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CORK! Tilting in poker

When I'm on tilt, I describe myself as "a cork, bobbing on the sea of poker." Here's how I went corking last night, and please note how my own good fortune triggered the event in the first place.

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Poker Game Show Part 2

After three weeks I still hadn't heard from Bailey Mack, the TV producer who signed me up to do the concept for a poker game show. I got burned once before by Hobby's friend. I should have known better than to give him another shot at me. I visited Hobby to share my grief.

"Why didn't you tell me Bailey wasn't returning your calls?" he asked. "Maybe I didn't want to admit I feel like a schmuck. His office phone is a bust. Can you get in touch with him?"

"I've got his home number. I'll call," Hobby offered.

As he dialed I said, "If you get him, tell him I'm pissed."

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Book Review: Ace on the River

Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein 2005, 316pp, $25

Barry Greenstein, one of poker's most successful, respected money players on the planet--and a top tournament player as well-- is one of the most well-regarded, educated and unorthodox individuals ever to play poker. Doyle Brunson calls him "the consummate professional poker player," adding "His attitude, demeanor at the table, and approach to the game sets him apart from most pros."

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The British are Coming!

We've stood toe-to-toe and side-by-side. Now, the British have launched the most exciting new challenge to American poker players since the Beatles sang "I Wanna' Hold Your Hand."

When it comes to sailing the seas of online gambling, the class of the United Kingdom is WILLIAM HILL. Sophisticated, secure, yet simple, it launches a virtual Royal Armada of betting opportunities from its web site: www.willhill.com.

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Card Room Roundup: Casino Arizona at Talking Stick

Whether you like your poker at three in the afternoon or at three in the morning, Casino Arizona at Talking Stick has enough green-felt action to keep you satisfied. With 45 non-smoking tables (complete with shuffling machines) and one of the friendliest crews in the industry, the Casino Arizona poker room is jampacked with services that add up to a memorable experience for players of all levels.

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Pride and Prejudice, Part 1

This is a dangerous article. I'm going to deal with ethnic stereotyping. If you're not up to it just look at the nice ads and turn the page. It was 10:00 AM Saturday morning. Foxwoods was very crowded... There were four $20/40 tables going, but no seats available. So I watched while I waited - trying to figure out which would be the best game to sit in. Three of the tables had the line ups I had become accustomed to in early morning games - a bunch of older white guys. I knew many of them.

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In Pursuit of an Advanced Poker Degree

Two decades ago, industrious poker players, Yours Truly among them, wore the covers off WSOP two-time grand champion Doyle Brunson's Super System and poet laureate Al Alvarez' Biggest Game in Town. Super System was quickly revered as the definitive poker text book, and Al Alvarez' riveting narrative about the players and the action at the World Series of Poker taught and entertained all who populated the poker scene circa 1980.

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Some Tips About Betting

The excitement of playing poker doesn't encourage players to fold their hands. No, they're hoping to play, and if they think they have a reason to call, they will. It doesn't need to be a good reason, either. Sometimes, just the excitement itself will do. Calling gives players the chance to gain the proceeds from the pot; folding doesn't. Most of your opponents have a tendency to call more than they should, and this is their biggest mistake. You should persuade them to repeat this mistake as much as possible. They're often calling with weak hands and this can work to your advantage.

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Book Review: No-Limit Life by Charlie Shoten

I first met Charlie Shoten at Sam's Town casino in Las Vegas last December, at a breakfast "meet and greet" before the first WPBT live tournament. Charlie was scheduled to speak about his upcoming book No-Limit Life. He offered insight into his Ten Commitments along with suggestions on how to eliminate 'Thought Terrorists' (TT) out of your life. Since that day, I had been waiting for his book to come out. I'm an avid reader and was eager to read about Charlie's thoughts on life and how it specifically applies to your poker game.

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Omaha H/L: Four Cards Working Together - Connectors

If you play Omaha H/L 8 or better in live games in a brick and mortar casino you have inevitably heard someone say "You need to play 4 cards working together." Just what does that mean? Does it even make sense? Should you play any 4 cards working together? Four cards working together: Does it mean 2 cards to the high with 2 cards to the low as in 3-8-9-K? Does it mean 4 cards toward the low (5-6-7-8) or 4 cards to the high (9-T-J-Q)? Should they be to the nut low (A-2-3-4) or nut high only (A-K-Q-J)? Are any double suited cards, regardless of rank, considered 4 cards working together?

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