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As I may have already told you, Las Vegas has gone Broadway, with a number of top shows from the Big Apple now playing, or about to play here on a continuing basis. One that is here for a limited engagement, but has been drawing rave reviews is Toxic Audio, now on at the Luxor until Nov. 16.

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Perks and Picks

"Pick" of the month: Finally, some big news from Atlantic City! Attention: "Average Joe" Poker Players! Here's your chance to play against other recreational poker players for a shot at the world's top poker pros and nearly $40 million in prize and bonus money in your own televised tournament series.

ProJo Poker and the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City will play host to 26 weekly tournaments running through January 18, 2006. Winners will advance to the ProJo Poker National Championships in Las Vegas in February, 2006.

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Global Gaming Expo: Everybody Wants A Piece of Poker's Action

The Global Gaming Expo, the annual international gambling industry trade show was held at the LV Convention Center recently. Over 700 leading gaming vendors, including more than 100 international companies, showcased their products and services.

The world of gaming gathered for three days to stroke the sexy new slots, peek at the titillating new table games and fondle all the responsive new technology. But to this observer it was clear; Lady Poker was the Madame of the House.

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Wisconsin's Compacts- Bad Law And Politics

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has thrown the future of Indian gaming and the fiscal health of the state into doubt.

And it was not entirely the Court's fault.

In a long and carefully drafted opinion, Justice David C. Prosser, writing for a narrow 4 to 3 majority, ruled that Gov. Jim Doyle had exceeded his authority in agreeing to extend and expand the state's casino compact with the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe. Although the decision is limited, on its face, to terms contained in this one compact, it impacts all tribal-state agreements in Wisconsin.

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Striving to Play Your Best Game - The SECRET

One of Mikes favorite products among poker players was an audio called "Positive Poker." Unfortunately it isn't currently being distributed. The lesson on it became a part of Mike's routine teaching, a rule to live by day to day. He starts the audio lecture by saying he's about to share with you the most important secret there is to winning at poker. Then he goes on to reveal that secret to you. The secret is this: "Play your best game all the time." I mentioned this concept to you in an earlier lesson, but it is of the utmost importance. You're probably thinking, "That's the secret?

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Winning Stud Play on the River: Not Too Tight!

You can learn some lessons too well. It happens to beginning Stud players all the time. They came to the casinos with the loosey-goosey style of the home game. They lost. They read some books, watched their opponents, and soon learned that if they were to win in a casino they had to play tight. So they did. They limited their Third Street play to Trips, high pairs, low pairs with a high kicker, 3-Flushes and 3- Straights. Gradually, and painfully, they learn to throw away the 9-K-A double suited, the 3-3-6, and even the 3- 9-9 that they played for profit in the passive easy home games.

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Poker Table Ettiquette

Most poker room rules are often just common courtesy and good manners. However, with the recent popularity of games like Texas Hold 'em, many players haven't learned some common practices that help to keep the game smooth. Some of these courtesies are written rules and others are common practices. Here are a few.

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Killer Poker: Pretense Defense

"The best offense," someone once said, "is a good pretense." In this column we're going to discuss defending your blinds, not based on what you hold, but what sort of pretense you can sell. Some blinds are easy to defend. If you happen to pick up a real hand in the blind, you'll play it straightforward and hope that the strength of your hand is enough to overcome your positional disadvantage. Some blinds are easy to surrender. If you've got crap, you fold and wait for better times.

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Improving Performance: Missing The Flop

In this installment of Improving Performance, let's examine a situation that occurs with frustrating frequency. Namely, missing the flop. Here is the scenario: you've just been dealt a fresh hand, which you haven't looked at yet. Why haven't you looked as yet?

Because you're watching the other players until it is your turn to act. As an aside, if you're wasting that precious time staring at your own hand, you would be better off trying to glean some valuable information by watching your opponents.

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Bloggers World Poker Championship Held at PokerStars.com

Los Angeles , CA -- PokerStars.com hosted the first-ever Bloggers World Poker Championship (BWPC). The world's leading tournament poker site invited bloggers from virtually every field to compete in a free invitational no-limit hold'em competition, which attracted a whopping 1,473 entries. Bloggers from a wide variety of trades -- including gaming, media, fashion, politics, entertainment, and other industries -- logged on to PokerStars.com and competed for prizes.

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