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The Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino is the first casino in The Bahamas to announce the introduction of daily live poker play. Baha Mar Development Corp, the hotel group that recently took over ownership and management of the Wyndham, along with the Radisson Cable Beach Resort & Golf Club and Nassau Beach Hotel, is in its final preparations to launch the popular table game at the Wyndham's Crystal Palace Casino beginning September 1.

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United States of Poker: Wisconsin

Growth in popularity of the game of poker has coincided with and aided the game's spreading across the country. It seems everywhere you look, people are playing or talking about poker, and it seems for now there's no stopping the unprecedented growth. Many states are becoming destinations for poker players of all skill levels, and among the several states of the upper Midwest offering poker to the game's fans is Wisconsin.

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The Devil's Way

Once upon a time, there were three demons.

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Flying Poker Players

Poker players fly. And nowadays, like everybody, they spend a lot of time in and around airports. They've become leisure centers. Nobody runs through airports anymore; if you did, you'd be shot.

Airports have become a place for a lot of things besides airplanes -- fast food emporiums, exquisite restaurants, chic clothing shops, bars, bookstores, and boutiques. But no poker rooms!

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Arrested Development

I certainly concede that I do not know everything. In fact, that is a relief as I would be too busy in a twenty-four hour day to do anything else. However-I am sure you knew there would be a however-I am fairly certain some people must have been put here on earth to aggravate us people really in the know. I'm driving my vehicle down the street minding my own business when a radio jock decided to make an asinine statement via the radio. I had to pull the car over to collect my breath.

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Small Stakes Tournaments

Over the past year or two I have managed to accumulate quite a few books about all of the insand- outs about no-limit Hold'em, especially tournament strategy. I'd love to tell you a favorite story of mine...it's about the last tournament I played in where I was slinging around my starting stack of 10,000 chips with blind levels twice as long my daily lunch break...well, I'd love to tell you that story, but I can't. You see, the thing is, I live approximately 2,756 miles from Las Vegas. And, to be honest, I don't have ten grand just sitting around waiting to be spent on one poker tournament.

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Book Reviews: Tales from the Tiltboys and How to Win No Limit Hold'em Tournaments

How to Win No Limit Hold'em Tournaments
by Don Vines & Tom McEvoy
367 pp, $29.95

Tales From the Tiltboys by Kim Scheinberg
207 pp, $19.95

Don Vines and Tom McEvoy have written a timely, cut-to-the-chase work titled How to Win No Limit Hold'em Tournaments, while Kim Scheinberg has edited a highly unusual, check-your- reality-credentials-at-the- door effort titled Tales From The Tiltboys.

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Today's word is... Bluff

You should take pride in playing poker profitably. Take pride in making good calls. Take pride in having discipline. Take pride in bringing good manners to the table. The list of things you can be proud of in poker can be very long.

But sometimes being proud of bluffing can be a dangerous thing. In fact, you can bluff yourself right out of a bankroll, all the while being convinced that you're doing the right thing. It's a great illusion.

Four years ago I delivered a lecture explaining it. I called it "The mistake of monitoring bluffs." I'd like to share it with you today.

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Pride and Prejudice, PART 2

When last we left off I was busily engaged in ethnic, gender and age-specific profiling at the poker table. I was waiting for a seat. I was fortunate. I was given my choice of playing with only older white men or with a mixed table of women, black West Indian players, and four older white guys. I chose the mixed group.

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Mississippi Gulf Coast

You'll find poker at the Biloxi and Gulfport Grand Casinos, the Copa, and the newly opened Palace Casino. Biloxi Grand Hotel and Casino: This 23-table, non-smoking poker room, managed by Mike Smith, has been a popular destination for all levels of poker players since 1994. During the week, they spread $2-4 stud, $1-4-8 to $15-30 Texas Hold'em and No-Limit . . . $1-$2 blinds with $40 minimum, $200 maximum buy-in. Weekends you'll generally find $20-40 Hold'em plus a rip roaring No-Limit Hold'em game with $5-$10 blinds, minimum buy in $500, no maximum!

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