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Today's Word is... 'Price'

It's easier to understand the nature of poker if you think about price.

Caro's Law of Poker Economics states: "Poker is the art of trading chances. To win, buy chances at a low price and sell chances at a high price." In fact, that simple truth defines the core of poker success.

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Remembering Bulldog

For those of you new to the poker world or relatively new, you won't recognize the name Bill "Bulldog" Sykes. Let me tell you about a poker legend, not because of gold bracelets or the millions he won but because he was a memorable character, he was the Bulldog.

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How Do You WIN Poker Tournaments?

Most of the time I put my poker tip of the week at the bottom of the column. So today, all of this column will be my poker tip of the week, as I try to tell the folks how you win poker tournaments.

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Debbie Burkhead Interviews JC Targon: Cardroom Manager at the Rivera

JC Targon was born in Los Angeles, California in 1953. He graduated from Monroe High School in the San Fernando Valley in 1971.

After graduation from high school he enrolled in Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, California. After a couple of years he decided to leave his education behind and entered the restaurant industry. He spent a couple of years in restaurant management before he decided to take the plunge into the gaming industry.

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Rich Girl

"If I was a rich girl, na, na, na, na, na, see I'd have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl...Think what that money would bring, I'd buy everything." Now, I'm not a materialistic girl by nature but this Stefani song was playing over and over in my heart the other day at the casino. I was born a grand dreamer, I cannot help it, it's the way my soul is wired so when something extraordinary happens like it did that day, I can't help but think of the possibilities? "If I was a rich girl."

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The Fallacy of the 'Poker Face'

Take a moment to think about your best poker face. We hear people throw around this term quite often, like when someone was using their poker face in the courtroom, the boardroom, and in the living room with a suspicious wife. We are conditioned to think of a poker face as one that intentionally displays no emotions. It is empty, cold, and almost stonelike.

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Cherokee & Scotty Nguyen Sign Agreement

TULSA, Okla. - Corporate sponsorship of poker players is now a reality as Scotty Nguyen, 1998 World Series of Poker Champion, signs an agreement with the Cherokee Casino. The agreement positions Nguyen as a representative of the casino at home and abroad.

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Orange Co. Woman Counting Down To World Series of Poker

Michelle Rovello of Irvine, CA will find herself sitting among the best of the best card players in Las Vegas this summer for the 2006 World Series of Poker. On Thursday, November 10, 2005, Michelle and 103 other lady card players went head to head to determine who would emerge victorious in the Pechanga Ladies' Only Hold 'Em tournament. The last lady standing in this monthly tournament wins a $1,000 entry to the Ladies' Championship event at the 2006 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas on July 9, 2006, plus whatever earnings she accumulates during tournament play.

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Entertainment Report

It is only fitting that I start this column off talking about Mr. Las Vegas, the Midnight Idol, Wayne Newton. As you already know, Newton ended his run at the Stardust this past April, halfway through his 10-year contract with the resort.

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Poker in the Big Sky

Montana folks don't give a damn what happens in Las Vegas; what's more, they hope it stays there. Here, you're more likely to see only bear breasts.

"Big Sky Country" is wide open spaces, long distances, breath-taking scenery, and few people. It's small towns... and not a lot of them.

Unlike other states, in Montana you don't find big casinos and huge herds of players prowling the premises. In a state that has so few people, a full Hold'em game is considered a crowd.

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