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A Tale of Two Pots

I just won two pots back to back, first by sucking out and then by victimizing my foe's insta-tilt.

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Bless the Newbies

With the enormous interest in poker these days the cardrooms are just overflowing with players. Many of these players, if not outright newbies, don't have the experience level of the regulars who have been playing for years and years. Of all the learning tools at a player's disposal, experience should never be underrated. Players may learn faster than in the past due to all of the available tools from expanded literature to televised analysis but having personally viewed over a half a million flops doesn't hurt either!

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Aggression, Anger, and Tilt in Poker)

Aggressive play is one aspect that is essential in a poker player's arsenal of weapons. With aggressive play, I find that my emotions can sometimes come to the forefront and cloud my normally objective thinking. That can be bad or even ugly. Why does this occur? My medical background once again helped me to understand why.

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United States of Poker: Iowa

Many casinos across the United States are offering live poker for the first time, or are reopening or expanding long-dormant poker rooms that, ten years ago, once gave way to slot machines. The state of Iowa is an excellent case in point.

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A Review ofThe World Poker Tour -- Season Two DVD Set

One of the biggest reasons for the incredible surge in popularity of poker in the United States was the interest generated by the appearance of the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel. Slick production values combined with the first use of hole card cameras on American television made this show a smash hit. Currently in its third season, the second season DVD set of this series is now available.

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Plug Those Leaks!

Many cardsmiths win huge amounts of money on a consistent basis, but they have some bad habits. They may bet the sports to excess, like the girls a little to much, go drinking too often, get into dope, or visit the craps table too frequently. Like the little Dutch boy who used his finger to plug the leak in the dam. Poker players must plug their personal leaks, curb their bad habits, if they are to be successful at playing poker.

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Swift Reprisal: A Joe and Hobby Fiction

"What are we doing tonight?" Hobby asked. We usually set aside Saturday nights for the ladies in our otherwise self-indulgent lives, but it so happened that both of them had other commitments.

"I'm always up for poker. How about you?"

"Suits me. Looking for some heavy action, Joe?"

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It's NEW in North by North-West

In the NxNW Region (northern CA, northern NV, and the Northwest) there are some important new poker room additions. Now, besides McDonalds and WalMart, almost every community has a poker room for the floppy-minded.

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How to Handle Losing

In poker, as in life, things don't stay on an even keel. You have good times and then you have bad times. The good times are much easier to handle, of course. It's the bad times that have a tendency to cost us more than they should if we don't know how to handle them correctly.

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Max Pescatori Wins Second WSOP Circuit Title

The sixth event of the WSOP Circuit at Harrah's Las Vegas played out the final table this evening. The two players going heads-up were Michael "the Grinder" Mizrachi and Max "the Italian Pirate" Pescatori. The $2,000 + $80 buy-in No-limit Hold'em tournament began on Saturday with 68 players building a prize pool of $131,920. The Grinder came to the final table an overwhelming favorite with $102,050 in chips giving him an almost 4 to 1 lead over Max in the second play money spot with $26,725. The two professionals played heads-up trading blinds until Max went all-in and was called by Michael.

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