No Verification Casinos

There is a growing number of casinos available online for UK players. However, due to strict gambling rules set out by the UKGC, these sites all require players to provide verification when they sign up. This can be a long process and requires a number of different documents, which can be a little bit of a hassle. And this is where no verification casino sites come in.

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No Verification Casinos

No verification sites offer players a much faster way of getting access to their games or to receive withdrawals. Unlike UKGC sites, non UK licenced casinos can skip the verification process entirely. However, this does sometimes mean that the security of these casinos is compromised. In order to ensure players get the best of both, we have created a full list of the top no verification casinos that are both independent and international gambling sites.

How we choose the best no verification casinos

In order to create this list of no ID required casino sites, we take a look at a number of different aspects. The first of these is to ensure that the casino does hold a licence, even if it is not with the UKGC. This is in order to make sure there is some security in place to protect players, even if it’s not at the highest level.

Casinos without ID also offer a range of other features and we check all of these out carefully. These features include things like the game selection that is available, whether there is a range of payment options on offer and if there are good bonuses. Accessibility of the site for UK players and the support that is offered is also key to our ratings.

Types of no verification sites

There are always new and different gaming options available and one of the more recent additions are no verification casinos. As with other types of betting sites, there are a number of different no verification sites available that UK players can join. It’s therefore important that players are able to distinguish between the different options so that they can make the right choice.

No verification casinos will often come from a number of different jurisdictions, which means they will offer slightly different things on their sites. This means that where to play does, to some extent, come down to player preference. In the next section, we outline all the different no verification casino types that are available on our complete list for players to choose between.

Pay N Play option

Many players may not know that this is a feature of some no verification casinos, but there are Pay N Play options for people to enjoy. These casinos don’t just have no verification, but they also don’t need the player to open an account. All a player needs to do is deposit some cash onto the casino and they can get playing right away.

  • No account needed
  • Deposit and get playing

There are different ways players can make deposits to this type of casino. Trustly is one of the more common options. It provides fast payments with no fees. Better still, this payment provider is available throughout the EU so that a large number of players can actually get online and enjoy this type of gaming. However, UK players may face disappointment when trying to find this casino type.

This type of casino is still totally secure even without needing to have an account. They also tend to offer pretty generous bonuses to players who are joining up. It is possible for UK players to skirt the restrictions that prevent them from playing on these sites, but we don’t recommend it. There are other sites UK players can join if they want to avoid the verification processes.

Curacao no verification casinos

Curacao no verification casinos

Curacao casinos are notoriously laxer when it comes to a lot of the gamification features. On top of this, many of the no verification casinos actually fall under their licencing. These sites are all based off-shore compared to the UK and EU jurisdictions and can therefore not follow the same rules and regulations. While this does mean more feature variety, they are also not quite as secure.

One example is that these casinos are not on Gamstop, which makes it more unsafe for problem gamblers. If you have any kind of history of problem gambling or are connected to Gamstop because of these reasons, you should not sign up for these casinos and consider Gamstop alternatives.

It’s therefore imperative that UK players choose their Curacao no verification casino with the utmost care. Of course, there are a large number of Curacao casinos that are perfectly trustworthy and offer a great playing experience. In light of this, we suggest that players take a look at our carefully compiled list that contains the best of these no verification Curacao casino options.

  1. Curacao has no verification casinos
  2. Not always secure
  3. Have a range of features

Target audience

While Curacao does offer no verification for players, they actually target a rather different audience than the UK players. Their primary targets are generally North America and Australia. As such, many of the additional features and functions tend to lean towards these players instead, including the bonuses. This means that not all casinos will offer GBP as part of their payment options, for instance.

On top of this, there is also the fact they have the no verification option. This allows players to sign up to the site very quickly. It also means that when it comes to the withdrawal process players do not have to spend the time providing additional documents in order to get their cash; meaning players can get paid out almost instantly, with little to no wait time.

Getting UK players on board

A final issue with these casinos is the very fact that it is other groups that are targeted as key. As we mentioned, UK players are not always able to join these sites. This can be a little confusing, as the Curacao licence is known for being one of the more globally accepting jurisdictions, enabling players from all around the world to sign up.

The issue comes from the UK, where gambling laws mean UK players need to play at UKGC licenced sites. Many of these Curacao sites are unwilling to go against these rules and therefore restrict UK players. Some do accept them though, so UK players are able to join up to some brands and get to enjoy the relative freedom that a no verification casino provides.

Bitcoin powered no verification casinos

There is one last no verification site option that UK players can use. These are the Bitcoin powered sites. These are growing in popularity as more and more players and sites are using cryptocurrency as a payment option. Even on regular sites, using cryptocurrencies is the perfect way for players to retain some of their anonymity when they play online as these don’t need verification at all.

With this in mind, Bitcoin powered casino sites are the perfect option for UK players who want an entirely anonymous online experience. In fact, this payment option means that none of the player’s banking details are given and there is no record of the transaction through the banking site either as the currency does not go through this type of centralised banking system.

Payments and betting options

When it comes to playing on one of these types of sites, it’s important to realise there are some other features in place. One of these is that there are no other payment options available; it’s cryptocurrency only. This means that UK players will need to buy into this type of currency if they want to join. There are a range of different cryptocurrencies available though – it’s not just Bitcoin.

On top of this, Bitcoin powered sites are not restricted to casinos only. Other gambling sites, such as sportsbooks, will also make use of this method of payment so that players in the UK can actually access a large range of different betting options. These sites are usually very versatile too and tend to be able to meet the needs of a lot of players.

Are players limited in their payments?

