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2014 WSOP Event #42 $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Six-Handed

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Pot-Limit Omaha with a $5,000 buy-in usually pulls in enough players to create a large prize pool, $2,124,400, and a field loaded with poker royalty.  Among the 48 top finishers to receive money from the event purse was the holder of two WSOP bracelets, JC Tran, and the winner of the 1998 Main Event with five WSOP bracelets, Scotty Nguyen.

Thirteen players from the field of 452 entrants survived to play on Day 3 and the chip leader was the field's one and only former hoodie salesman, Phil Laak.  The thirteen returning players were finally cut  down to the six making the official final table a few minutes before 6PM.  A few minutes after 7PM The Unabomber was eliminated in 6th place and collected $66,918 on his way out.

Heads-up play between Darius Studdard and Michael Drummond began with Drummond enjoying an almost 3 to 1 chip advantage.  A dozen hands into the heads-up and Darius Studdard was headed for the cashier's cage to collect his $334,593 for second place.

Michael Drummond claimed his first WSOP gold bracelet and added $541,747 to his bank. 

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2014 WSOP Event #41 $1,500 Dealer's Choice Six-Handed

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Players choose their poker game of choice to play for one circuit of the deck.  Most attempt to choose a variation that they believe gives them an advantage over the other table players.  Sometimes this strategy works well when you're with players that have a history.  Other timed you're sitting at a table in the WSOP and most of the other players are great at all games.

When one of the players is a Mizrachi from the Florida Mizrachi poker dynasty that includes Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi you know there is probably not any game you can choose that would favor you.

The Grinder's older brother, Robert Mizrachi, is one of those players and he was at this final table.  Heads-up with Aaron Schaff, Mizrachi called for A-5 triple draw.  Cards were dealt and he soon had Schaff all-in and drawing dead, after tabling a 6-5-3-2-A to Schaff's 7 high, it was lights out,game over.

Robert Mizrachi had his second WSOP gold bracelet and another $147,092 to add to his play bank.   Aaron Schaff heads home to East Brunswick, New Jersey with $90,854 for second place.  The event signed up 419 entrants and created a prize pool of $565,650.  The top 42 finishers collected prize money.

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2014 WSOP Event #35 $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Eight Handed

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Practically any poker tournament that plays a form of Hold'em will attract a crowd of hopefuls standing in line waiting to trade their buy-ins for a seat.  Event #35 of the 2014 WSOP was no exception even though the buy-in was a healthy $5,000 to get a seat in this Hold'em event that officially was a No-Limit variety with an additional condition of eight players per table.

An entry list that topped off at 550 entrants created a prize pool of $2,585,000 with $633,341 destined for the eventual winner.  Scheduled for 4 days of play the event moved along with such a rapid pace of eliminations that the whole affair was wrapped up on Day 3.  The top 56 finishers left with cash from the prize pool.

The last contestant with chips and a chair was Brian Yoon from Torrance, California.  Continuing on the quick pace of day 3 the heads-up play lasted just 19 hands between Brian Yoon and second place finisher, Josh Arieh.  On the last hand, Yoon flopped a flush when the board showed all diamonds .  Arieh comitted all his chips holding the Ace of diamonds but needing another diamond for the nut flush.  The diamonds remained hidden in the deck and Yoon's 9 high diamond flush gave him title to his second WSOP gold bracelet and $633,341 in cash.

Josh Arieh also had a nice payday with $391,575 coming his way as runner up.   

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WSOP Braclets Won Part 4


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[Las Vegas, Nevada - Photo credit: JOE GIRON] – With a 56 player cap, players are moving fast to ensure they get a seat at the biggest poker game in the world.  Just 15 seats remain open less than two weeks before cards officially hit the felt with organizers optimistic the event will be a sellout.
Several businessmen and poker players have anted the $1,000,000 buy-in to participate in the second installment of the The BIG ONE for ONE DROP which returns to the famed Amazon Room at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.
The BIG ONE for ONE DROP will take place over three days, from June 29 to July 1, 2014, with play beginning at 1:00 p.m. on the Sunday starting day.
As part of the 45th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, The BIG ONE for ONE DROP is a $1,000,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em charity poker tournament limited to 56 players willing to put up the highest entry fee ever offered.
Later this month, a seat will be up for grabs for anyone interested for as little as $200. On June 28th at 6pm, the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will hold a $25,300 satellite.  Players will have no fewer than seven mega-satellite “step” opportunities, ranging from $200 to $3,750 on June 26th and June 27th to generate entry into the culminating $25,300 tournament with a Big One entry on the line.
The new participants are:
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2014 WSOP Event #33 $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Dutch Boyd won Event #33, a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em affair, that attracted 1688 players and offered a $1,519,200 prize pool.  The top 171 finishers received a part of the purse with $288,744 going to the winner.

