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And the Beat Goes On, PART I

Have you ever been watching an "Entertainment Tonight" type news/magazine/gossip/star-studded TV show and wondered, why don't they do something on the subject of poker, poker players, and what's happening in the poker world? I've got good news! "They" have and I want to tell you all about "them" and the new (upcoming) TV show, "PokerBeat."

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Debbie Burkhead Interviews Mike Green, MGM Director of Poker Operations

Mike Green was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1950 and graduated high school in 1968 from Duluth Cathedral. After graduation Mike joined the Coast Guard Reserves and spent six years in the reserve program.

In 1969 Mike took a position with the local auto parts warehouse as a truck driver. In 1971 he left his truck driving position for an inside sales job in one of their auto parts stores. In 1974 he left the auto parts business to work for the railroad as an oiler.

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The other day I came across a useful piece of poker instruction in acronym form: FAR; Focus, Aggression and Reads. This simple shorthand reminds us what, exactly, we need to take into most ring games and most tournaments if we hope to have a chance to win. The next time I played poker, I applied the FAR strategy, and really liked the results... until I forgot that there's a little more to poker than just focus, aggression and reads. There's also, for example, hand selection, a little something I somehow overlooked in my zealous attention to FAR.

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Frenchman Jan Boubli Wins the EPT Barcelona Open

The European Poker Tour crowned it's first champion of their second season. Jan Boubli, a former dentist from France, ended up winning the largest tournament in the brief history of the EPT. He outlasted 325 other players in the $4,000 Euro buy-in event. They were all gunning for a prize pool that was worth over $1.3 million Euros. Jan Boubli won $416,000 Euros and a seat in the $10,000 Euro buy-in Grand Finale event that will be held in Monte Carlo in March of 2006. Along with Pascal Perrault, Jan Boubli is considered one of the best poker players of all time to come from France.

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Using Your Image

As we continue to ferret out obstacles to improved performance, let's discuss table image in this installment. Conscientious players work hard to evaluate their opponent's play. Observational skills and focus to the game are critical to begin to establish patterns of play in the several opponents you face in a full game. Who's loose, who's tight, who's weak, strong, a beginner, a seasoned pro or the resident maniac? This analysis is crucial in order for you to make informed decisions against your opponents.

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Entertainment Report: Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget

I recently went to see impressionist/singer Gordie Brown at the Golden Nugget, where he performs every night except Wednesday and Thursday. Here's a guy with great talent and who puts 110 percent into every show. The night I was there, which was a weeknight, the joint was packed and he got a well-deserved five-minute standing ovation at the end of his performance. I had a chance to catch up with him after the show to find out a little bit more about him. Brown hails from Montreal and began his working career as a political cartoonist for an Ottawa newspaper.

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Perks and Picks: Football perks abound and new poker rooms on the way

As football season gets underway, many of your favorite Las Vegas card rooms combine poker and football so you can catch the best of both worlds at the same time.

The Palms Casino Resort will be keeping poker players in their seats during Sunday and Monday Night Football by rewarding them with cash prizes. The "Football Cash Bash" is held in the Poker Room on Sunday and Monday nights. All seated poker players using a Club Palms card get a free entry into the drawings. A winner for a $100-$500 cash prize is drawn every time either team scores a touchdown or field goal.

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Playing Internet Poker

There are an estimated 1,840,100 active real money online poker players, according to PokerPulse.com. So, you would think that someone could tell you whether you were committing a crime when you bet, raise or fold online.

It actually is possible to know whether you are breaking the law. In fact, it has to be, or you are not guilty. The U.S. Constitution requires that people must have a way of knowing in advance that their actions are illegal or they cannot be convicted of committing a crime.

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EPT: Barcelona Open Day 1

The second season of the European Poker Tour began today with the Barcelona Open. It was held at the Casino de Barcelona in Spain. One year ago, EPT creator John Duthie took a huge gamble. He knew that there was a market for a poker tour in Europe to rival the WPT and the WSOP. His vision became a reality with the EPT and last year's inaugural season was a huge success. This year, the EPT is back and bigger than ever and is sponsored by Poker Stars. From what I have witnessed so far, it's going to get bigger and will be around for a long time to come.

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WSOPC Las Vegas: Chad Layne leads final table in chips.

The stage is set for the main event final table finish to the 2005 Harrah's WSOP Circuit Tournament in Las Vegas. A little before 9:00 pm the 106 entrant field had been trimmed to the final table nine after An Tran eliminated John Phan on the bubble. Going into Friday's final table with the chip lead will be Chad Layne with $197,000. Chad is followed by Kevin Song holding $154,500. An Tran sits in the third chip position after accumulating $140,000. Even the table's short stack, Michael Fetter, goes into the finals with $58,000 in play money.

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