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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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Omaha H/L: Straight Draws

Straight draws, in and of themselves are not profitable unless combined with a low draw. This was the lesson we learned last time. Can we improve upon the results by pairing one of our cards? Not just any card, let's pair the high card affording us the best opportunity for our pair to hold up. For this simulation I kept all the parameters the same as in part 1 and tried to keep both the player's cards and the flop similar. The results are presented below. So did the addition of a pair improve the net? The simply answer is yes.

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Small Stakes No Limit Hold'em Tournaments: Strategy Review

Writing a series on smallstakes poker tournaments has been very enjoyable for me. At the same time, it has brought a certain amount of pressure from my friends...especially when I bust out before they do. As the months have gone by, I am even more convinced today that adapting these principles to fit your style of play mixed in with some good decision-making will make you a winner.

This is the final article covering the 8 key concepts for small-stakes tournaments. Let's wrap up this series by reviewing the concepts:

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Just a great day!

Having to miss Australia as well as the start of Tunica - I have had to do with playing the daily Bellagio events. But even then things seemed to go downhill as far as poker was concerned, by becoming the victim of a heavy cold. In the past, this did not deter me from going and playing tournaments. However, (as I have mentioned in past articles) feeling rundown and poker do not mix. In fact, my only series of losses came during a period when I tried to defy similar conditions. I therefore made a promise that I would never play poker when unwell. However......

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Mike Caro's Four Color Deck

Did you know that there was a C-Day? Yes, on February 18, 1995 Mike's ingenious idea for a four color deck blossomed and was presented at selected poker tables in 65 casinos worldwide, making his dream come true. C-Day stood for Color Day. The four color deck consists of each suit being identified by its own color. Clubs are green, diamonds are blue, hearts remain red and spades remain black. This would simplify identifying your cards.

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Which No Limit Hold'Em Game is Right for You?

In the last two articles I revealed that not all no limit hold em cash games are created equal. When a cap is implemented by a casino the strategy in the game is very similar to how one should play in a no limit hold em tournament that allows rebuys.

The Casino's reason for the cap is very simple from an economic standpoint. Players who do not go broke on one hand can continue to play and the casino can continue to take a rake as long as they have enough customers to fill the games. The limitations placed with a cap helps them more than it helps the player.

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Scared Money

Players' attitudes towards money will affect their game. Whether they manage their money with their mind or their emotions will have drastic results. Emotions can make or break a good player's game. While playing too tight can make you a target, ignoring intuition can also limit your game. In the end, how you manage your money has its emotional component. Some are scared, others are stupid, while there are those who are silly and those who are smart with their money.

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Documentary Film Shines Bright Light on New York Poker

Editor's Note: This feature is an adaptation of material that may be part of Ms. Eolis' book in progress, Power Poker Dame.

When Charlie Prince's invitation popped up in my E-mailbox, I assumed, at first, that it was another under-capitalized, disorganized filmmaker, anxious to cash in on the current poker craze. Would I care to participate (with scores of others) in the definitive made-for-television documentary that would chronicle the ever colorful sometimes tempestuous, and never snuffed-out poker scene in the Big Apple, he asked.

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Tournament Poker Psychology

We were an hour an a half into the tournament. Thanks to the quick blind structure and the aggressiveness of the 60 starting players, we were already down to the final table. I'd been completely card dead for 20 minutes or more, but I'd found a way to steal enough of the blind money to stay afloat. I found myself in a position that I've been in way too many times before - facing the bubble. This particular Vegas casino paid out the top 6 of their daily No Limit HE tournaments, and the 8th place player was saying his goodbyes.

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Seven Card Stud: Dealing with Maniacs

Maniacs present a problem at the table. They greatly increase the volatility of the game. Let me share my strategy for dealing with them. I think you'll find it profitable. I was playing at my friendly neighborhood $10/20 Stud game at Foxwoods. I knew nearly all of the players at the table. All but one were tight players attracted to this tightly structured game.

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Perks and Picks: All Vegas

We're all Vegas this week! Log 50 hours of live poker play at any Station Casino (Palace Station, Texas Station, Sunset Station, Green Valley Ranch, Santa Fe Station, Boulder Station or Fiesta's) poker rooms by February 28, 2006 and receive a colorful free logo jacket.

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