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NLHE Small Buy-In Tournament Strategy Part 4: Making Moves

NLHE Small Buy-In Tournament Strategy Making Moves

What makes a successful move in a small-stakes tournament? The most common you see are the slow-play and the check-raise. By varying up your game, you keep your opponents on their toes, and force them to make a decision. Usually, you need to have these factors working in your favor:

  • A solid table image
  • An opponent who knows how to fold (many new players get married easily to a hand)
  • Some ability to put your opponent on a range of hands
  • Some ability to read strength & weakness
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    Another Perspective: Playing in a Casino or Home Game?

    My last column discussed some pros and cons for playing poker in a casino vs. a home game. Semi-pro Chris Cornell offered his perspective; and I promised to give you the thoughts on this subject of another poker player who frequents both home and casino games. Arizona Stu is a senior citizen who was extremely successful as a businessman and entrepreneur - and is a PokerShark.

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    Horizontal Poker

    A while back I spent a bunch of time playing poker flat on my back. Hip replacement surgery had confined me to bed, but not, thank God, to total boredom. Courtesy of my laptop and wireless internet access, I was able to while away my rehab hours playing poker online. I learned a couple of lessons through the experience, and I'd like to share them with you. First, don't imagine you're well when you're not. I thought that hip replacement surgery would affect only my hip, but it didn't. It ended up, really, kicking my whole entire body in the ass, and that was not without impact on my play.

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    Book Review: Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

    Phil Gordon's Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold'em by Phil Gordon

    Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2005
    ISBN: 1-4169-0367-4
    192pp, $21.00

    Phil Gordon is well known to the viewers of televised poker as a host of Bravo TV's show, "Celebrity Poker", and from his tournament victory on the second season of the World Poker Tour. Gordon is an accomplished poker player specializing in no limit hold'em tournaments, and in "Phil Gordon's Little Green Book" he discloses the strategies he has used to succeed in these events.

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    United States of Poker: North Dakota

    States with a long history of gaming, such as North Dakota, once had poker rooms in the late '80s and early '90s. This was before slot machines and video poker had really taken hold; people went to casinos to play card games, for the most part. These poker rooms flourished in those days. When electronic gambling arrived, these poker rooms shrunk or even closed altogether, and it's only now that the tradition is returning. It's almost like they're getting the band back together.

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    Playing Small Pocket Pairs

    Let's continue along the road of identifying weaknesses in our game and then proactively setting a goal to eliminate them. Done properly, this will result in stronger play at the tables and therefore bigger cash outs at the cage. We've all heard the maxim of "Play live cards in Stud and high cards in Hold'em." If you start out with little cards in Hold'em, unless the flop nails your hand, you're going uphill all the way. What about pairs? Since the odds of being dealt a pair before the flop are 16 to 1, they tend to look pretty good, especially after you have mucked complete rags for an hour.

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    Edgar Allan Poe Author & Poet, Drunk & Gambler

    Among any Gallery of Great American Writers, none has a higher place than Edgar Allan Poe. A lonely, tortured genius, he crafted tales of terror and poems of passion and pain.

    Born in Boston in 1809, Poe's parents were struggling actors. By the time he was three, both parents had died. He was taken in by acquaintances John and Fanny Allan, a childless couple.

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    Hold'em Japan: A Joe and Hobby Fiction

    Hobby and I met for lunch at Marlow's, an upscale seafood place in West L.A. Since it was my turn to buy, Hobby picked this place so I wouldn't get off lightly.

    "A drink before lunch?"

    an effervescent waitress asked.

    "Golden margarita," Hobby answered. I might usually go for the same, but I wanted something lighter.

    "I'll have a Captain Morgan spicy rum and tonic, please." I replied.

    "What's that, Joe?" "It's a little different; it suits me today."

    "I'll try one, too. Skip the margarita."

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    Card Room Round-Up: Sam's Town

    [See Also: The Card Room Directory entry for Sam's Town]

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    Poker Cop: 'O' is for Open

    I scream hysterically, "Don't shoot! . . . Don't! . . ."

    "Don't shoot," says Don Paulo quietly. No one shoots.

    "I believe you, Mr. Thayer. Keep searching for this 'Small Man.'"

    "I will, but I want something in return."


    "The girl, Jenny. Give her back."

    The Don says, "My father once told me never mix women and poker."

    When I don't reply he says, "Your funeral." And walks away.

    My funeral will have to wait. I take Don Giuseppe's $25 poker chip out of the cast on my left arm and tell Jake, "We're going to The Limp Inn."

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