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by Ashley Adams

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Winning Stud Play on the River: Not Too Tight!

You can learn some lessons too well. It happens to beginning Stud players all the time. They came to the casinos with the loosey-goosey style of the home game. They lost. They read some books, watched their opponents, and soon learned that if they were to win in a casino they had to play tight. So they did. They limited their Third Street play to Trips, high pairs, low pairs with a high kicker, 3-Flushes and 3- Straights. Gradually, and painfully, they learn to throw away the 9-K-A double suited, the 3-3-6, and even the 3- 9-9 that they played for profit in the passive easy home games.

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Poker Table Ettiquette

Most poker room rules are often just common courtesy and good manners. However, with the recent popularity of games like Texas Hold 'em, many players haven't learned some common practices that help to keep the game smooth. Some of these courtesies are written rules and others are common practices. Here are a few.

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Killer Poker: Pretense Defense

"The best offense," someone once said, "is a good pretense." In this column we're going to discuss defending your blinds, not based on what you hold, but what sort of pretense you can sell. Some blinds are easy to defend. If you happen to pick up a real hand in the blind, you'll play it straightforward and hope that the strength of your hand is enough to overcome your positional disadvantage. Some blinds are easy to surrender. If you've got crap, you fold and wait for better times.

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Improving Performance: Missing The Flop

In this installment of Improving Performance, let's examine a situation that occurs with frustrating frequency. Namely, missing the flop. Here is the scenario: you've just been dealt a fresh hand, which you haven't looked at yet. Why haven't you looked as yet?

Because you're watching the other players until it is your turn to act. As an aside, if you're wasting that precious time staring at your own hand, you would be better off trying to glean some valuable information by watching your opponents.

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Bloggers World Poker Championship Held at PokerStars.com

Los Angeles , CA -- PokerStars.com hosted the first-ever Bloggers World Poker Championship (BWPC). The world's leading tournament poker site invited bloggers from virtually every field to compete in a free invitational no-limit hold'em competition, which attracted a whopping 1,473 entries. Bloggers from a wide variety of trades -- including gaming, media, fashion, politics, entertainment, and other industries -- logged on to PokerStars.com and competed for prizes.

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Poker Cop: P is for 'Poke'

Crash! A tray of drinks is dropped. While everyone (except me) looks away, Wheels trades cards with The Dealer.

"All-in," says Wheels.I move to go all-in, pushing my blue stacks forward before saying, "Wait, I've got one more chip!"

I lift up my plaster cast, revealing the $25 'Limp Inn' chip and splash it into the pot.

Wheels does not turn up his cards. Instead he nods to a passing waitress who screams, Ow! Who grabbed my ass!

While everyone (including me) looks away, a trapdoor opens under my chair. The Dealer calls to the Brush, "Open seat!"

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Player Profile: Barry Greenstein

The way high stakes poker professional Barry Greenstein's upcoming book began . . .

"Doyle Brunson asked me to do a chapter for the sequel he was planning for Super System, and I turned him down for about two years."

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Recognizing Opportunities

Continuing along on our journey to improved performance, today let's discuss recognizing opportunity before it actually knocks. Many beginner and intermediate players who have spent time working on their games by reading poker literature and clocking their opponents' tendencies, focus on their position and starting hand values and try and play a selective aggressive game as advocated by all the pundits Sometimes what they are not attuned to, and should be, as much of the profit is earned by it, is recognizing opportunities.

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NLHE Small Buy-In Tournament Strategy Part 4: Making Moves

NLHE Small Buy-In Tournament Strategy Making Moves

What makes a successful move in a small-stakes tournament? The most common you see are the slow-play and the check-raise. By varying up your game, you keep your opponents on their toes, and force them to make a decision. Usually, you need to have these factors working in your favor:

  • A solid table image
  • An opponent who knows how to fold (many new players get married easily to a hand)
  • Some ability to put your opponent on a range of hands
  • Some ability to read strength & weakness
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    Another Perspective: Playing in a Casino or Home Game?

    My last column discussed some pros and cons for playing poker in a casino vs. a home game. Semi-pro Chris Cornell offered his perspective; and I promised to give you the thoughts on this subject of another poker player who frequents both home and casino games. Arizona Stu is a senior citizen who was extremely successful as a businessman and entrepreneur - and is a PokerShark.

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