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Poker and Smoking

For the record, I don't smoke. I've been around a lot of people who do. A few of my friends smoke. It bothers me, but I never grumble out loud, only internally. I prefer to spend my money on books, instead of cigarettes. Reading is my habit of choice.

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A Poker Tournament is Like a Movie

Poker tournaments are like movies. Both offer drama, excitement, exhilaration, shock, sadness, and silliness. There are expensive epics like the WSOP and serials like the World Poker Tour. A people's favorite, the "Fall Pot of Gold Tournament", is currently being played at the RENO HILTON to large crowds.

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World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Poker Classic Main Event Day 2

Day 2 of the Doyle Brunson North American Classic began at the Fontana Room in the Bellagio with 213 players and several top pros in the hunt for the $1 million first place price. With almost half the field eliminated o the first day, the legendary Doyle Brunson started with one of the shortest remaining stacks. He lasted less than an hour before retreating to Bobby's Room to play cash games.

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Winning Tournaments: A Frame of Mind

Attitude is everything in tournaments. Truly. Once you have mastered the basics, nothing will help you as much as a winning attitude that keeps you focused and keeps you from conceding or playing recklessly during the requisite hours of play.

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Measuring Your Play

The past two NL Hold'Em tourneys I've played in produced these two results: the first was a win, the latest was an ousting on the bubble. If I were to measure the quality of my play on results alone, I would have to assume that I played better during my winning effort. In reality, though, I feel that I played much better during the tournament in which I lost on the bubble!

I made a couple of key mistakes in the tournament that I won. As the bubble approached, several players tightened up in order to reach the money spots.

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I've noticed that a lot of players will mix up bluffs with tells. While all bluffs may have their own tell, all tells are not a bluff. While it's easier to bluff a tight player, there are ways to insure that players will not attempt to bluff you other than being too loose to bluff. Early commitment is one of these ways. Position, as most players know, is another weapon to consider when distinguishing a bluff from a tell. However, until recently, I never thought of using the position of the "Big Blind" as a place to ward off bluffs.

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May the force (of change) be with you!

In article after article, and forum post after forum post - the issue of 'bad beats' in online poker continues. On one hand, the conspiracy theorists throw out a variety of imaginative and intriguing suggestions as to why these occur. On the other; we have the counter arguments that focus on the actual odds of these so called 'bad beats'. The truth is, bad beats are part and parcel of the game.

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Maintaining Your Power

I live in sunny California. This has been the hottest summer ever. We crank up the air conditioning despite of all the warnings that there might be power outages. Power is not my problem, it's the Southern California Edison's problem, and I pay for their services why should I worry?

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Hi, My name is Tony Kendall

...Everyone calls me "tikay" & I am delighted that I have been asked to contribute to Poker Player, the type of publication that we in Europe yearn for.

A few words about me first, so you know what you have got. Retired businessman, single, I just play & write about poker these days, and I am the Presenter of a TV show - Poker 425 - which airs 7 nights a week in Europe. And I am a partner in a Poker News Website, for which I produce the content, my other half being Dave "El Blondie" Colclough, whom I consider to be Europe's finest player.

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Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic Day 1 Recap

I returned to the Bellagio for the first time since August. Man, I missed that place. Poker, Las Vegas, and the Bellagio are three words that just blend together perfectly. I was excited to cover the Festa al Lago IV poker tournament's main event, which began today. The four day affair has been dubbed the Doyle Brunson North American Classic. It's also a World Poker Tour event.

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