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Omaha H/L: Four Cards Working Together - Connectors

If you play Omaha H/L 8 or better in live games in a brick and mortar casino you have inevitably heard someone say "You need to play 4 cards working together." Just what does that mean? Does it even make sense? Should you play any 4 cards working together? Four cards working together: Does it mean 2 cards to the high with 2 cards to the low as in 3-8-9-K? Does it mean 4 cards toward the low (5-6-7-8) or 4 cards to the high (9-T-J-Q)? Should they be to the nut low (A-2-3-4) or nut high only (A-K-Q-J)? Are any double suited cards, regardless of rank, considered 4 cards working together?

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Making Your Move: A Great Strategy for Stealing the Pot

In poker it is legal to steal. If you can steal two or three pots during the course of a session, that may well be the margin of victory for you. "Making your move" is a super strategy to help you win the pot without holding the best hand. Like other bluffing strategies, there is a right time and a right way to make such a move successfully. Otherwise you would be wasting your hard-earned money ($$$).

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Player Profile: Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson

The first thing you notice about former World Series of Poker Champ Chris "Jesus" Ferguson is the "look," even before you hear a shortened account of his poker table successes.

But wait a moment . . . let's get the name thing straight first. Actually, it's DR. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, More on that later.

Yes, it's the "look" that stops people who don't know him: the long dark hair, the black western hat and the dark glasses, all worn with just a touch of attitude.

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Hakim has a rosy disposition, a ready smile, and jes' loves to play Omaha/8. Omaha/8 players are typically an optimistic lot, but Hakim's optimism gets him into trouble because he sees riches in nearly every hand. While waiting for a seat in our local card room on a Tuesday afternoon in late winter, Hakim complained that everyone knew to play for the Low, but it seemed to him that when he did, often he'd be counterfeited, the Low wouldn't come, or he'd be quartered.

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Good Players Gone Bad!

Have you ever seen a good player go on total tilt? A once well-respected opponent who plays incredibly bad for more than just several hands or even for a session? You have? If you believe that it is possible then maybe you need to reassess your definition of a good player. Good players cannot go on tilt for more than a brief time. If a player is tiltable to this extent then he does not meet my criteria of a good player. Let me explain this concept a little further.

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An Interview with Jim Delorto, Director of Poker at Binion's

Jim Delorto was raised in Chicago, Illinois and left in 1978 for Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Jim was hired by Del Webb to deal poker at Park Tahoe and within six months he was promoted to shift manager. In 1981 he was transferred to Reno to work at the Sahara as a floorperson/dealer. Del Webb transferred him back to Lake Tahoe in 1983 to assume a shift boss position at the Sahara Tahoe. In 1984 he was transferred to the Mint in Las Vegas as Poker, Keno and Bingo Manager.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Funny at the WSOP

As I write this, the WSOP is in full swing. It isn't over so I can't write about the latest millionaires and multimillionaires who won their riches in the 2005 WSOP main event because our publisher gave us a very early deadline for this issue so he could go to Vegas and witness the birth of the newest millionaires in our poker world. There will be thousands of gasps, cheers, tears, good beats and bad beats to report on after Friday, July 15. For now, I can report on some of the happenings and behind the scenes good, bad and funny at the 2005 WSOP.

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Patient Boredom

Most poker players will say that they would rather be lucky than good. However, the professionals know that luck is short term and in the long run, poker skills will win. In the long haul, a player must have the discipline to either play or fold and at the right times.

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World Poker Masters announced-Spain to host $20,000 buy-in event

A new event, the World Poker Masters 2005, will be staged at the Casino Castell Peralada in Northern Spain later this year, with a few novel twists, leading the organizers to bill it "the first poker TV show for the players themselves". For one it will be limited by invitation to the top fifty players in the world (like golf masters tournaments) as ranked by aggregate tournament wins and earnings as of January 1st 2005.

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Tunica, MS the South's Casino Capital

Less than an hour south of Memphis, Tunica is known as the South's Casino Capital and has everything for t-he serious and recreational gaming enthusiasts. With five of the nine casinos offering poker, there is a game and limit for nearly every poker player. With prearranged reservations, most of the casinos offer free limousine service to and from the Memphis Airport.

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