Joe Sartori Palace Station Cardroom Manager

Joe Sartori Palace Station Cardroom Manager

Joe Sartori hails from the small town of Virginia, Minnesota. To give you an idea of how small, his graduating class from Mt. Iron High School was 77 students. After graduation, he did what most kids in Virginia did after graduating and took a job in the local iron/ore mine. The money was too good to pass up, especially for a young man.

After a few years of working the mines Joe decided to further his education and enrolled in the University of Minnesota, majoring in business. In 1984 Joe took a sales position with a transportation company but in the winter of 1988 he decided to leave the cold behind and headed for a warmer climate, that move landed him in Las Vegas. His plan was to return in the spring but according to Joe they are still looking for him. Once in Vegas he met some guys and together they tried to put together a second Yellow Pages directory but due to unfortunate circumstances it never came to fruition.

In 1992 he was offered a position with an independent yellow pages directory that took him to Orange County, California. A few years later he accepted a traveling sales position with GTE’s yellow pages division.

In 1996 a friend talked him into putting together an 800 phone directory for AT&T. A short time later he went to work for Qwest Communications in Southern California as a Regional Sales Director.

In 1999 he ventured out on his own again and bought a dry cleaners but a year later he sold it and went back to work for Qwest in his old position. In 2002 he got the entrepreneur bug again and bought an international phone company. The company provided customers in foreign countries a US dial tone to make cheaper phone calls. In 2003 Joe decided to sell the business to take an early retirement. In June of 2004 Joe and a couple of his buddies took a vacation to Las Vegas. That trip turned into a lifelong visit, Joe started playing poker and was immediately hooked. His Dad had retired and was living in Las Vegas so Joe took up residency with his Dad and began playing poker on a daily basis.

After about three months of playing poker every day until 4 a.m. Joe decided if he was going to make Vegas home it was time to seek employment to break the monotony. He told his friends he was going to get a job as a poker dealer, his friends told him he had no experience and he’d never get a job dealing. The next day he drove to Boulder Station and interviewed with Steve Deuel, the Cardroom Manager.

Steve hired him the following day as extra board dealer and within three months he was offered a floor position.

His next move came when Frank Meoni, a floor supervisor at Boulder was offered the Cardroom Manager’s position at Palace Station an asked Joe to go with him. In late 2006 Meoni took over the position of Cardroom Manager at Green Valley Ranch and Joe was offered the position of Cardroom Manager at Palace Station. Joe now oversees the nine table room along with a staff of 34.

Apparently Meoni had done such a good job as Cardroom Manager that when Joe took over he didn’t feel the need to make any changes. Joe stated, “The room is doing really well and we keep busy, we have live action around the clock,” Joe went on to say, “My job is made easier by Weldon Russell, Corporate Director of Bingo, Keno and Poker and Alida Delponte, Director of Casino Operations, they give me the tools to succeed.”

You won’t find tournaments at Palace, with the exception of the Station’s yearly freeroll, but you will find $2-$4, $4-$8 and $6- $12 limit hold’em, a $1-$2 blind no-limit with a $40 minimum and $200 maximum buy-in, along with a $3-$6 Omaha High-Low with a 1/2 kill. The Omaha games also have highhand jackpots. The freeroll at Station’s is the largest freeroll in Las Vegas and qualifying is scheduled to begin in January.

Playing hold’em at any Station Casino may prove to be profitable even if you aren’t winning. The Bad Beat Jackpot at present is $280,000 and still growing. The jackpot starts at four 10’s and decreases one ranking every Tuesday at noon until it’s hit. When the jackpot hits every hold’em player that is playing at the time is entitled to a player’s share. The losing hand receives $45,000, the winning hand receives $30,000 and the remaining is split between al the hold’em players at all Station’s Casinos.

Hit a Royal Flush playing both cards and receive $500

Another good reason to play at the Palace is the “Great Hands Promotion.” This is like playing Bingo and Poker at the same time. Displayed in the poker room is a board shaped like a bingo board with 25 squares. Each square represents a poker hand and as hands are hit players receive a dollar amount for that specific hand. Players that hit hands that make a bingo on the board receive an extra $500 plus whatever the dollar amount is for that hand. The player that hit’s the last remaining square receives $1050 for making two bingos and his table shares $2,000.

Don’t forget Monday night football at Palace with cash prizes and gifts given out from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Joe invites you to stop by and start earning 600 players points per hour of live play while enjoying the recently remodeled room.

The new room has been completely redone with all new chairs, felts, carpet and the addition of 12 plasma screen TV’s, more than some sportsbooks.

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