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Superstitious Forces

Mike teaches that superstition can influence your outcome at poker. When he was giving me this lesson about not acting superstitiously, I remarked, "There are many people who are very superstitious. What you're saying is that superstition doesn't affect your outcome at poker?"

He said, "Wrong! Superstition does affect outcomes at poker in dramatic ways."

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Pumped on Steroids

We have become a win at all cost society, so that the shortterm results have yielded a mix bag of consequences. Namely, for all the heralded accomplishments of this era there is an equal amount of failures and embarrassments. According to any number of sources, the increased steroid usage can be directly attributed to the overwhelming success of today's athlete. In addition, to what degree has the influx of new era poker player's success attributable to steroid usage? Many celebrated athletes in sports are linked with the illegal practice of steroid usage, either directly or indirectly.

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Hot Tip

Hobby was driving his Silver Cloud Rolls to Hollywood Park since valets there were likely to conviently leave it out front as a showpiece. It's a short drive from Marina Del Rey to the racetrack, hardly time for me to study the Daily Racing Form for the nags in the first race. Not fair to disparage them however, they were just unproven 3 year-old maidens. My late uncle Victor was good at selecting winners of all stripes, especially those who never made it into the money. For many years he sold his cards of Vic's Picks at southern California racetracks.

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Today's word is... Flop

What can you say about the flop in hold 'em? There are few things in poker as suspenseful. The whole fate of your hand usually hinges on what those three cards will look like when the dealer turns them face up.

It's fun watching flops. Indeed.

That's why I'm asking you not to get mad at me when I ask you not to do it. You see, looking at the flop at the moment it hits the felt is the last thing you want to do if you expect to maximize your hold 'em profit. I'm going explain this concept the same way I did years ago in a lecture. Here it is...

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The Cadillac of poker?!?

Have you spent any time watching the Travel Channel's World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker? If you have I am sure you've heard Mike Sexton refer to No Limit Hold-Em as the "Cadillac of Poker". Will someone, anyone, including Mr. Sexton, explain just how that moniker was attached to No Limit Hold-Em.

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No-Limit 'Hold-Up' in San Jose

The Mayor and Hearing Officer of San Jose are trying to close down the city's only two poker rooms, the Garden City Casino and Bay 101. What's more, the officials are trying to do it without allowing the Clubs any opportunity to present their case to the City Council.

It's No-Limit "Hold-up". The Club's opponents make up the rules and the casinos don't even get to show their cards!

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Strangest Stud Session Ever

In the long run, the difference between wining and losing is almost entirely due to a difference in skill. We all know that. We write and read about it all the time. But sometimes, winning is just a question of having an amazing string of good cards. I had the hottest 90 minutes of poker in my life the other night. I'd like to share what happened, not to demonstrate good play on my part, but rather to let you know what types of positive experiences may be out there for you - if you have the patience to wait for them.

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Drilling Deeper for Profit

Let's revisit some previous concepts and add a few new ones in our continuing quest to build a bigger bankroll. Here's one of my favorite MCU lessons, based on the 34th of Mike's Tuesday classroom sessions.

Mike teaches that thinning the field could do more harm than good, especially if you thin the field of weak players, leaving only strong ones. You want those weaker players in the game, because you're going to make the most profit from them.

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Record Prize Pools at Russian Poker Championship 2005

For the second year running the Korona Casino in Moscow is staging the Russian Poker Championships between the 9th and 19th October with numbers expected to double from those who participated in 2004.

Brian McDonald, the tournament director, has been overwhelmed with the amount of response following last years inaugural event: "We are expecting record entries in all events this year, with the final 2 events attracting up to 150 starters each, which will produce prize pools of a $150,000 for the $1000 buy-in event, and $300,000 for the $2000 event".

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Al Ardebelli is the WPT Borgata Poker Open Champion

The final table of the Borgata Open concluded today at the exquisite Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was a special moment for me because I finally got to cover a World Poker Tour final table. After four days the field of 515 players was dwindled down to six players after a brutal 18 hour session to end Day 3. Last year's winner Daniel Negreanu was eliminated on the first day.

Here's who made the final table including chip counts:

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