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Locket Caper Part 1: A Joe and Hobby Poker Fiction

After six hours in a cash poker game at the Bike, I was beat. "Thanks for waiting, Hobby. I could have taken a cab."

"I wanted to see how you'd do against the big boys, Joe."

"I'm taking home some of their money, but not enough to piss 'em off."

Among others at the table was Pete Francone, a high stakes poker player who is otherwise involved in the grey business world. I was in over my head, getting into a cash game with the likes of him, but I was suddenly flush after getting an unexpected royalty check for foreign book sales.

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Poker Players! Time to Spring into Action!

Don't be a poker potato! Are your flops failing you? Is betting boring? You need some excitement. It's time to spring into action!

The "Spring Poker Tournament" , February 26-March 5, at the PEPPERMILL Hotel/Casino in Reno is just what the doctor ordered. A few good flops will get your blood pumpin' and your hopes up. It's Hold'em therapy.

The Spring Tournament is a popular prescription for curing depression, recession and aggression. Warning: some players may experience severe anxiety and chip loss.

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An Interview with Larry Smith, Cardroom Manager for the Stratosphere

Larry Smith was born on September 9, 1945 in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Ritenour High School in 1964 and joined the Marine Corps in 1965. Larry volunteered for a tour in Viet Nam and after two years was honorably discharged in 1967.

After his discharge from the Marine Corps Larry moved to San Francisco with a buddy and spent the next two years enjoying life.

In 1969 Larry married and spent his honeymoon in Reno, Nevada. Larry enjoyed the casino atmosphere so much that he and his wife moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1972 so he could pursue a career in the casino business.

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WHY Winning Streaks Can Be Bad For Your Bankroll

I was flabbergasted when Mike told me that not all winning streaks are good in poker. How could any winning streak possibly be bad?

He explained that you must consider what is causing the winning streak. Sometimes poker players will play their best game, content to stay or leave whenever they believe the time is right, whether they're winning or losing. If they do that, it's good. However, that isn't what usually happens.

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Duh... It's No-Limit

Regular readers of this column know that its focus is Limit Hold'em. Limit Hold'em cash games have been my bread and butter for a long time. However, just like the rest of the poker world, I've been playing a lot of No-Limit tournaments, especially on the internet. So, for a change of pace and since No-Limit Hold'em is certainly sweeping the poker landscape, I thought we'd discuss the transition from Limit to No-Limit today. The most egregious mistake I see inexperienced players making repeatedly is that they tend to play the game as if it were Limit.

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Omaha H/L: Should I Play this Hand Part 3

Today we shall continue with questions to ask while deciding whether to proceed with a hand or muck it.

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Table Image

After you have studied the great books available on poker strategy, I believe the best tool you can utilize is a winning table image. The beauty of it is that since people are so varied, there are many images that will work well at a poker table. Let's look at our options.

1. Rock
2. Loose Cannon
3. Lucky
4. Unlucky
5. Scared
6. Tricky
7. Actor
8. Fish
9. Calling Station
10 Solid

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Today's Word is... 'Tightness'

Can you have too much discipline to win at poker? Oddly, yes. In some games, it's easy to beat lively opponents by simply being ultraselective about the hands you play. But many players who approach poker with the correct attitude, take the game seriously, and are motivated by profit actually out-think themselves when making laydowns in popular limit poker games.

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Reno vs. Las Vegas

Reno and Las Vegas may be in the same state, but there the similarity ends. The two towns relate like Cain and Abel, Lee and Grant, Bush and Kerry. Reno was built by cowboys, ranchers, railroaders, and miners; hard working folks. Las Vegas was the creation of gangsters; a guy with a short stogie, no neck and a chip on his shoulder.

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Three to a Straight

George sat next to me on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in the fall with a question. Had he understood correctly that when there are exactly three trumps on the tableau, the odds are two to one that no one would have been dealt two trumps in a ten-handed Hold'Em game? Yes, I explained that fact in "Three Trumps on the Table," a column published in Poker Player. What, he asked, are the odds against someone's having a Straight in a ten-handed game when there are three straight cards on the table.

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