The Red Games of Poker, PART 4

The Red Games of Poker, PART 4

I was very sad to learn of my friend Byron Liggett’s passing. Byron, save me a seat in the big game up there. Byron was so very helpful to me in a great many ways. The poker world will miss him. I want to continue today with another column on the red games of poker. Today I would like to talk to the folks about the poker dealer. If he is a mechanic, you are in a very red game.

Here is a good rule: Where the carpets are the deepest you are at the most risk of being cheated! I do think that poker is an honorable game-more honorable than golf, basketball, horse racing, baseball, tennis, wrestling and yes, even football. In recent newspaper headlines you have seen the stories about the referees of the NBA, and even problems with the game of tennis.

Johnny Oklahoma Hale
Oklahoma Johnny Hale

Folks, I think you can relax and play your poker games without much fear of being cheated if you are playing in a small limit games of less that $10-$20 betting. Sure, you may see a little silly stuff, but I do not think you will ever see a card dealing mechanic in your small recreational or social poker games.

What do I mean when I say that dealer is a mechanic? It’s not a mechanic who works on your car, nor is he a hit man for the mafia. In this usage, it is a crooked card dealer who can manipulate the cards, stack the deck, deal seconds, or palm cards. He can control who the winner of certain poker pots will be! Have you seen a magician who can pull a card out of your ear? Well all of the shows are not on the stage. This magician is now called a mechanic and he puts on his show at the poker table. The red card dealer, the card mechanic, is usually found in high stakes poker games.

There have been a few times I heard a whistle go off. That’s the sound a card makes when it is not coming off the top of the deck. It makes a whistle sound as the card is pulled through two or more cards.

There were seven of us boys and mother would not allow poker to be played in the home, so daddy had his poker game in the back of our store. Daddy taught all of us boys how to live life honorably and to play poker honestly.

He also taught each of us how to protect ourselves in life and poker. When it came to cheating in poker, he told all of us boys that if you think they are cheating you, quit playing in that game. Don’t try to correct the game or catch the cheaters. Just quit!

Daddy went on to explain, ‘son, even if you are wrong and they are not cheating you, it will ruin your game and you cannot play correctly. So you must not play in a poker game even if you just think they are cheating! Until Next Time, Remember to STAY LUCKY!!

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