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It is time to pass the newspaper on to a new owner.

If you're someone who understands Poker and the Poker Industry, Publishing and Advertising, and Money Making, then this is your opportunity to become a part of a great business venture.

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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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Poker Cop: 'N' is for Needle

I come to in the back of an ambulance, tied down to a stretcher. A paramedic, his back turned, is filling a hypodermic needle. I ask, "Am I going to live?"

The Ugly Man, holding the needle, turns around and says, "No. You're going to die!" I struggle with my restraints. The Ugly Man, holding the needle, says, "You have to the count of three to give me your invitation to the House of Cards. One." He raises the needle.

"I can't give you. . . ." "Two." up over his head ". . . . what I don't have." "Three." and plunges it downwards.

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Simple, Powerful Key to Poker Success

The latest lesson Mike has taught me is easy to apply to limit poker games. Here's the concept behind it. You can focus on a poker decision in two primary ways.

Conservative approach. Approach 1: Begin with the assumption that you should check or fold every hand and then gather evidence to the contrary. Only if the evidence is strong enough to outweigh the argument that you should check or fold do you take an aggressive action, by betting, calling, or raising.

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Busted for Betting Online

Jeffrey Trauman has made history. As best I can tell, he is the first, and only, person who has actually been charged and convicted of online gambling. From the email Jeff sent me, I know that all he wanted was to be left alone.

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And the Beat Goes On - Part II

In the last issue we met Michael Hochman and Annie Adlin, two career poker folks who along with Matthew Kaphan are in the process of making a dream come true. TV people have been trying their hand at poker shows for a number of years and now these terrific poker people are trying their hand at doing at TV.

The TV show PokerBeat came from the birth of an idea to full-blown production over the course of two years.

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Nam Lee Wins Event #2 of the Bellagio Festa al Lago Poker Tournament

Event #2 of the Bellagio Festa al Lago Poker Tournament completed the final table early this evening. Professional poker player, Nam Le, went into the final table with the chip lead of $233,000. The only female to survive to the final table, Jane Hughes from Las Vegas, had the second largest chip stack at $192,500, while Walter Chambers of Baton Rouge, Louisiana held a distant third spot in the chip race with $97,000.

Monday's second event final table was a $1,500 + $70 buy-in No-limit Hold'em tournament that began on Sunday with 265 players and a prize pool of $385,575.

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Position Makes a Difference

Experienced poker players know that seat position at the table can make a big difference - whether you win or lose. Most important is how aggressive are the players to your left, those who bet after you.

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Illuminated Crisis

It has become exceedingly difficult to concentrate on poker related issues when so many life-altering incidences invade my mental psyche. The unfortunate catastrophe in the gulf region is the ultimate reminder how fragile we human beings are. No matter how we as a country-or we as a people-prepare for these "Mother Nature" occurrences, we clearly are no match for so formidable an opponent.

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'Tis the Season to 'Bundle-up'

Autumn -- the start of the poker season, when cards hit the air, flops fly and players try to "bundle up". Three big tournament thunderheads cover the Fall calendar.

The next big event is the "Fall Poker Round-up", Nov. 2nd -12th, at the WILDHORSE Resort & Casino, in Pendleton OR. This is the premier poker rodeo in the Northwest.

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Setting up the Bluff

Successful bluffing involves, usually, a combination of ingredients to be successful. Ideally, you'd want to have some value to your hand, some possibility that your hand might improve on future cards, timid and tight opponents, and good scare cards. But I'm not going to focus on any of those items in this column. Instead, I'm going to look at something less tangible - something you can't touch - but something that is ultimately very important and something you can actually do something about. I'm going to look at your image in the mind of your opponent.

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Illegally Blonde

LindaMae is twenty-something and blonde. Attired in shorts and a tight tank top in summer, she has all the attributes of girldom and then some. She plays low-limit Hold'Em at my local casino and does well at it, picking off bluffs thrown at her by men addled by her good looks. She's not stupid, far from it, but she's hopeless at math, so it's understandable that she asked me why she never flopped a Flush, and so seldom a good Flush draw.

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