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Cardroom Round-up: Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino

[See also: Imperial Palace Card Room Listing]

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The Set-Up

A friend of mine has been pulling huge profits at a local (not-so-legal) cardroom. He employs some of the same tactics each time he plays, and it almost always works to the tune of hundreds of dollars per session. Through the early course of the game (NL Hold 'Em cash games), he'll intentionally call way too often and throw out some foolish bluffs. He is basically advertising that he is a complete fish. In reality, he is a very strong player with a keen ability to be able to read players.

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Is it Safe?

Those of you who have ever seen the movie Marathon Man are undoubtedly familiar with the question "Is it safe?". The evil Nazi dentist, Dr. Mengela, repeatedly inquired of the character played by Dustin Hoffman if it was safe. The Dustin Hoffman character kept replying "Is what safe?", as he had no clue as to what the crazed doctor, who was inflicting great pain, was referring to. The good doctor wanted to retrieve diamonds from a safety deposit box and was fearful that he would be ambushed after he took them out.

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Ernest Hemingway Author, Adventurer, Gambler

Ernest Hemingway lived large. As a writer, experiences were his raw material. Through novels, Hemingway described and defined, created, characterized, and questioned the culture, values and conflicts of 20th Century America. Long before his death in1961, he was considered a giant of modern literature.

Born in unexciting Oak Park, Illinois, in 1898, Ernest grew-up comfortably. His family consisted of his two sisters, his mother, and his father, a local doctor.

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Interview: Ari Mizrachi, Las Vegas Hilton Poker Room Manager

Ari Mizrachi was born in 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 13 his family relocated to North Miami, Florida. Ari left high school in the 11th grade to play professional Jai-Alai. That was 1996, his Jai-Alai career continued until 2004. During that time he also received an AA degree in Business Administration and is presently pursuing a degree in finance.

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The 2005 World Cup of Poker

The 2005 World Cup of Poker

The PokerStars World Cup of Poker, a free to qualify competition among national teams of poker players was completed recently with 40 different countries putting forward five strong teams selected through two Tournament Leader Board picks, two heads-up qualifiers, and one player nominated by PokerStars after consulting with the team's captain.

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Fred spotted me when I came into the card room on a lovely afternoon in late spring, and hustled over to tell me what had just happened. In the cutoff position of a ten-handed $4-8 Hold'Em game, Fred had raised with [Qh]-[Jc]. The Button and both Blinds folded. A new-to-Fred player in the #3 seat was the only caller. The Three checked the [5s]-[5h]-[9c] Flop. Fred bet and was called. Fred made Jacks-Up when the dealer turned the [Jd], for a [5s]-[5h]- [9c]-[Jd] tableau. The Three checked; Fred bet; the Three raised; Fred called. The River was the [Jh]. The Three came out betting.

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Player Hungers

Knowledge about psychological needs can help your game of poker. Besides food, there are three psychological needs that all of us yearn to fulfill. I refer to these as the "S-Hungers." That stands for the hungers for Stimulation, Structure, and Strokes (Recognition).

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Four Cards Working Together - Part 2

Last time we analyzed connectors and the effect of how they were suited. Today we will take a look at two pair. Two pair may be non-suited, double suited or single suited. As you will see later the effect of how they are suited is minimal.

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The Masque Man, Part 2

In the last issue of Poker Player, we followed George Marlowe's life from getting kicked out of half a dozen schools for playing poker to a career of a successful professional poker player, to his entrance into the "real world" and a "real" career during his years as "Super Dad" and the birth of a new passion, ceramic art. As explained in Part I, whenever I heard the word, "ceramics", my knowledge was that of my grandmother's pottery classes where she proudly produced vases, pots and ashtrays. Upon my first visit to Marlowe's studio, I was quickly educated about ceramic art.

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