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House of Cards
by Ashley Adams

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How Do You Rule on this Poker Situation?

by George “The Engineer” Epstein

Hear Ye... Hear Ye... The Players’ Poker Court of Law is now in session.

 You are the Judge. I am the key witness. I have been sworn in. During a low-limit game at a local casino, James raised before the flop in middle position, and was called by several opponents. The flop was rather uninteresting:

There was no card higher than a nine, no pairs, no connectors, and it contained three different suits. A player in early position bet out. There was one limper before James raised again. One player behind him—Bill—and the two limpers called James’ raise. The turn was not very exciting either. There were no pairs on the board, but there were possible long-shot draws to a straight or flush.

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Poker News Brief: First Wave of Full Tilt Refunds Slated for Late February

By Haley Hintze

First Wave of Full Tilt Refunds Slated for Late February – Garden City Group, the government-appointed claims administrator overseeing the refunds of Full Tilt Poker online balances of US players that have been frozen since 2011, has announced a first wave of refunds tentatively scheduled for the end of February, 2014. Some 30,000 former FTP account holders will receive approximately $82 million, according to GCG. All of the refunded players in the first wave accepted the balance information as presented to GCG from old Full Tilt records. An additional 8,400 accounts may receive partial or full refunds at a later date, including players with disputed balances and former affiliates and sponsored pros of the site.

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Exit Strategy

By Barbara Connors

Few things can match the anticipation of sitting down in a new poker game. Every game we enter offers the chance to challenge ourselves, to test out new strategies or fine-tune old ones, and most of all, the possibility of a big win. So much thought and care goes into the start of each new poker session—where to play, when to play, what stakes, how much to buy in for— and yet a decision that is at least as important, when to leave the game, often seems to get made on a whim. Choosing when to exit a cash game can be tricky. Everyone, it seems, has a different opinion, but conventional poker wisdom holds that you should keep on playing as long as the game is good and you’re able to keep playing well. The first criterion, good playing conditions, is easy enough to identify. It’s that second requirement, confidence that you are still playing well, that gets so many players into trouble.

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Poker News Brief: New Jersey Online Poker Bill Seeks to Add International Players

by Haley Hintze

New Jersey’s Lesniak Seeks International Players – New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak, one of the state’s most instrumental legislators in getting New Jersey to authorize and offer intrastate online poker, has now proposed legislation which would allow the state’s licensed online sites to accept players from other countries in addition to New Jersey residents and visitors. Lesniak’s new S980, with State Sen. Jim Whelan as co-sponsor, renews a bill sponsored by Lesniak in late 2013 which would allow the international players, though players from other US states would still be barred.

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Power That Comes From Folding

by Ashley Adams

We all know that correctly folding a losing hand can save you money. The better you are at reading your opponents, and thus the better you are at assessing when you are beaten or significantly behind, the greater will be your savings from folding correctly. I’d like to look at another advantage that accrues from folding. It is an advantage that stems from how folding affects your image in the minds of your opponents.

In the old fashioned home game, where buddies play poker regularly with each other, images are fashioned over time. Reputations for betting styles, long developed, are not soon to change no matter what the actual betting may be in one series of hands or even over the course of a few regular poker nights. But in public poker rooms and on line the image that your opponents will have of you is created quickly. In a casino, your image depends predominantly on what you have done recently at the poker table. Exposed as players are to so many opponents, few will actually keep a book on you. Unlike online poker, where note taking is easy (and with the help of some software automatic), public poker room opponents will decide what kind of a player you are, and how to play against you, based on how you’ve played at their table over the session you’re in.

Horseshoe Cleveland Gets Lucky—with Karen Kaegin!

By Barbara Rogers

At the helm, running the poker room, Karen proves she is the right woman for the job. In my opinion, Karen has always been the best at every job she has held. A self-made woman, this Kentucky girl proves to be a perfect fit for Horseshoe Cleveland & Thistledown Racing. With a raucous mix of sports fans and gentle souls, avid poker players all, Karen keeps the order. Starting out as a dealer and teaching other dealers, mix in Karen’s bartending experience and you have a person who truly knows the importance of listening to what people have to say and what they want.

