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Al Ardebelli is the WPT Borgata Poker Open Champion

The final table of the Borgata Open concluded today at the exquisite Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was a special moment for me because I finally got to cover a World Poker Tour final table. After four days the field of 515 players was dwindled down to six players after a brutal 18 hour session to end Day 3. Last year's winner Daniel Negreanu was eliminated on the first day.

Here's who made the final table including chip counts:

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WPT Borgata Open Day 3 of the Main Event

[Results for this event are in the World Poker Tour Season 4 - Borgata Poker Open Results.]

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Tony Bloom wins the VC Poker Cup!

The 2005 VC Poker Cup, filmed at Teddington studios from 1st - 6th August , wasn't short of competition for its £5,000 buy-in, but as the runners gathered for the three days of preliminary heats it became clear that all the action taking place in London (also including the World Poker Exchange and the European Championships) had improved the quality of the field, rather than taken away from it.

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The Moving to Las Vegas Pulling a U Haul Classic!

Whether it was to start a new life, a gold rush, or to seek adventure, there have been countless Americans who have moved west over the centuries. At one time travel across America was in a covered wagon. The past thirty years it has been in a U-haul.

Unlike in the 1800's when the migration was westward, the migration to Las Vegas has been from everywhere. There has been a phenomenal growth in the past decade and there is little evidence that this growth will slow down soon. Poker has also seen an explosion in popularity and has been growing exponentially over the past several years.

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Small Blind, Great Odds

Fred sat next to me at our $4-8 Hold'Em table on a sweltering afternoon in summer. Did I remember when he played 5d-2d in the Small Blind and won a nice pot? I did. (Poker Player, Vol. 8, No. 25, p.14) Fred asked if he could also profitably play suited, 3-gap connectors.

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World Poker Tour (WPT) Borgata Open - Day 2 update

I'm currently at the Borgata Casino in lovely Atlantic City, NJ and I'll be here over the next few days covering the World Poker Tour Borgata Open. Buy-in is $10,000 and players start with $20K in chips. That structure is great for the entrants because it gives them more ammo to play with. The first two days of the Borgata Poker Open were held upstairs in the ballroom. 515 players filled the room and they were competing for a prize pool worth over $1.5 million. The top 45 players will get paid. Last year, Daniel Negreanu won this event. He didn't play long enough to defend his title.

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The Esther Bluff to the Rescue

The "Esther Bluff" - What's that? Let me explain. . .

A year ago, I introduced you to my then 8-year-old granddaughter, Esther Fayla Epstein, and her almost incredible, innate talent for playing poker. She has an instinctive flair for the game; she's a natural winner. .

Well, Esther is now 9 years old and is away at overnight camp for two weeks - her first time away from home without her Mom. Before she left, she made a button for me with her picture on it, so I could remember her while she was away.

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Bluffing Styles, PART 2

Last time I discussed the more structured type of bluffer. These are players who like to either dare you or sneak up on you. I also mentioned in Part I, that there are a whole set of players who are not so well planned in their bluffs. They are much looser players who bluff and keep the action going. Some of these unplanned bluffers I refer to as employing "Attack Bluffing." Other unstructured bluffers are less aggressive and seem to be playing hands they don't have but wish they did.

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Omaha Hi-Lo Poker: a Game of Making Decisions

Poker is a game of decisions. We are constantly challenged with rendering decisions, most of them while possessing incomplete information in a relatively short period of time. Some of my colleagues would go as far as stating that those who win at poker are those who make the fewest mistakes while forcing their opponents to make more mistakes. There is substantive truth to that statement.

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Get Up! Get Up!

I couldn't seem to shake off the negative effects of the bad beats/bad luck I received. It was as if bad fortune was seeping into everything I did. I was seeing my whole existence through bad beat lenses. It all began when my pocket aces cracked, next, my pocket kings, and finally when the queens were cracked. How dare they crack the queens? Good cards were being cracked when I slow played, when I fast played, when I played poker, period. Oh, by the way "cracked" means beat, destroyed, nuked, annihilated, cracked means that Jennifer lost a whole lot of money and lost all her confidence.

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