for two years before taking a position as a surveyor. In 1963 Joe joined the Army National Guard and spend one tour in Viet Nam before he left the Guard in 1976.

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Poker Cop: Bust-out Joints

I'm a Card Thief. Tonight, in an underground card room called The All Inn, I cheated a flock of dead money ducks by slight-of-handing out a check-and fold [7d][2h], and switching in a flop-fitting [6d][4c], hitting the nut straight and leaving my opponents badly beaten. I had stood up to leave when Daffy Duck yelled, "Wait! I folded a pair of black fours! How could you show down the [4c]?"

"You know," says Donald, "I'm sure I folded an [Ad][6d]."

I take one step back. Huey, Dewey, and Louie eye me suspiciously. Daffy says, "Let's check the muck."

"Good idea!" says Donald.

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Jackpot, Crackpot

Today I am going to present my selection for the all time worst play in the annuals of recorded card playing history. Before I go any further, I would just like to point out that I would do this player no justice if I merely awarded this player the year-end 2005 Bonehead- ineptitude-moronic-play-of-the-year trophy! No, he rightfully deserves better than that, say like a...gigantic sign posted in his front lawn, stating in part: "You ain't 'gon believe how badly this guy who lives here, played this poker hand at the neighborhood casino"

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