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An Interview with Barbara Prather Route 66 Poker Room Manager

When I phoned Barbara Fielder Prather on September 9 to interview her, it just happened to be her 62nd birthday. Barbara was born in Center, Texas and graduated high school in Houston, Texas in 1961. After high school Barbara enrolled in business college to further her education. When she graduated from business college she took a position with a Houston bank. She left her banking position to take a job with the Dentler Potato Chip Company.

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Florida Boy Goes Five Star Part I

Last weekend Greg and I experienced the WPT Boot Camp in Hollywood, Florida, at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. We'll share our boot camp adventure in a later article. For now, the WPT Boot Camp is a must for poker players who want to improve their tournament skills and have aspirations of reaching the final table.

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Entertainment Report

Big entertainment news here in Las Vegas is the opening of the Broadway hit, Avenue Q at Wynn Las Vegas. The irreverent Tony-winning musical opened to rave reviews from both the media and the public and for good reason.

The show features characters, some of whom are portrayed by performers operating, and speaking for, Muppet-like puppets with names such as Lucy the Slut and the porn-loving Trekkie Monster. As one critic said: "Think "Sesame Street" meets "South Park." This is one helluva funny show and should be a big hit for a very long time.

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Choosing Profitable Seating

When I first started out as a student at MCU, learning the basics of poker, Mike had asked me a question that I really hadn't thought a lot about. I didn't think it was that significant a point. He wanted to know what I looked for in a seat. How do I go about choosing a seat for the best profit? What difference could it truly make? This had to be a trick question.

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So Why Do We Play Poker?

In the January 12, 2004, issue of Poker Player, I commented on a recent column by Oklahoma Johnny Hale in which he had expressed his opinion that "senior poker players are really not playing . . . to win money. They are playing for the fun and/or sociability of the game." I had disagreed with that statement. And OK Johnny replied in his column. But something he said made me think: Why do we really play poker?

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Herbert O. Yardley: Code Breaker and Poker Player

In a nation at war with terrorism, intelligence is vital and valued. Today, the U.S. devotes enormous resources of personnel, technology and billions of dollars to collecting information about governments and activities everywhere in the world.

An early pioneer of American intelligence, Herbert O. Yardley was the man who organized the countrys first government agency to break foreign codes and diplomatic messages.

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Cold Calling Raises

As we continue our quest to be the best we can be on the green felt, today let's discuss what is one of the most egregious errors that players make. The frequency in which I see this mistake being made may well be part of the "New Player Syndrome" that is certainly on the increase based upon the enormous influx of less experienced players entering the scene recently. However, I see experienced players making this mistake with surprising regularity. Yep, the title says it all.....cold calling raises.....and worse yet, with hands that barely deserve to call one bet never mind two or more.

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Celebrity Poker and Taxes

Successful actors, writers and others in the entertainment industry share some advantages with professional gamblers when they play poker. With success often comes self-confidence, or at least the ability to project an image of being a winner, in control. Celebrities are often rich. They can think of poker chips as poker chips, and not as the cost of their dinners. The knack for thinking of $100 chips as merely "units" or "blacks" is essential for taking the emotion out of poker. Famous people can also rattle others by their mere presence.

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One Step at a Time

We hear this old cliche way too often: "You have to take it one step at a time." We've heard it so often we often dismiss its meaning and message. One step at a time has been my reality lately, not simply a cliche. You see, I was recently in a serious car accident which forced me to take on a new pace in life - slow, with each single step carefully measured. With injuries to my back and neck, my stiff walking strides probably resembled that of Frankenstein. It is frustrating to have to concentrate on taking each simple step up a flight of stairs or across the living room floor.

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Instant Hand Histories

Imagine this scenario in a realworld cardroom: You make a river bet, get called, and turn over your hand. Your opponent mucks his cards without showing, but curiosity gets the best of you, so you reach into the muck and peek at his discards. How many times do you think you could do this before they threw your sorry, angle-shooting ass out of the casino? Yet online you can do it all day, every day, and if you're not aware of it you should be. Every online poker site has a handy little feature called instant hand histories.

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