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Losing With the Nut Flush

Was it a mere coincidence - or what? Was it a self-fullfilling or pre-ordained prophesy? Whatever. . . It was almost eerie! Could the fact that it was Friday the thirteenth have anything to do with it?

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Against All Odds

If you play poker for a while, you'll eventually hear the term "bad beat." Now, really, is there any beat that's good? Bad beats usually happen when someone stays in longer than the odds say that they should. Bad beats happens when top pair or top two pairs get beaten by a flush or trips on the river. People with the best hand will suddenly have a second best hand because a player stayed in against all odds.

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The two visitors to my local card room over the Memorial Day weekend always sat together and always played $4-8 Hold'Em. Young and vocal, they disparaged the others' play, especially when someone ran them down. Quite certain of their superior abilities at low-limit Hold'Em, and proud of it, they used words like 'idiot,' 'simpleton,' and 'dolt,' to describe their fellow competitors.

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Debbie Burkhead Interviews Jimmy Johnson, Director of Gaming for Arizona Charlie's

Jimmy Johnson was born in San Jose, California and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He attended Yankton College on a wrestling scholarship and graduated with a BA in 1972.

After graduation Jimmy worked as a supervisor in a genetic laboratory in Omaha that dealt with artificial insemination issues in bovine.

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The Masque Man, PART 1

I don't remember the first time I met George Marlowe but I do remember where, it was a poker emporium somewhere, and I also remember what got my attention, his friendliness, his smile and his mismatched shoes. He was well dressed, well groomed (not commonplace in the poker world back then) and he wore one purple Reebok and one red. The rest of his ensemble matched his shoes. His shoes may have been mismatched but he was well coordinated. Indeed, he made a totally individual fashion statement. I loved it!

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WSOP Rookie

Hi Jennifer,

I signed up on a poker website and one week later I paid twelve dollars and won six satellites to get my 13500.00 package. Wow, now my dream had come true to play in the WSOP.

I prayed and my prayers were answered. The closer it got to the day and I watched it on TV, the more I got scared. Finally, the day before the big dance I realized something GOD did not give me a spirit of fear but one of power, love and a sound mind.

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Impressions of WSOP 2005, PART 2

It seems that the nice guys are on fire during the first three weeks of tournaments. Gavin Smith, fresh from his WPT win at the Mirage, is a prime example. Although he hasn't made much money from his three cashes yet - he always seems to be around late into the night. Another win would not be out of place for Gavin.

Tony Cousinaeu has also shown great consistency with 4 cashes. Tony is a very solid player that never wastes his chips. Although his style may often see him short-stacked - there aren't many better with low chips.

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Entertainment Report

You'd think after living in the desert for 29 years that I would get used to our summers, but I guess it's no different than people living in places like Buffalo or Fargo, ND who never get used to the winters. It is HOT here, my friends, 110-plus every day, but, as we love to brag, "No humidity."

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You Know You're an Online Poker Player When...

This year's World Series of Poker is history, and once again history was made by the massive contingent of online poker players, whose teeming numbers swelled the ranks of every single tournament, and helped break attendance records for the main event and many others. With popularity comes notoriety, and it's no secret that online poker has been the subject of much press and punditry in every media outlet from ABC's Nightline to, probably, Cat Fancier magazine. "Internet poker is a cultural phenomenon," pronounce the talking heads.

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Today's Word is... Misused

I confess. I've possibly caused a lot of poker players to go broke. It's the truth and I'm not happy about it.

Years ago, I sat down with myself and examined my poker-playing life. It was 1978 or so, shortly after I'd contributed my section on five-card draw poker to Doyle Brunson's original Super/System - A Course in Power Poker. That changed my life. Before that I had greedily guarded my poker secrets, refusing to share them with opponents. Giving away poker secrets seemed stupid.

Figuring it out yourself

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