Boyd won his first WSOP gold back in 2006, then four years elapsed before he won his second in 2010 then four years elapsed before he won his third bracelet today and... Do I see a pattern developing here?  Will Dutch Boyd's fourth bracelet come in 2018?  Stay tuned folks.

Day three saw a relatively short final table and when two players remained for the heads-up match it was over in a quick 17 hands.  Dutch Boyd remained in control throughout and dispatched second place finisher Steven Norden in short order.

Steven Norden of Princeton, New Jersey goes home with $178,490 and a great story about what could have been.

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2014 WSOP Event #34 $1,500 buy-in Seven Card Stud

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Most everyone that has sat around a table and played poker has tried their hand at a few variations of the game including Seven Card Stud or even Five Card Stud. Once the staple of the game before the infusion of Hold'em took over in the seventies meant you could always find a Stud game in Vegas.

Whether you wanted to play $1-2 limit at the old Mint Casino's two table poker room downtown or head up to the Strip and try one of the nose-bleed-limit games, stud was king.  Did you know that the Circus-Circus Casino even offered $1-3 limit Six Card Stud?  I sat in one of those games once and came in third best with quad Kings during one of the hands.

Even though the stud games' popularity has taken a hit it's still played in poker rooms around the world including the WSOP.  A $1,500 buy-in event just concluded after xxx topped the field of 345 entrants to receive a WSOP gold bracelet and $118,785 in cash.

Alex Kravchenko of Moscow, Russia took the second position and moves on with an additional $73,360 in his play bank.  The top 40 finishers collected prize money from the $465,750 purse.

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2014 WSOP Event #32 $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed Championship

Joe Cadaby Joseph Smith Sr.

Another WSOP World Championship $10,000 buy-in event determined a champion following the elimination of second place finisher Jeremy Ausmus.  This scheduled 3 day event signed up 264 players, each posting the $10,000 buy-in for a seat and an opportunity to become part of poker history.

Among the entrants was 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion, Joe Cada.  Cada holds the record for being the youngest poker player to win a WSOP Main Event at the age of 21-years-old. He collected $8,547,044 after topping a field of 6,494 players.  He also received the very special WSOP Championship bracelet reserved for Main Event winners.

Joe Cada now has another championship bracelet following his sterling performance tonight at the 2014 WSOP.

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2014 WSOP Event #31 $1.5 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.

Event #31, a popular $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament, drew a crowd of 1,631 entrants and offered a prize pool of $2,201,850 to be distributed among the top 171 finishers.  Staying true to form and demonstrating the draw power of owning WSOP gold the field included some familiar faces among the hopefuls.

About a half hour before the midnight hour the heads-up play between Ronald Sullivan and Brett  Shaffer came to an end when Shaffer's set of deuces outpointed Sullivan's Ace high.  Sullivan will have an extra $258,695 in his bank account back home in Bradenton, Florida for his second place finish.

Brett Shaffer of Beloit, Kansas walks away with a nice $418,435 in cash, his second gold WSOP bracelet and perpetuity in the great World Series Of Poker history book.  

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2014 WSOP Event #29 $2,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em

by Joseph Smith Sr.

World Series of Poker Event #29 came to a conclusion early Monday morning and finished the distribution of the $2,650,375 prize pool to the top 117 finishers. The $2,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament attracted a crowd of 1,165 players.

The scheduled three day event included some of poker's better known professional players.  In the mix and also on the payout sheet were Brock Parker, Rep Porter, David Pham, Matt Affleck, Tony Dunst, the 1998 Main Event Champion, Scotty Nguyen and 2008 Main Event Champion, Jerry Yang.

An unofficial ten handed final table was reached at about 5:15 and played for two hours before a player, David Benefield, bubbled out to leave the official nine-handed final table.  That's a two hour stretch showing how serious and dedicated these players are for WSOP gold.  The winner's large pile of cash might also be a motivating factor.

In the end, Pierre Milan of Bagneux, CA, France rose above all the other entrants and claimed his first WSOP gold and a little over a half million in prize money after defeating Justin Oliver heads-up.    

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