One of the best things about these Bitcoin sites is that there are no limits on the payments that can be made. Most casinos will have specific limits in place with how much players can deposit or withdraw at a time and this is why so much verification documentation is needed. With these sites, there are no maximum withdrawals in place; players can simply request their winnings.

On top of this, these sites tend to have no minimum limits either. At both ends of the spectrum, players have greater freedom in the way that they play. In addition to all this great news, players will be treated to incredibly fast and secure payouts. There are minimal processing times when using cryptocurrencies, so the whole process makes it one of the best around.

Reasons for joining a no verification site

No verification casinos come with a whole heap of reasons why players from the UK should join them. This is because not only will they offer the no verification feature, but they will have a lot of other options available too. For new players, understanding all of the options these types of casinos offer is very important in order to get the best gaming experience.

As a starting point, these types of sites with their no verification protocol enable players to literally get access to some of the best games around with just one click. This means that players are able to launch right into the games as soon as they can. This saves a whole lot of time for players who might not have so much time on their hands.

Transaction limits

As we touched upon earlier, the transaction limits on these types of casinos are very different from those where verification is required. Most of these no verification casinos will actually have no limits on what players can deposit or withdraw at any one time. Small payouts are not an issue either. Some casinos will require minimum withdrawals, often in the region of £30, but not no verification sites.

No verification sites are perfectly able to accommodate small payouts from players, which means that players are able to get their money quickly the second they have won it. This is perfect for many players who may lose their winnings playing it again and again in an effort to reach those minimum withdrawal limits. In this way, this helps players out and doesn’t encourage poor gambling practices.

Reasons to not join no verification casinos

While there are a lot of great things about these no verification sites, players from the UK should be aware that not everything is always perfect. There are some downsides to playing at these types of sites – one of the main reasons being that there are fewer security protocols in place at these kinds of sites. Many are more interested in making money than in players’ safety.

For that reason, we generally think it’s better for UK players to avoid these types of no verification sites, for if something does go wrong, there’s no one really to turn to for help as the UKGC does not extend to these sites. Casinos that require documentation tend to do it for big wins to ensure that the money is going to the right person.

Lack of security

Continuing on with the issue of security, we need to return to the issue of the UKGC. With this type of licencing in place, alongside verification, players will find that they are less likely to succumb to fraud, be it from the casino or from another player attempting to take their hard-earned winnings. There are non UKGC sites though that do require verification, so we suggest looking at them.

One option that players can utilise if they do not want to go through the lengthy documentation process is to verify their account via their phone. Some casinos will offer this as a faster alternative. During the signup, players just need to add their phone number. They will then receive a text with a specific code. Inputting this into the casino signup shows that the players are who they say.

What documents do verification casinos want?

If players do decide to go down the route of actually using a verification casino, then it’s a good idea to see what are the documents that are required. There are not so many options really – the first one is a photographic ID. This should be government-issued and can be a passport, a driver’s licence, or a national ID card. This is to prove the date of birth.

The next document required is a utility bill or a bank statement. These must be dated within three months of the signup day and clearly show the name and address of the player. This is one of the more important ones, as it prevents players from signing up from a country that is restricted by the casino licence. Players signing up from restricted countries will be blocked.

Additional documents

As we mentioned, some casinos will also ask for a mobile number. This is so that two-factor authentication can be implemented, which can really help players from avoiding any fraudulent activities on their account. Whenever they make a withdrawal, a code will be sent to the phone to confirm, which then prevents someone else trying to make a transaction. Some casinos will also ask for a bank card.

Are no verification casinos secure?

Throughout this article, we have gone through a range of positives and negatives with regards to no verification casinos. As a general rule, these types of casinos do offer players a good level of security, but there are some that do a better job of this than others. Curacao casinos are better avoided, as the lack of verification means some casinos will exploit this in favour of profit.

Using no verification casinos that are powered by cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, is a much better solution. These sites have much better levels of security – it’s hard for anyone to get their hands on the Bitcoin without having the key and passwords. On top of this, these sites offer total anonymity to players and are usually licenced and regulated for better levels of security.

  • Some no verification sites are licenced
  • Curacao is the least trustworthy
  • Cryptocurrencies offer security and anonymity

As always though, we recommend that UK players proceed with caution at any non verification casinos, as the point of verification is actually to protect the player. While it is time-consuming in the short term, the long term payoffs are generally a lot better if players can avoid getting scammed or losing all their money. However, this is down to the individual player’s choice.

Final thoughts

For many players, being able to access and play at a no verification casino is the perfect way to play online. This is because, for those players, the process of signing up and providing documents can be arduous. These types of sites will skip this process entirely. In some cases, players will even have the option of not creating an account at all – just deposit and play right away.

However, for UK players, it is always important to check that the site is available to them. In addition to this, we suggest that players always choose a licenced site, no matter where they are playing from. To make all this easier, players can simply check out our complete list of non verification casinos for UK players and be sure of getting the best gaming experience.

Is it legal for UK players to join?

While no verification sites are not commonly found under UKGC licences, this does not mean that players are not able to join these sites. If a UK player can find a site that accepts players from Britain, then it is perfectly legal for the player to join the site and begin play. The main thing players need to keep in mind is that the casino is licenced.

No verification casinos FAQ

Are no verification casinos safe?

Yes, but players should choose casinos that have a licence.

Why join a no verification casino?

No verification sites enable players to get playing a lot faster.

Are there limits?

Some of these sites will have fewer withdrawal limits in place.

Why do casinos want documents?

To prevent fraudulent activity such as money laundering or underage gambling.

Do all sites ask for verification?

No, but this depends on the site and the jurisdiction.

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