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April 15, 2014 - 11:43am
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You'd think after living in the desert for 29 years that I would get used to our summers, but I guess it's no different than people living in places like Buffalo or Fargo, ND who never get used to the winters. It is HOT here, my friends, 110-plus every day, but, as we love to brag, "No humidity."

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You Know You're an Online Poker Player When...

This year's World Series of Poker is history, and once again history was made by the massive contingent of online poker players, whose teeming numbers swelled the ranks of every single tournament, and helped break attendance records for the main event and many others. With popularity comes notoriety, and it's no secret that online poker has been the subject of much press and punditry in every media outlet from ABC's Nightline to, probably, Cat Fancier magazine. "Internet poker is a cultural phenomenon," pronounce the talking heads.

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Today's Word is... Misused

I confess. I've possibly caused a lot of poker players to go broke. It's the truth and I'm not happy about it.

Years ago, I sat down with myself and examined my poker-playing life. It was 1978 or so, shortly after I'd contributed my section on five-card draw poker to Doyle Brunson's original Super/System - A Course in Power Poker. That changed my life. Before that I had greedily guarded my poker secrets, refusing to share them with opponents. Giving away poker secrets seemed stupid.

Figuring it out yourself

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A look at Joe Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Champion

It's been almost three weeks since Joe Hachem won the $10K buy in main event at the 2005 World Series of Poker. He won $7.5 million or about $10 million in Australian Dollars. He had to pay 30% of his winnings to the U.S. Government but the remainder of his winnings may or may not be taxed according to Australian tax laws. Since he was not a professional gambler at the time, his winnings were not technically taxable. However, the Australian Taxation Office is currently looking into how much of a cut they are going to take.

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United States of Poker: Michigan

Many states across the country, including several in the Midwest, have experienced the same growth in gaming and poker that the rest of the United States has over the past decade or more. Some states offer casinos on native American reservations only; many others, including the subject of this edition, Michigan, have approved gaming in other parts of their states as well.

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Hannibal Hamlin Poker Player, Politician, Vice President

Hannibal Hamlin was named after the brilliant Carthaginian general who used elephants to get his army across the Alps and attack the surprised Romans about 200 B.C.

Born in 1809 in Maine, Hannibal grew up in a prosperous family. His father was a Harvard-trained physician. He excelled both academically and athletically.

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Bad Beats

What really is a bad beat? Well, the definition from the glossary of Doyle's Bible is, "When you get a big hand cracked (beaten) by someone who was a big dog against you and made his longshot draw...you're said to have had a bad beat". Sklansky and Malmuth in their glossary of terms add another dimension to the definition which I believe is critical. They add, "Especially when the person drawing was playing incorrectly by being in the pot in the first place". Every time I see a big hand cracked several players around the table lament what a bad beat the loser of the hand suffered. Hogwash!

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Baja Okie Poker... or Blarney?

Carol, we have been invited to return to Tulsa to host a "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker tournament at the Cherokee Indian Tribe's new poker room this year. The Cherokee Nations Enterprises (CNE) will be in operation soon. This will be the Foxwoods of Oklahoma.

Each year we go back to Foxwoods to host "The Seniors" WCOP at the Foxwoods-World Poker Finals. It will be wonderful to return home to Oklahoma and host a "The Seniors" WCOP each year in my home town.

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Sit & Go Poker Psychology

I logged onto a popular online poker website to play some Hold 'Em or Omaha a few evenings ago. Although thousands of players were logged on to play the same site on this particular weekday evening, I was having trouble finding a $5/10 table which had more than a couple of players seated. In fact, the Omaha tables were nothing more than a collection of empty chairs. Even the low and medium buy-in No Limit tables were sparsely used. I began to click through the menu lobby to attempt to see where the heck all of the players were located! Of course, the lowest limit tables were predictably busy.

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The Game of Life

After having read Jennifer's column ("Fresh Young Face'), I have to admit it; she's really a gung ho, (rah-rah) type of female. However, what she was alluding to in my comments about her may have fallen on deaf (eyes). To describe this woman, who I just recently met in person, requires that I draw a picture. Jennifer exemplifies a grown-up cheerleader type who brings gusto to the words, positive mind-set. Sort of like, "go life go, you can do it" rah, rah, rah, quality. Better yet, she could be described by using this analogy.

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