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by Ashley Adams

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Position Makes a Difference

Experienced poker players know that seat position at the table can make a big difference - whether you win or lose. Most important is how aggressive are the players to your left, those who bet after you.

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Illuminated Crisis

It has become exceedingly difficult to concentrate on poker related issues when so many life-altering incidences invade my mental psyche. The unfortunate catastrophe in the gulf region is the ultimate reminder how fragile we human beings are. No matter how we as a country-or we as a people-prepare for these "Mother Nature" occurrences, we clearly are no match for so formidable an opponent.

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'Tis the Season to 'Bundle-up'

Autumn -- the start of the poker season, when cards hit the air, flops fly and players try to "bundle up". Three big tournament thunderheads cover the Fall calendar.

The next big event is the "Fall Poker Round-up", Nov. 2nd -12th, at the WILDHORSE Resort & Casino, in Pendleton OR. This is the premier poker rodeo in the Northwest.

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Setting up the Bluff

Successful bluffing involves, usually, a combination of ingredients to be successful. Ideally, you'd want to have some value to your hand, some possibility that your hand might improve on future cards, timid and tight opponents, and good scare cards. But I'm not going to focus on any of those items in this column. Instead, I'm going to look at something less tangible - something you can't touch - but something that is ultimately very important and something you can actually do something about. I'm going to look at your image in the mind of your opponent.

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How Can I Be Losing?

As we continue on our journey of discovery about poker and ourselves let's see what we're made of in this installment. Have you ever been running bad and asked yourself the question, "How can I be losing?". It's usually not just the losing that prompts this question because, as poker players, we know that you don't win in every single session.

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Feel and Release

I was up about three hundred dollars in a no-limit game, one and two dollar blinds. I decided to play a K, 9 of hearts. The flop is Q, 2, 10 of heats. I flopped a King high flush, this should be easy money. A guy bets twenty-five bucks, everyone folds, I call. I'm thinking, I'll call him the entire way and then raise all in at the end. Turn comes another ten and the river is a four. The guy bets and I go all in, just like planned and get called ha, ha, ha.

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Illegally Blonde

LindaMae is twenty-something and blonde. Attired in shorts and a tight tank top in summer, she has all the attributes of girldom and then some. She plays low-limit Hold'Em at my local casino and does well at it, picking off bluffs thrown at her by men addled by her good looks. She's not stupid, far from it, but she's hopeless at math, so it's understandable that she asked me why she never flopped a Flush, and so seldom a good Flush draw.

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United States of Poker: Indiana

As mentioned two weeks ago, the histories of Indiana and Illinois gambling are intertwined. Many riverboat casinos along Lake Michigan are considered to be Chicago-area tourist attractions, but several reside across the state line, in Indiana. It gets even more confusing when you consider that East Chicago is an Indiana city.

Not as bad as having two Kansas Cities across the state line from each other, but it's getting there. Gambling in Indiana had an auspicious beginning.

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Omaha Hi-Low: How often does a low win?

Today I will begin by asking a simple question. It is your turn to act. You have two low cards. A possible draw to the second nut low, perhaps a deuce and trey. Should you call?

The answer to this question depends upon a number of factors including, to name a few:

a. Are you in the blinds?
b. What is your position in relation to the blinds?
c. How many players before you have called?
d. Has the pot been raised or re-raised?
e. Is the game loose or tight?

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Overcalling in Poker

April 5, 2004
As we continue to search out elements of our play that might be more closely examined for possible weakness in order to set a goal for improvement, let's discuss overcalling. To overcall is to call a bet that a player or players to your right have already called.

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