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Hi, My name is Tony Kendall

In my previous missive from the other side of the Atlantic, I promised to let you now how the American visitors fared when they came across to Barcelona, for the Spanish leg of the European Poker Tour (EPT).

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To Raise or Not to Raise

Today's lesson is taken from one of Mike's previous lectures, dealing with "When not to raise." You need to rationally justify your decision when you're preparing to raise. It is necessary to know why you're taking this action. You should also make sure your reasons are valid when you're about to call, but it's especially important if you're raising. If you don't have a good reason for raising, don't take the risk.

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Adjusting to online play

Poker has been greatly enhanced by the popularity of online poker. People who have never played poker before are now finding it comfortable to learn the game by playing online, where they don't have to be observed or feel intimidated by real people. New players don't have to experience that frightful first-time game of going face-to-face against opponents much more skillful than they are.

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It Ain't Easy, PART 2

In the last issue of Poker Player I got on a tangent about smoking. If you missed it, don't misunderstand. I was the world's most addicted smoker, so I wasn't lambasting anyone. I was simply discussing the addiction and how very difficult it is to beat it. I speak from experience.

I believe that everyone has to do it (quit) his or her own way, find their own path so to speak. I have talked to people who have tried, shots, pills, gum, patches, hypnotism, and prayer. Nothing worked.

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Mob Mentality

Sociologists uncovered an interesting phenomenon that occurs with Gypsies. This nomadic pack of people has an uncanny rate of successful recovery to relatively serious illnesses. Despite the fact that they do not have total access and understanding to all of the modern treatments and preventative measures, they still have a higher recovery rate to many illnesses and diseases than most "regular" folks. Researchers found that their immune systems were not superior. Instead, it seems that their success in physical health is linked to their emotional and mental health.

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An Interview with Kay Strong: Poker Room Manager at Joker's Wild

Kay Strong was born in Seattle, Washington. After graduation from high school, Kay attended Central Washington University studying Political Science, but in her fourth year of college she decided to pursue a career in broadcast news and enrolled in a broadcasting school in Seattle.

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Playing connectors in Texas Hold'em

Continuing along on our pursuit of possible aspects of our game which may need some attention for enhanced results, today let's delve into the fun world of connectors Connecting cards, especially suited ones, are real favorites to many players. While connectors certainly offer potential, I think many players overrate their value and in so doing wind up overplaying them.

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I have three fours; I hold one and two are on the board, plus a seven and a two, on the river comes a nine of clubs. Out of the blue, this guy bets big and there's a club flush draw on board. Something had to be up and I thought I should fold. As I was about to, the guy says "Oh no, I didn't see that there was a flush draw." I'm thinking he has something weaker than the flush, so I called. He shows his pocket nines, making his boat full. I have never been slapped across the face in my life but in that moment, I knew how it felt. What a manipulative punk!

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Diamond Jim Brady: American Salesman, Celebrity, Gambler

"The Gilded Age" was the name Mark Twain gave to the 1880s, '90s and early 1900s. It described an America rich with resources and glittering with wealth and accomplishment. Yet, beneath this golden veneer, lay a society of poor, ill educated, hardworking people.

It was a time that gave rise to America's early industrialists. Men like financier J.P. Morgan, railroad mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, and oil baron John D. Rockefeller became the "Captains of Industry".

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Metaphysical Poker and Life

Playing poker all my life as a marginally successful player, I awoke to the fact that all the poker knowledge and experience in the world would not help enough to play my best game. My skill level and knowledge of the game had reached a ceiling and to become a better player I needed to raise the whole ceiling. This was a life issue as well because it seemed obvious that to become a better player I needed to become a better and happier person.

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