Arriving in Cleveland, Ohio straight from Gold Strike Casino Tunica, as soon as her feet hit the ground at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Karen wasted no time implementing her agenda. The ambitious plan would include adding many more tournaments, including “win the pot,” “win the button” and placing bounties. If her vivacious personality wasn’t enough to endear her to the players, Karen’s 12 Days Of Poker paying out $250,000 in December sealed the deal.

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Poker East and a Little West of the Mississippi

by Barbara Rogers

Here it is! The dates for the only World Series Of Poker circuit event in Pennsylvania. Harrah’s Philadelphia plays host in April, from the 16th to the 28th. The action includes plenty of NLH events; mixed in will be Pot Limit Omaha and H.O.S.E. This will include a nice amount of Ring Events and a Main Event with a $200,000 Guarantee. New to Harrah’s Philly, a familiar face to many of you, Bruce Pearlman joins Prasenjit “PJ” Data and poker room manager Bruce Dixon.

The $500 million dollar complex called Maryland Live! is again offering satellites to the PPC Aruba. The tournament calendar is loaded. There are plenty of cash guaranteed NLH Tournaments. This is one of the largest and most action driven poker rooms in the country. Located at the Arundel Mills Mall in Maryland, Mike Smith is the man in charge of this poker room that never sleeps.

Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Wilkes Barre, PA now has rooms to rest your tired self: 238 of them! This has been a long time coming, and the hotel boasts many amenities. So another place you can stay and play.

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Mike Caro: Today’s word is... TEST

Are you ready for a poker test? Fine. This one won’t always be what you expect. It probes your knowledge of my Mike Caro methodology for winning at poker. That means, the correct answer to some questions may seem like opinions to you.

They aren’t opinions, though. When my correct answers differ from what you’ve heard elsewhere, then what you’ve heard is wrong. If that makes me an egomaniac in your mind, good.

I’ve done the research for decades, so you can decline to take this test and dispute the answers at your own risk. If you do, I’ll still love you, but I’ll be sad. Let’s get started with today’s two questions.

Test begins

Question 1: Which statement below about the role of psychology in poker is most true?

(A) Psychology is overrated, because correct poker strategy is based on proven mathematical formulae.
(B) Once you have a solid foundation in normal poker strategy, most of your profit comes from psychology.
(C) Most serious poker players ignore opponents’ efforts to use psychology against them.
(D) It’s easier to determine how opponents play by watching for patterns than by trying to determine current moods.

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James Miller Wins Main Event at Beau Rivage

Often when a poker player flops quads they don’t get paid for their monster hand. That was not the case for James Miller today at the 2014 Million Dollar Heater Championship Event at Beau Rivage as he won a huge pot with flopped quads and rode that momentum to victory. This isn’t Miller’s first taste of the limelight as he won nearly six figures for a 7th place finish in the 2013 World Series of Poker Seniors Event. He also had a victory in the 2013 Million Dollar Heater to his credit. Now he can add the ultimate Million Dollar Heater title to his poker resume. Congratulations on your win, James!

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Tyler Morris Wins Choctaw Main Event and $369K

The latest champion on the World Series of Poker Circuit was crowned early Tuesday morning at Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK. Tyler Morris from Tyler, TX outlasted a field of 1,428 entries to win the $1,675 Main Event – the fourth largest Main Event in Circuit history.

Morris was rewarded with a $369,503 first prize as well as a Circuit ring and a seat in the season-ending WSOP National Championship.

The final day of play began with 16 hopefuls returning to the felt with the dream of becoming the next Circuit champion. The field was whittled down to the final table rather quickly as players like start-of-Day-2 chip leader Nathanael Kogel hit the rail.

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