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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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Thomas 'Tip' O'Neill: Poker, Politics, and Power

Thomas "Tip" O'Neill was a 20th Century American Hero. One of the last, great, liberal New Deal Democrats, he dedicated himself to a lifetime in politics fighting for the working class and underprivileged.

He came from a family of risk-takers, Irish immigrants who gambled everything to win a new life in the USA. Born in 1912, O'Neill grew up in the poor, urban, Irish working- class neighborhood of Cambridge, Mass. Here he developed a lifelong love for baseball, betting, cards, and common folk.

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Poker Cop: X is for X-Games

I tell Jenny, "I'm not the Spade thief. I didn't cheat the House of Cards. Gyp had two partners. I was there to cheat. The other, the player I call Shemp, was there to kill. He's the one you want.

You have to believe me."

"The Rules," answers Jenny, "say I have to let you play. Nowhere do they say I have to believe you."

The doorbell rings.

"That," says Jenny, "will be our final player." She opens the door. Standing there, holding up an As, is Shemp.

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Should begging be allowed?

About 20 years ago back in the UK, when Hold'em was still in it's infancy - PL 7-Card Stud was the game when it came to playing cash. The games in Nottingham at the time became extremely lively as an influx of new faces came to play in the biggest game in town. In truth, it was very easy money as most of these fresh faces had very little idea of how to play the game.

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Play Poker; Stay Healthy

This is especially for senior citizens, but even baby boomers and younger people can benefit from our message here. . .

It was George Bernard Shaw who said: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Think about it. . . Have you ever wondered why this is so? And what does this have to do with playing poker?

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From Me in New York... To Her L.I.P.S.

The SENECA WORLD POKER CLASSIC, Jan. 24 - Feb. 2, at the Niagara Casino, in New York, is going to be special. It promises to be one of those memorable events in which participants will declare with pride, "I Was There!"

Seneca Director of Poker Operations, Mike Gainey, one of the most experienced, well regarded Quarterbacks in The Game, has assembled a Dream Team. At key positions are Super Stars Matt Savage, instrumental in the success of Bay 101, particularly it's acclaimed "Shooting Star Tournament", and David Lamb, another of Poker's MVP's, who took the Reno Hilton program to the top.

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Today's Word is... 'Conditions'

Three months ago I shared a big secret about value betting. Value betting is the act of pushing your hand for every extra penny of profit through aggressive wagering. We discovered that you should only do it when you have psychological dominance over your opponents.

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Bluffing Styles

Bluffing is as much a part of poker as betting, raising bets, and folding. Bluffs are designed to get players to fold and/or to build a pot. Bluffs can be planned or unplanned. They can be passive or aggressive. Players will tend to bluff in the manner that they live their lives. However, when bluffing, a player may be pretending to be someone else. An aggressive player will likely be passive in their bluffs. Usually, a passive player will get aggressive when he or she is bluffing. However, this is not always the case as we'll see later.

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Variations for Loose Spread Limit Games, PART II: Tightening Up

In my last column I covered situations when you are willing to loosen up your normally tight stanars of play in a loose, low-limit game. But this oesn't mean that you will just be playing more loosely in general. It's important to ajust your play specifically to the change ynamics of these loose sprea limit games. Sometimes that means tighter play.

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How Could You Slow Play Quads? Part 3

(This article is the last in a series on common mistakes that I see in no limit hold em by inexperienced and weak players).

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Profiling, PART 1

With the warp-speed pace of internet poker play, it becomes important not just to profile your foes but to do so quickly and efficiently, so that you know how to respond to them in the moment. This is not so much about storing longterm information on an enemy (though you can do that, and it's helpful) but about observing a player's patterns, assigning those patterns a label, and then using the label to clarify what kind of player you're dealing with right here, right now. Players will switch gears, of course -- and when they do, you amend your label.

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