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Debbie Burkhead Interviews Frank Meoni, Place Station Cardroom Manager

Frank Meoni was born in 1951 in Yonkers, New York. At the tender age of 16 Frank's father retired and moved the family to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, After Frank graduated high school he enrolled in a junior college and after his first year he tested for several fire departments. He was hired by Hialeah Fire Department and retired after 20 years of service.

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Bellagio Cup Poker Tournament: Final Table Part 2

Despite the intense heat wave in Las Vegas, Flipchip and I headed back to the Bellagio poker room to cover the second part of the final table for the Bellagio Challenge Cup. 97 players bought in on Monday for $10K and the event featured some of the best players in the world including T.J. Cloutier, Erik Seidel, Scotty Nguyen, Allen Cunningham, Cyndy Violette, and John Juanda.

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Bellagio Challenge Cup Day 3: Final Table Part 1 Recap

We happily returned to the poker room at the Bellagio to cover the final table of the $10K buy in Bellagio Challenge Cup. On Monday, 97 players started with $20K in chips. Action on Wednesday resumed at Noon with the final nine players. Everyone at the final table made the prize money. Also at stake was the infamous Challenge Cup and a $25K seat in the 2006 WPT Championships that will be held at the Bellagio next Spring. 2005 WSOP bracelet winner Quinn Do ended Day 2 as the chip leader.

Here's the final table participants including chipcounts:

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Patriots Play Poker

This 4th of July be proud you're an American Poker Player. After all, we invented the game. Poker is more American than baseball or apple pie. Poker developed with the new nation and is a part of our heritage and culture. As such, it reflects much of the American character and personality.

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Swede Wins World Heads Up Title

There may be a $25,000 heads up challenge in Vegas for the elite, or the lure of another rematch between Andy Beal and "The Firm". But the World Heads Up Championship, a €2,000 no limit hold'em affair sponsored this year by PartyPoker. com, takes place in Barcelona (and formerly Vienna) as all European circuit players know, and over the years has played host to many of the biggest American names as well as all of the European ones.

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What is the best way to learn to be a winner at the game of poker?

Reading Nick Christenson's review of the new DVD, Texas Hold'em: The Winning Strategy with Mike Caro (Poker Player, June 13, 2005), caused me to contemplate that question. Since I have been teaching poker classes at a senior citizens center for three semesters, I now have a basis for addressing that question.

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I wrote a column the other day about how to win when you are playing poker, and I gave you folks a couple of winning poker tips.

Tip No. 1: Observe and study the poker game that you are planning to play that day.

Tip No. 2: Rate the poker players that you will be playing with that day.

Folks, I want to tell you that I am writing a new book that I think I will call, "Sixty-five ways to improve your life and your poker game." I have decided that I will not re-invent the wheel on winning tips for poker players.

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John Wayne Gambler, Gunslinger, Great American

When John Wayne died June 11th, 1979, the Tokyo newspaper headline proclaimed, "Mr. America passes on". Ronald Reagan said of his friend, "He gave the whole world the image of what an American should be."

From a B-movie actor, he grew to become an American legend and cultural icon. In his movies and in his heart, John Wayne represented, reflected and rejoiced in the spirit and values of America.

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Cement Shoes

You remember the old gangster movies- where the lead mug would threaten to throw the hero into the river with cement shoes? As a kid, in love with these old flicks, I used to imagine what that would be like - sinking fast in a body of water with "concrete galoshes". It's the feeling I still get sometimes at the poker table when the game is weighed down with rocks - the living and breathing kind. I had such an experience in Las Vegas on Memorial Day weekend.

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Cash and Burn

In the natural ebb and flow of tournament poker, you routinely see a tightening of play as people get within shouting distance of the money. Those with short stacks cast nervous eyes about, looking for other short stacks and measuring the distance of approaching blinds. "Can I make it?" players wonder. "Can I make it to the money without taking a chance, or must my money move in order for me to cash?" These players are looking for an excuse not to play. They're looking to make good laydowns.

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