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'J' is for Jackal

TheFBI Agent says, "Paulo, Don Giuseppe's son, has started a Mob War over the death of his father. He believes the assassin who shotgunned Don Giuseppe and Gyp and is now after him. "You're the only one who's seen the killer." I'm shown a sketch of a Frankenstein's Monster look-alike. "Is this Gyp's killer?"

"No," I tell her, "not even close, "Who is he?"

"The Jackal." A killer-for-hire. His weapon is a shotgun. Have you ever heard of him?"

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First, Get Clear on Your Goals

Dear Poker Counselor, I am a great poker player who consistently wins money. Over the past year I am probably up over $30,000 playing poker, but my problem is leaving the casino. After every winning session, instead of getting into my car, I find myself blowing my winnings at the craps table. I now have nothing to show for the long hours that I put into poker.
I know that I could make poker a living, if only I could get to my car! Sincerely,
Broke in Boston

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Player Profile: 'Miami' John Cernuto

The poker pro known as "Miami" John Cernuto shows this little smile, explaining, yes, it's true, things couldn't have happened the way they did without Ronald Reagan growling and flexing his presidential muscles.

That's the way it was during the summer of '81.

Cernuto was living and working in the Miami, Fla., area, an air traffic controller, a traffic cop of the airways who figured he also played a decent game of poker.

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4th Grade Math'll Get It!

Carol, I know that you like it when I tell you that the math of poker is easy, and that anyone who can count to four can be a good poker player.

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Book Review: Aces and Kings

Aces and Kings: Inside Stories and Million Dollar Strategies from Poker's Greatest Players
by Michael Kaplan and Brad Reagan
Wenner Books 2005, 281 pp
ISBN: 1-932958-00-2

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Perks and Picks

We have lots of bargains, specials and poker room updates from Las Vegas this week.

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Samuel Goldwyn Risk-Taker, Movie Maker, Poker Player

America's greatest independent film producer, Samuel Goldwyn, was an immigrant. Although semiilliterate and only able to speak coarse English, he made movies that spoke to the spirit and values of 20th Century America.

Schmuel Gelbfisz was the oldest of six children of a desperately poor Jewish family living in a Warsaw ghetto. When his father died at 43, the fifteen-year-old decided it was time to escape his prison of poverty.

"The only place I wanted to go was America", he recalled years later, because "I heard...about how people were free in America."

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Psychology of the Scare Card

Imagine the following scenario. You've flopped the top two pair. Your mind is racing as you size-up your opponents' chip stacks and position, trying to calculate the precise amount you will bet. With two hearts on the board, you are afraid that a flush may take "your" pot away if you allow the turn to be seen for a cheap price. When you get a caller to your sizable bet, you begin to assume that you do have a foolish fish on the line that is chasing the heart draw.

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Bracelets and Broken Dreams

It was a mixed year for Europeans at the 2005 WSOP, and one which promised much in the early stages, peaked in the middle and almost delivered a dream ending. Devilfish made an excellent showing in the opening $1,500 No Limit Hold'em, finishing third for £232,205 from 2305 runners, Martin Green of Ireland was only one spot worse in the $1,500 Pot Limit Hold'em the next day, getting $88,680 for fourth from 1071 runners.

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WSOP 2005 at the Rio

I was there. You know what I'm talking about already - the final event at this year's World Series of Poker with 5,619 players paying $10,000 apiece, forming a prize pool of over $52 million. Although I was warned to expect to see over 5,000 players, I still wasn't prepared for the faceto- face encounter. The first stage of the tournament was spread over three days, each accommodating about 1,900 players and close to 200 tables. With that many players and their friends, spouses, and family - not to mention press and staff - you have the makings of rough sailing.

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